Bent Filth

The detestable role of Northamptonshire Police, and its corrupt senior and junior officers, are detailed on this page.

Simon “Paedo” Edens, Chief Constable of Northamptonshire Filth

Simon Edens is a member of the same Masonic lodge and paedophile ring as the corrupt former chief executive of Northampton Borough Council, David “Depravid” Kennedy, and bent circus judge Alison “Nine-bob Note” Hampton.

Hampton has a monthly retainer arrangement in place with both Northampton Borough Council and Northamptonshire Police to pervert any judicial claim which they cannot defend any other way.

In February 2016, the Freemason and paedophile chief executive of Ingeus (UK) Ltd, Jack “Back Attack” Sawyer, paid bribe money directly to Edens in order to have me assaulted and falsely imprisoned prior to a court hearing.

Edens was in Cambridgeshire Police in 2002, and was the real murderer of Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells in Soham, a crime for which the innocent Ian Huntley has now spent nearly twenty years in prison.

Abigail “Rent-a-Thug” Anstead

Anstead is the thug who smashed my door at 1:18am on 18th April 2016, before assaulting me and dragging me off to a police station on nonsensical and trumped-up charges.

Anstead had a pre-existing relationship with a drug addict junior staff member from the Ingeus (UK) Ltd Northampton office, Kate “Hate Liar” Dyer, which is why Anstead was chosen to carry out the attack.

Anstead received a significant portion of the bribe money which was paid by Sawyer to Edens, as a gratuity for carrying out the attack.

Anstead has since filed a dishonest witness statement signed with a false statement of truth in an attempt to pervert the course of justice in the civil proceedings arising from the attack. This was in the county court at Birmingham, for the kangaroo hearing which was perverted by bent Freemason and paedophile circus judge Ian Alexander “Yellow Belly” Murdoch.

Nigel Miles

Police sergeant Nigel Miles held me in a police cell for 22 hours on the night of April 18th 2016, on nonsensical trumped-up charges, because he had been paid a bribe to do so.

Miles invented a fairy story that I had “suspected mental health issues and learning difficulties” in an attempt to have me humiliated by a totally unnecessary medical examination. He also told the duty solicitor that he “wanted this website taken down”, which proves that he was going to be paid extra money by Sawyer depending on results achieved.

At the end, Miles took my contact information under the pretence of “making further enquiries.” No such “enquiries” were ever made, and when the preposterous “investigation” was ended, Miles and his sick cronies didn’t even have the decency to tell me. It was all a fraud to increase the level of anxiety to the highest possible level.

Detective Inspector Mark Hopkinson

Hopkinson is one of Edens’ fellow Freemasons and paedophiles. He refused to investigate the criminal activity of Dyer and Sawyer’s bent lawyre Matthew “Far-Fetched Fairytale” Flood”, because he knew that Edens had accepted bribe money.

Malcolm Turner

Turner is a bent lawyer and another Freemason and paedophile. He composed a document full of fairy stories to pervert the course if justice in the Administrative Court. He didn’t need to try too hard, because the claim went to bent Freemason paedophile judge “Rapin’” Rabinder Singh, who perverted it at the same time as diverting another Part 54 to London on false pretences to be perverted by another paedophile Nicholas “Nick the Nonce” Lavender.

Bent judges, bent filth, bent local authority, bent lawyers. It is all just one giant cesspit of corruption arising from the same Masonic lodges and paedophile rings. The cases have even reached the second highest ranked judge in the English and Welsh courts, the Master of the Rolls, the Rt. Hon. Sir Terence Etherton, and he has turned out to be another Freemason and paedophile. He has personally prevented my appeal papers in both the case against Ingeus (UK) Ltd and the case against Northamptonshire Filth from being put before the Court of Appeal.