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Hello, and welcome to the Ignoramus-Abuse website.




On 19th February 2016, the “Global General Counsel” of Ingeus (UK) Ltd., Matthew “Far-Fetched Fairytale” Flood, and a junior member of staff from the Northampton office, Kate “Hate Liar” Dyer, conspired to pervert the course of justice by making blatantly false statements about me to Northamptonshire Police.

At the same time, Flood made a false report to HMRC that I had defrauded the tax office.

As a result, police officers smashed my door in at 1:18am on 18th April 2016, and held me in a cell for 21 hours. I was not charged, and the police have now gone completely silent, realising that their procedure has been abused by Ingeus (UK) thugs for the purpose of causing harm to an innocent victim. Nevertheless, they will still be sued for false imprisonment.

When this happened, I was in the middle of undergoing a thorough and extensive tax compliance check, instigated by HMRC’s compliance department. This has now completed, and the tax office has confirmed that I am in full compliance with all applicable laws.

There can be few behaviours in this world more sick and vile than lying about someone just to try to inflict upon them a totally unjustified criminal record. The public deserve to know the depths to which Ingeus (UK) Ltd employees will sink, just to do harm to an innocent victim whose life they have already completely destroyed.

For those who don’t know, Flood is the bent lawyer who has previously told blatant lies on the Statement of Case in the ongoing civil case in Northampton County Court, and who has also lied on a witness statement.

Dyer is the poisonous, conniving bitch who invented a pack of lies about me in August 2013, lies which perverted two official investigations into Ingeus bullying and abuse before I even became aware of their existence.

I only wish I could reveal the false statements on this site, so that the public can see the type of scum that Dyer and Flood truly are. I cannot do that, because they were revealed as part of disclosure under the Civil Procedure Rules. The Rules prohibit the use of revealed documents for any other purpose, and there are still some people in the world who believe in behaving properly.

Since these events happened, I have not updated this website. The Chief Constable of Northamptonshire Police needs to be able to access the unmodified content to verify the falsehood of the statements. The site will probably not be updated for some time, as the litigation is now going to become a multi-defendant action, and considerably more complicated and protracted.

This bold-text addendum will continue to serve as the most effective exposure possible of an organisation which is diseased and rotten to the core, and of two individuals who are sick, depraved and extremely dangerous.

The people who walk through the doors of Ingeus (UK) offices are human beings. They need to be treated like human beings. No matter what pain I have to go through, or how much loss I have to suffer, the culture of abuse in the Ignoramus shit-hole has got to go.

I repeat –


I remain available through the contact form should anyone wish to contact me.

Yours Standing Firm,
Andrew Wardle,
Victim of Ignoramus Abuse,

***** UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2016 *****

Due to the need to keep this site unaltered, I have now formed a continuation site to further the interests of those seeking justice against maltreatment and abuse by Ingeus (UK) Ltd.

All further posts will be made to –


This website is dedicated to exposing the maltreatment and abuse of unemployed human beings by the Work Programme provider Ingeus, or “Ignoramus” as they are known to all who are forced to deal with them; in the hope that it may either shame the organisation itself into treating people as human beings, or force the Department of Work and Pensions to take action over the unlawful abuses which are being routinely carried out.

The Ingeus Northampton site, where Andrew Wardle was subjected to protracted maltreatment, abuse and degradation over a two-year period

My name is Andrew Wardle, and I have myself suffered protracted vile and despicable maltreatment at the hands of this organisation, over a period of two full years. The case is now in the courts, with proceedings having been issued on my 48th birthday, 2nd October 2015.

On this website, I will give a chronological account of every vile and sickening act of abuse which was carried out, every breach of statute which was committed, and every nefarious and malevolent cover-up which allowed these atrocities to go unpunished and uncorrected.

I will also reveal details of the personal abuse which I suffered at the hands of certain individuals within the organisation, even though I still to this day have no idea as to why I was singled out for victimisation. [UPDATE 7th August 2015 – I now have some idea of why I was victimised as new evidence has come to light. I am unable to comment on it, as the Civil Procedure Rules do not allow revealed documentation to be used for any other purpose than litigation] .I was even entirely denied access to the second year of the Programme, in direct violation of my statutory rights.

Useless Quangos – The Criminals Policing Themselves

One of the worst aspects of escalating a case to the vile and useless quangos which pretend to regulate Work Programme providers, the so-called “Independent” Case Examiner and the Parliamentary Ombudsman, is that you are never allowed to see the fabricated and falsified evidence which is presented to them. [UPDATE 7th August 2015 – I have now seen some of the falsified evidence, and will be using it in Court accordingly]. So, government quangos, which are already biased in favour of their own “business partners”, then use this inaccurate and derogatory false evidence, to which you are never able to reply or even know what it contains, to throw out and dismiss your case.

Even a serial murderer or a paedophile has a right to answer the charges which are brought against them. Not so the victims of maltreatment on the government’s Work Programme.

This is not just a website devoted to publicising my own maltreatment. Although I have a sacred duty to myself to fight this case for as long as I have a breath left in my body, I also have a sacred duty under God to do everything I can to improve conditions and treatment for those who come after me. There will be thousands of people passing through the doors of Ingeus Northampton (and the other sites throughout the country) in the coming years, and I dearly pray that none will endure the terror, degradation and humiliation which I myself suffered at their hands.

Are you being abused by Ingeus (UK)?

If you are suffering maltreatment at the hands of Ingeus (UK), please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to help. I will answer any questions I can to the best of my ability, but please bear in mind that I have no professional legal training. All I know is this – you will get no help from either the organisation’s managers, or ICE or the PO. If you are being mistreated by a Work Programme provider, you MUST get the case into a court where you at least have a chance of a fair hearing.

My contact information is on the Contact page –


Thank You For Your Interest,

Andrew Wardle,