Welcome to the Ignoramus Abuse website.

This website has two purposes. Firstly, it is my own website, where I tell the world of the sickening maltreatment and abuse I suffered while purportedly on an Ingeus (UK) Ltd Work Programme, and the even more sickening maltreatment and abuse I have been subjected to by chief executive Jack Sawyer and his fellow Freemasons and paedophiles as I have tried to fight my case through the courts.

This maltreatment includes bribing a fellow Freemason and paedophile police chief named Simon Edens to have me assaulted and falsely imprisoned on nonsensical trumped-up charges, paying both his own bent lawyer and a criminally insane drug addict junior staff member to lie on police witness forms, bribing three bent judges to dismiss valid claims in the county court and High Court, bribing another bent judge to dismiss a jury from a claim in which a jury trial was mandatory, to protect Edens from justice, and even colluding in deceit with corrupt officers in the Court of Appeal to prevent my case from being put before a Lord Justice.

As of now, the papers I filed on 19th March 2018 remain in the Court, gathering dust. The Master of the Rolls, The Rt. Hon. Sir Terence Etherton, himself a Freemason and paedophile, has ordered his staff, including the Civil Appeals Master, Meacher, to pull every stunt possible to prevent my appeal from being heard. This includes calling my submitted affidavit and exhibit “supplementary bundles” to force me to make spurious and unnecessary applications, pretending that documents I have filed with the Court do not exist, and ordering the staff in Room E01, the Fees Office, to refuse to give me the fee remissions to which I am legally entitled.

I have applied to join Etherton to an harassment claim as the 50th of 55 defendants. Not all of the other 54 are from the Ingeus (UK) Ltd case, as there is an extremely complicated situation involving my local housing authority which has also led to applications being made to the Court. As of now, I can’t find a single claim brought under the Protection From Harassment Act 1997 which has been against more than one defendant. I have brought an harassment claim against 55 defendants. Fun, isn’t it?

What this does prove is that Sawyer’s power is literally unlimited. He can even bribe the second-highest ranked judge in Great Britain to play silly buggers with appeal papers to protect his sorry arse and cover up his criminal and tortious activity.

Secondly, it is everyone else’s website as well, and I try to share ways in which those referred to Ingeus (UK) Ltd can try to survive the ordeal to the best of their ability. In my experience, some of the employment advisers who work at ground level are decent people. It is the managers who are only in the job to cause pain, loss and suffering to vulnerable people, and have as much fun as possible doing so. You need to try to resolve complaints with the sane people on the ground floor, because if they reach the insane managers, you will be targeted, persecuted and victimised.

Maybe there are decent managers somewhere, but I never met one. From the local office manager in Northampton, Ross Marshall, through the operations managers Mark Gilbert and David Bishton, to the Regional Director Louise Preston, all of them were 100% pure scum and did everything humanly possible to make my existence as miserable as possible. I never managed to get a single appointment with the adviser to whom I had been explicitly promised a referral, and that was only the start of it.

I was subjected to verbal abuse and threatening behaviour on multiple occasions, without even being told why. It was only two years later, in 2015, that I finally managed to get sight of a document containing outrageous lies authored by a junior staff member. This same junior staff member has since lied to the police in the conspiracy set up by Edens and Sawyer, and has submitted a dishonest witness statement signed with a false statement of truth to the High Court.

Marshall and Bishton then refused me access to the second year of the programme altogether, despite the fact that every single work programme attendee without exception (except me, apparently) gets access to year two. I was forced off the programme prematurely, and have had to survive on £20 less than an unemployed person ever since.

If you are dealing with scum like Marshall, Gilbert, Bishton and Preston, there is probably nothing you can do. If they are hell bent on destroying you, they have the power to do it. The case has gone through the internal complaints process, the Independent Case Examiner, the Parliamentary Ombudsman, the County Court, the High Court on appeal, the High Court at first instance, and now the Court of Appeal. Two bent judges have been paid to give Wednesbury unreasonable judgments, one other judge in the High Court was paid to refuse leave to appeal on spurious and nonsensical grounds, and now, after five and a half years of fighting my case, even the second-highest ranked judge in Great Britain is being paid by Sawyer to pervert the course of justice.

Ingeus (UK) Ltd has now wasted over £100,000 in unrecoverable legal expenses just to stop one innocent victim having access to the Work Programme. THIS WASTEOMETER WILL BE UPDATED ON AN ONGOING BASIS.

Oh, by the way, at least £120,000 stolen from the public purse has been wasted on bent lawyers, just to evade a debt which is probably worth around £200. That is what it would have cost Ingeus (UK) Ltd to provide me with the Work Programme. That £120,000 doesn’t even include the money paid to Sawyer’s bent paedophile police chief mate Simon Edens, the bent paedophile circus judges Ally “Nine-bob Note” Hampton and Brian “The Boy Buggerer” Rawlings, or bent paedophile High Court judges Nicholas “Nick the Nonce” Lavender and Michael “Bend Over The Stool” Soole. I am obviously not in a position to know the amounts paid to these corrupt scum, but they will obviously be substantial.

After five and a half years of fighting, I still haven’t received a single penny in compensation for anything I have lived through. The legal system in Great Britain is 100% corrupt, and Sawyer can just bribe his way out of trouble every time. That is what results from being put in charge of hundreds of millions of pounds usurped from the British taxpayer under false pretences, and of having corrupt contacts in the judiciary through Freemasonry and paedophilia.

However, Sawyer has not won yet. If the truth about the corruption in the British legal system ever got out, it would surely be a bigger story than Jimmy Savile. These bent kiddie fiddlers are not disc jockeys, they are paid to litigate claims on which millions of pounds and thousands of human lives depend. They take an oath to determine claims honestly and with integrity, while at the same time raping children’s arses and taking bungs from fellow nonces to wrongly decide claims. The truth must come out at some point.

The Ingeus Northampton site, where Andrew Wardle was subjected to protracted maltreatment, abuse and degradation over a two-year period

The fact remains that what Sawyer and his fellow Freemasons and paedophiles are doing is criminal, to an extreme degree. Savile managed to escape justice by dying, as did Edward Heath and Cyril Smith. Harry Webb has escaped justice through sodding off to Barbados and having contacts in Freemasonry and paedophilia which stretch all the way up to Lizzie the Leech. He is untouchable.

Will Sawyer, Edens and the bent judges escape? Only time will tell. I will be doing everything within my power to ensure that they do not.




I have been fighting my legal case for five and a half years, just to obtain some form of justice for what I was put through. As of now, all I have had is even more injustice.

In March 2013, Ross “Dross” Marshall, the manager of the Ingeus (UK) Ltd Northampton office, promised me a referral to one of the best advisers in the building. Of course, he lied through his teeth and the referral was never made.

I can’t give the name of the adviser on this site, out of respect for their privacy. I will only name on this site people who have deliberately caused me suffering out of spite, malice and a desire to inflict harm. This adviser is totally innocent of any wrongdoing.

If you are reading this, I’m sure you know who you are. Please send me a message through the contact form, because it would mean so much to me in my attempt to heal the mental scars of what I have been put through. If I manage to recover damages at law, I will be prepared to make an offer to pay you for your time in attempting to recover the work-related support with which I should have been provided.

If anyone else reading this can put me in touch with this adviser, I will be extremely grateful. Even after nearly six years of hell, I still have not given up hope of getting what I should have been provided with in 2013.

In November 2013, Ross “Dross” Marshall and David “Depravid Bully Boy” Bishton refused me access to year two of the Work Programme.

The adviser to whom I should have been referred started their Ingeus (UK) Ltd employment in the first week of August 2013. They were one of only two advisers providing year two at that time.

If you recognise yourself from the description, please get in touch. It will mean a great deal to me. As with the year one adviser, I will be prepared to make an offer to pay you for your time if I recover damages at law. That is now the only way I can recover the work-related support I was swindled out of nearly six years ago.

Again, if anyone else can help put me in touch with this adviser, I would be extremely grateful. I will not give up trying to recover my rights until my last breath has been exhaled, no matter what it takes.

Please help if you can. You will be helping to heal extremely deep mental wounds.


I can be contacted through the CONTACT FORM, or directly through email. Please send any direct emails to – the first five letters of the word ‘administrator’, at the URL of this website. I will respond as quickly as possible, but I am only one solitary individual so it may not be instant.

I hope you find the site useful.

Andrew Wardle,

A Little Light Relief

Even a site like this cannot be negative all the time. In September 2016, I wrote a song about Ingeus (UK) Ltd and its management. The song is called “I Used To Have A Brain Cell”, it has 21 verses, and the lyrics are published below –

Lyrics copyright Andrew Wardle September 2016

Oh, I used to have a brain cell, many years ago.
I used to have a brain cell, though everyone would know,
Because my little brain cell, it would make me frown,
Every time I’d try to sit down.

When they outsourced the bullying from the DWP,
I decided that a brain cell was no further use to me,
So I flushed it down the U-bend, round and round it went,
And I joined the Ignoramus management.

I used to have a brain cell, now I’ve got a void.
I don’t need a brain cell to bully the unemployed!
As long as you’re sadistic and as long as you are bent,
You can join the Ignoramus management.

I can terrorise old ladies, I can pull the legs off frogs,
I can frighten little children, and torture harmless dogs.
I’ve got all the raw material for an Ignoramus great,
All topped off with a seething dose of hate.

When an unemployed person needs help, I laugh in his face!
I make his problem so much worse, I’m a chuckling disgrace.
Then I lie to the regulator to cover up for what I’ve done,
Oh! The Ignoramus management has such fun!

But the regulators love me, for my wicked ways,
So I’ll stay at Ignoramus for a few more working days.
Then I’ll get a lovely bonus from the taxpayer we love to rob,
And retire to the Caribbean! Who needs a job?

Oh, but someone found my brain cell and brought it back to me,
So my job at Ignoramus, it’s now history.
I’m too over-qualified, too intelligent to save,
So they buried me in the Ignoramus grave.

I wandered ’round central London, buried in despair.
As a lowly unemployed person, Ignoramus would be a nightmare!
But I learned such evil ways in Ignoramus management,
That I hid my brain cell and entered Parliament.

We can’t pay the Department for Work and Pensions to help people find jobs,
But we can take lovely backhanders from unscrupulous yobs.
We scratch Ignoramus’s back and they scratch ours as well,
Who cares if the unemployed are tortured in hell?

Why does something that can do the job, outsource to something that can’t?
Are this country’s leaders as mad as my giddy aunt?
No! We’ve just got total derision for this nation and its flag,
And prefer notes stuffed in an old brown paper bag.

So our constituents are suffering, do we give a fig?
No! We’ve paid ourselves a bonus, so we’re dancing an Irish jig!
By the time you report to us our statutes and their breach,
We’ll be lying on a Mediterranean beach.

But, have no fear my British people, for we will all return,
We need more cash to launder, more graft we have to earn.
When the Ignoramus management needs a contract at your expense,
We’ll be back to steal your pounds, your shillings, and pence.

Though the Demoness of Grantham may be long dead and gone,
In resource dissipation, her legacy lives on.
When there’s nothing left to privatise, and we begin to seethe,
We’ll privatise the air and charge you to breathe.

Now even Britain’s street lamps are going out one by one,
When the last dying ember flickers, t’will be Britain’s setting sun.
Put a shilling in the meter, and the light will come shining through,
If Britain had a shilling, that’s what it would do.

But Parliament’s beer money keeps flowing from the tourists we love to fleece,
There’s a question they keep asking, the asking will never cease.
Why we use the old tin kettle for pouring out the tea?
It’s so this country has a pot left in which to pee.

Now, I have to tell you gravely, as has happened twice before,
This wonderful old country is embroiled in a World War.
Oh, we’d love to save this country, but its money’s all been spent,
Subsidising Ignoramus management.

We can’t buy tanks for the Army, or ships for the boys in blue,
Our Royal Air Force can do nothing, in defence of you.
For, we’ve spent it all on Rollers and mansions down in Kent,
For our mates in the Ignoramus management.

Aye, the British bulldog spirit has always seen us through,
But Ignoramus break men instead of make men, so it will no longer do.
Blame it all on Wasteminster, its corruption sick and vile,
And bullying in the Ignoramus style.

First, we destroy the economy, so no-one can get a job,
Then, we dehumanise each person, as if a brainless yob.
Look into Britain’s eyes, and you’ll see there’s no-one there,
A once proud, productive country, all gone spare.

So, our defeat seems certain, slaves for a thousand years,
Our children’s future tainted, with a billion mournful tears.
The dictator’s dirty jack-boot, the oppressor’s filthy smell,
Nearly as vile as the Ignoramus hell.

But…..But…But…But…But…But…But –

There’s one verse left.

There’s one verse left!

But…..Britain’s new finest hour, was never in doubt you see,
My brain cell had an idea, which guaranteed us victory!
For, there’s no defence to poison, when you decide to vent…..
The venom of the Ignoramus management!

So, there you are!