My name is Andrew Wardle. Welcome to the Ignoramus Abuse website.

This is my own website. It is devoted to exposing the sickening maltreatment and abuse I suffered while purportedly on an Ingeus (UK) Ltd Work Programme in 2012-14, and the even more sickening maltreatment and abuse I have been subjected to ever since as I have made every effort possible to obtain justice. As of the time of writing this update in May 2019, I have still not recovered a single penny in compensation for the ordeal I was put through, and I have been subjected to repeated criminal maltreatment at the hands of Ingeus (UK) Ltd and those it is able to pay to have the course of justice perverted.

The Ingeus Northampton site, where Andrew Wardle was subjected to protracted maltreatment, abuse and degradation over a two-year period

It is also everyone else’s website, in that the steps I have taken to obtain justice have revealed the web of corruption, criminality and deceit in the English and Welsh courts, which Freemasons and paedophiles such as Ingeus (UK) Ltd CEO Jack Sawyer are able to exploit by making corrupt payments to continually have legal cases deliberately wrongly decided. There is not a single decent person in the British Isles who is not at risk from the fact that the entire judicial system, including ombudsmen, police, civil courts, criminal courts, and the Parliament itself, are all under the absolute control of Masonic lodges and paedophile rings which are puppets and tentacles of the globalist Deep State.


There are still millions of people in Great Britain, and around the world, who are not aware of what is going on in the world today. They are not aware of the Deep State, of the control structures which have oppressed and enslaved the majority of the human race for centuries, or of the miraculous changes which are taking place due to the Earth’s ascension.

If you are not aware, I strongly suggest that you watch the video which I have embedded below. It is not my video, indeed it is nothing to do with me. I have never met, spoken to, or communicated with, the video creator. I have, however, watched a lot of this person’s material, and, while I wouldn’t say I agree with absolutely all of what is said (specifically some of the more negative comments regarding President Trump), I think this specific analysis of the world situation is the best introduction.


If you have watched the video and want to research further, the one channel I recommend above all others is Operation Freedom by Dr. Dave Janda. Again, I have no connection with Dr. Janda other than that of endlessly researching and studying his material, and finding it to be by far the most accurate and insightful analysis available.

Dave Janda’s YouTube channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ-qLG1bdWVrHM-Hu2W73CQ

Dave Janda’s Website – https://davejanda.com/

Another channel I find to be publishing the truth and definitely worth watching is X22 Report. This broadcasts twice a day so there is a lot of material, but it is accurate and consistent.

SGTreport is another good channel broadcasting important material.

Finally, the channel of Daniel Lee is dedicated to exposing Satanic paedophiles such as Sawyer and should not be overlooked. I may not share Mr. Lee’s religion or agree with all of his views, but there are many important revelations on his channel which correspond exactly to my own research. He’s a good man, so give him a go.

I’m sure you don’t need to be told that Google is itself a Deep State agent and is openly protecting criminals, murderers and Satanic child abusers. They have illegally harmed my videos in the past and have destroyed channels such as Project Veritas which were broadcasting the truth and trying to protect innocent Americans. I like the way Mr. Lee has created a back-up channel on BitChute, and I would recommend all YouTube users do something similar.

These sites are heavily US-focused, but then so is the world. The United States has a President who is helping to transform this world for the better in our lifetime. He is not a Deep State player, but a genuine, honest, caring American citizen. He is about to bring down the first of the Deep State criminals who have bled his country dry and destroyed the lives of countless of its people, and once one has fallen, the others will quickly follow.

By contrast, every institution in Great Britain remains firmly entrenched in Deep State control. The hope that we have comes from the efforts of people like myself who are revealing the criminality and corruption within Britain’s authorities, gathering crucial evidence, and preparing to take whatever action is necessary. You can join us in the Justice Action Group. Hope also comes from the fact that the United States is allied to this country and may lend assistance in exchange for the extradition of criminals such as Blair and Brown who are Deep State players and who aided Bush II in perpetrating the “9/11” hoax and in allowing Bush to set up his heroin trafficking operation in Afghanistan.

One fact is clear. The ascension has broken the effect of the black magic rituals which Freemasons and paedophiles such as Sawyer and the criminals in the police and the judiciary with whom he colludes carry out as part of their child-raping Masonic orgies. The Deep State is coming down and will be destroyed for good, and the decent, honest masses of humanity will be permanently free. This website has already played a significant role, and we have only just started.


I’m sure you will know by now that billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein has been arrested on further charges.

Epstein is directly involved with many of the paedophiles who are still terrorising Hate Britain, including many of the bent judges mentioned on this site and http://www.judicialpaedos.org/, and members of the so-called “Royal” family.

There are going to be massive revelations of those who have traveled to Epstein Island, who have tortured and raped children on Epstein Island, and who are involved in worshipping evil and the Satanic ritual abuse of children. Those revelations will include all of those with whom Sawyer has colluded in perverting the course of justice in the British courts, will include those who leveraged Sawyer into position to control millions of pounds of misappropriated public money, and may even include Sawyer himself.

This is the beginning of the end for Jack “Back Attack” Sawyer.

Please feel free to browse the site and acquaint yourself with what is going on. Please also visit our sister sites Judicial Paedos at http://www.judicialpaedos.org/ and UCR Great Britain at http://www.ucrgreatbritain.org/

Please also feel free to join the Justice Action Group through the contact form on any of the three websites.

Finally, if you wish to contact me personally, you can do so through the CONTACT FORM on this, or any of the other, websites. Please be aware that I am only one individual living in appalling conditions, and that a reply may not be instant. I will, however, reply to your message as soon as possible, as long as it is not harmful or spam.

If you are a decent human being and not a criminal Deep State agent, I wish you all the best.

Andrew Wardle,


Jack “Back Attack” Sawyer, the corrupt Freemason and paedophile CEO of Ingeus (UK) Ltd, has now wasted over £120,000 of money misappropriated from public funds under false pretences, just to harm one innocent victim of bullying and abuse carried out by thug managers in his “organisation.”

Ingeus (UK) Ltd has now wasted over £120,000 in unrecoverable legal expenses just to stop one innocent victim having access to the Work Programme. THIS WASTEOMETER WILL BE UPDATED ON AN ONGOING BASIS.

Even as late as 2015, after I had been maliciously forced off the Work Programme altogether by sick thug managers Ross “Dross” Marshall and David “Depravid Bully Boy” Bishton, I offered to settle the entire case for a £3,000 compensation payment and the provision of the eight year-one adviser appointments, and the twelve year-two adviser appointments, of which I had been robbed. Any sane or rational individual, especially knowing that a) his managers were 100% in the wrong, and b) a non-disclosure agreement as part of settlement would have kept the case hidden, would have been prepared to settle the case and move on.

Bent Paedophile CEO Jack Sawyer Forces The Case Into The Courts

Instead, Sawyer chose to force the case into the courts, and to pay far more than the settlement sum to bent lawyers and to corrupt circus judge Alison “Nine-bob Note” Hampton, in order to have the course of justice perverted. Sawyer also paid the bent Chief Constable of Northamptonshire Police, Simon Edens (who was in Cambridgeshire in 2002, and who was the real murderer of Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells in Soham, a crime for which the innocent Ian Huntley has now served nearly 20 years in prison), bribe money to have me assaulted and falsely imprisoned.

Sawyer then paid bent lawyer Daryl Hutcheon and bent paedophile High Court judge Michael “Bend Over The Stool” Soole to collude and to wrongly refuse leave to appeal. Their performance at the hearing was so bad even a five-year old child would know that Soole had been paid and that the hearing was a farce.

Sawyer Perverts The Course Of Justice To Aid And Abet Soham Murderer

Sawyer was also responsible for bankrolling the outrageous perversion of the course of justice in the claim which arose from Edens’ thug officers assaulting me and locking me in a cage for 22 hours on spurious, obviously nonsensical, trumped-up charges. The bent circus judge Ian Alexander Murdoch dismissed a jury from a trial in which a jury was a legal requirement, before finding “technically” in my favour, awarding a derisory sum in damages, and then making a malicious costs order against the “successful” party for no reason whatsoever to wipe out the entire award.

When the appeal went into the High Court, the papers were diverted by Martin Nicholas McKenna, the bent 33rd degree Freemason and paedophile Designated Civil Judge in Birmingham, who acts as a “switching central” and who oversees all of the justice perversions and who takes the corrupt payments and redistributes them to judges who carry them out, to Murdoch himself. Murdoch faked and falsified a court order purporting to come from Bristol-based Business and Property Court judge Colin Birss. Of course, the claim had nothing to do with business or property and Colin was nowhere near Birmingham when the order was faked.

I have since obtained evidence that Murdoch has accepted bribe money and colluded in deceit with two sets of bent lawyers to rob a disabled personal injury victim of £1.4 million in damages. He has only been a circus judge since early 2018, and has already carried out at least two extremely serious criminal perversions of the course of justice. I would be surprised if the two I know about are the only ones. These scum are sick.

Sawyer Pays Bent Circus Judge Brian “The Boy Buggerer” Rawlings To Pervert The Course Of Justice

When the next case was issued at first instance in the High Court, Sawyer paid another corrupt circus judge Brian “The Boy Buggerer” Rawlings, to pervert another interlocutory hearing. Rawlings is now being investigated by Staffordshire Police (he is based in Stoke-on-Trent), and the Ministry of Justice are already aware of his activities. As with Murdoch, I have been contacted by other people who have had their cases perverted by Rawlings.

When the case went into the Court of Appeal, Sawyer paid the corrupt paedophile Master of the Rolls, Sir Terence Etherton (the second-highest ranked judge in England and Wales), to play silly buggers with my appeal papers and prevent them from being put before a judge. Etherton also ordered his pet poodle, the Civil Appeals Master Meacher, to continually order me to make nonsensical applications to “rely upon” my affidavit and exhibit which were wrongly called “supplementary bundles.”

The Rt. Hon. Sir Terence Etherton Is A Paedophile

I once asked Etherton directly whether he was a kiddie fiddler. His exact words in reply were “Please note that any further letters from you containing any offensive terms will not receive either an acknowledgement or a reply.” He couldn’t even bring himself to deny that he is a kiddie fiddler.

I write to the Master of the Rolls, Sir Terence Etherton, and ask him directly if he is a kiddie fiddler. His reply is “Please note that any further letters from you containing any offensive terms will not receive either an acknowledgement or a reply.”
None of them ever even bother to deny it.

Martin Nicholas McKenna – Designated Civil Judge, Criminal And Child Rapist

Sawyer has now paid corrupt Freemason and paedophile Designated Civil Judge Martin Nicholas McKenna further bribe money so that McKenna would make a blatantly criminal order preventing me from having any access to the Court. McKenna usually stays hidden in the background, taking the corrupt payments and making sure that the bent judges pervert the cases accordingly. Now, he has stepped into the limelight and committed the most outrageous perversion of them all.

I didn’t waste £20 on rail fares just to be insulted by a child rapist. I spent £20 to gather further evidence of collusion, corruption and criminality, evidence which will be needed in taking down the bent, child-raping scum who pollute every level of the civil courts in Great Britain, and the even more sick, bent, child-raping scum who pay them to pervert the course of justice.

Sawyer Wastes £200,000 Of Misappropriated Tax Funds

£120,000 is the amount which Sawyer has wasted paying his bent lawyers, although some of the sums claimed are bloated and are a tax fraud. It does NOT include the money paid to bent lawyers “off the books”, bribe money paid to bent judges or to Edens. If the REAL figures were known, they would undoubtedly come to well over £200,000. Bribing the Master of the Rolls does not come cheap.

All of this to avoid providing a government service which probably costs £200 to provide, except that it would really have cost nothing as the advisers have to be paid whether I am allowed to speak to them or not.

Sawyer is not only a 33rd degree Mason, a child rapist, and a serial criminal perverter of the course of justice, he is also completely insane. Of course, as it is taxpayer money he is wasting, neither he nor the Parliamentary paedophiles for whom he procures children could care less.


It is not just me. One day, YOU may need to rely on the country’s Courts and Tribunals Service, only to find that it is 100% corrupt and totally in the control of Deep State agents, Freemasons and paedophiles.

You can help us in our quest to drain the sewer of its rats by joining the Justice Action Group.




I have been fighting my legal case for over six years, just to obtain some form of justice for what I was put through. As of now, all I have had is even more injustice.

In March 2013, Ross “Dross” Marshall, the manager of the Ingeus (UK) Ltd Northampton office, promised me a referral to one of the best advisers in the building. Of course, he lied through his teeth and the referral was never made.

I can’t give the name of the adviser on this site, out of respect for their privacy. I will only name on this site people who have deliberately caused me suffering out of spite, malice and a desire to inflict harm. This adviser is totally innocent of any wrongdoing.

If you are reading this, I’m sure you know who you are. Please send me a message through the contact form, because it would mean so much to me in my attempt to heal the mental scars of what I have been put through. If I manage to recover damages at law, I will be prepared to make an offer to pay you for your time in attempting to recover the work-related support with which I should have been provided.

If anyone else reading this can put me in touch with this adviser, I will be extremely grateful. Even after more than six years of hell, I still have not given up hope of getting what I should have been provided with in 2013.

In November 2013, Ross “Dross” Marshall and David “Depravid Bully Boy” Bishton refused me access to year two of the Work Programme.

The adviser to whom I should have been referred started their Ingeus (UK) Ltd employment in the first week of August 2013. They were one of only two advisers providing year two at that time.

If you recognise yourself from the description, please get in touch. It will mean a great deal to me. As with the year one adviser, I will be prepared to make an offer to pay you for your time if I recover damages at law. That is now the only way I can recover the work-related support I was swindled out of over six years ago.

Again, if anyone else can help put me in touch with this adviser, I would be extremely grateful. I will not give up trying to recover my rights until my last breath has been exhaled, no matter what it takes.

Please help if you can. You will be helping to heal extremely deep mental wounds.


A Little Light Relief

Even a site like this cannot be negative all the time. In September 2016, I wrote a song about Ingeus (UK) Ltd and its management. The song is called “I Used To Have A Brain Cell”, it has 21 verses, and the lyrics are published below –

Lyrics copyright Andrew Wardle September 2016

Oh, I used to have a brain cell, many years ago.
I used to have a brain cell, though everyone would know,
Because my little brain cell, it would make me frown,
Every time I’d try to sit down.

When they outsourced the bullying from the DWP,
I decided that a brain cell was no further use to me,
So I flushed it down the U-bend, round and round it went,
And I joined the Ignoramus management.

I used to have a brain cell, now I’ve got a void.
I don’t need a brain cell to bully the unemployed!
As long as you’re sadistic and as long as you are bent,
You can join the Ignoramus management.

I can terrorise old ladies, I can pull the legs off frogs,
I can frighten little children, and torture harmless dogs.
I’ve got all the raw material for an Ignoramus great,
All topped off with a seething dose of hate.

When an unemployed person needs help, I laugh in his face!
I make his problem so much worse, I’m a chuckling disgrace.
Then I lie to the regulator to cover up for what I’ve done,
Oh! The Ignoramus management has such fun!

But the regulators love me, for my wicked ways,
So I’ll stay at Ignoramus for a few more working days.
Then I’ll get a lovely bonus from the taxpayer we love to rob,
And retire to the Caribbean! Who needs a job?

Oh, but someone found my brain cell and brought it back to me,
So my job at Ignoramus, it’s now history.
I’m too over-qualified, too intelligent to save,
So they buried me in the Ignoramus grave.

I wandered ’round central London, buried in despair.
As a lowly unemployed person, Ignoramus would be a nightmare!
But I learned such evil ways in Ignoramus management,
That I hid my brain cell and entered Parliament.

We can’t pay the Department for Work and Pensions to help people find jobs,
But we can take lovely backhanders from unscrupulous yobs.
We scratch Ignoramus’s back and they scratch ours as well,
Who cares if the unemployed are tortured in hell?

Why does something that can do the job, outsource to something that can’t?
Are this country’s leaders as mad as my giddy aunt?
No! We’ve just got total derision for this nation and its flag,
And prefer notes stuffed in an old brown paper bag.

So our constituents are suffering, do we give a fig?
No! We’ve paid ourselves a bonus, so we’re dancing an Irish jig!
By the time you report to us our statutes and their breach,
We’ll be lying on a Mediterranean beach.

But, have no fear my British people, for we will all return,
We need more cash to launder, more graft we have to earn.
When the Ignoramus management needs a contract at your expense,
We’ll be back to steal your pounds, your shillings, and pence.

Though the Demoness of Grantham may be long dead and gone,
In resource dissipation, her legacy lives on.
When there’s nothing left to privatise, and we begin to seethe,
We’ll privatise the air and charge you to breathe.

Now even Britain’s street lamps are going out one by one,
When the last dying ember flickers, t’will be Britain’s setting sun.
Put a shilling in the meter, and the light will come shining through,
If Britain had a shilling, that’s what it would do.

But Parliament’s beer money keeps flowing from the tourists we love to fleece,
There’s a question they keep asking, the asking will never cease.
Why we use the old tin kettle for pouring out the tea?
It’s so this country has a pot left in which to pee.

Now, I have to tell you gravely, as has happened twice before,
This wonderful old country is embroiled in a World War.
Oh, we’d love to save this country, but its money’s all been spent,
Subsidising Ignoramus management.

We can’t buy tanks for the Army, or ships for the boys in blue,
Our Royal Air Force can do nothing, in defence of you.
For, we’ve spent it all on Rollers and mansions down in Kent,
For our mates in the Ignoramus management.

Aye, the British bulldog spirit has always seen us through,
But Ignoramus break men instead of make men, so it will no longer do.
Blame it all on Wasteminster, its corruption sick and vile,
And bullying in the Ignoramus style.

First, we destroy the economy, so no-one can get a job,
Then, we dehumanise each person, as if a brainless yob.
Look into Britain’s eyes, and you’ll see there’s no-one there,
A once proud, productive country, all gone spare.

So, our defeat seems certain, slaves for a thousand years,
Our children’s future tainted, with a billion mournful tears.
The dictator’s dirty jack-boot, the oppressor’s filthy smell,
Nearly as vile as the Ignoramus hell.

But…..But…But…But…But…But…But –

There’s one verse left.

There’s one verse left!

But…..Britain’s new finest hour, was never in doubt you see,
My brain cell had an idea, which guaranteed us victory!
For, there’s no defence to poison, when you decide to vent…..
The venom of the Ignoramus management!

So, there you are!