Bent Lawyers

If there are bent judges, and in all honesty I have yet to find anything else in the British courts, then there are invariably going to be bent lawyers. These thugs are equally criminal, and think nothing of the fact that the blood money they take from misappropriated funds is destroying innocent human lives. Many of them are child rapists themselves, and are deliberately and intentionally trying to destroy as many human lives as possible as part of the Freemason and paedophile “creed.”

Many of the worst corrupt law firms operating in Great Britain are international Deep State organisations, able to circumvent national laws whenever necessary to aid and assist international Deep State agents and criminal gangs to have the course of justice perverted in national courts. Examples are Pinsent Masons LLP, which is paid out of misappropriated public funds to protect the Freemason and paedophile Jack Sawyer, and to ensure that Ingeus (UK) Ltd is able to pervert the course of justice whenever needed, and Kennedys Law, which makes significant profits creamed off the top of John Hutson’s narcotics trafficking and child sex trafficking operations.

Pinsent Masons LLP

Pinsent Masons LLP is 100% corrupt and criminal, and I have personally witnessed its bent lawyers lie on court documents, deliberately print the words “Pinsent Masons LLP” in a signature box instead of signing it having told multiple lies on court documents, sign false statements of truth, forge and falsify court orders, and physically harass, threaten and torment opposing litigants. These scum are “officers of the court”, but when the court itself is 100|% corrupt and controlled by Freemasons and paedophiles, nothing is ever going to get done about them.

Tara Hepworth

Tara Hepworth is a bent lawyer who has been involved in criminally perverting the course of justice in both the county court and the High Court.

On 10th December 2015, Hepworth told multiple blatant lies on a Directions Questionnaire form to cover up for the contempts and deceit of Matthew “Far-Fetched Fairytale” Flood, the bent child-raping in-house lawyer of Ingeus (UK) Ltd, Sawyer’s bent lawyer. Hepworth printed the words “Pinsent Masons LLP” in the signature box instead of signing the form, to prevent even the slightest possibility of the lies resulting in a contempt action.

Of curse, Sawyer and the Soham murderer Edens had already paid bent circus judge Alison Hampton to have the course of justice perverted, so there was only ever a theoretical, rather than an actual, possibility of Hepworth facing any form of contempt proceedings.

In March 2017, Hepworth played a minor part in the criminal perversion of the course of justice which resulted from Sawyer paying bent paedophile High Court judge Michael “Bend Over The Stool” Soole. Most of the collusion, and all of the collusion within the court room itself, was between Soole and bent paedophile barrister Daryl Hutcheon of Matrix Chambers.

Gary Coleman

Gary Terence Wayne Coleman is the bent paedophile lawyer who submitted a blatantly false “witness statement” to the High Court as part of the collusion with bent circus judge Brian “The Boy Buggerer” Rawlings in November 2017. Coleman also forged and falsified a court order which was exhibited to the statement. Both of these acts are contempts of court, and they are also part of a criminal conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

Coleman’s falsified court order has since been used as part of an even more outrageous perversion of the course of justice carried out by Martin Nicholas McKenna, the Designated Civil Judge at Birmingham Civil Justice Centre, and the “switching central” through which all of the corrupt payments and perverted claims are routed. More evidence is being generated on an ongoing basis.

Jessica Goosman

This vile piece of sick scum was directly involved in McKenna’s perversion. In a court system where justice actually existed, Goosman would be facing criminal charges as well as being imprisoned for blatant contempt of court.

A witness statement containing not only falsified evidence and blatant lies but also extreme harassment and character assassination was submitted to the High Court, in the knowledge that Sawyer had already paid McKenna to have the course of justice perverted. While witness statements may be covered by absolute privilege in the context of defamation, there is no such provision in respect of criminal harassment. Indeed, Rix LJ in Iqbal v Dean Manson Solicitors has explicitly stated that lies on court documents can contribute to harassment. What Iqbal suffered in that case pales into insignificance when compared to what I have suffered at the hands of Goosman.

These “minor” Deep State players simply don’t care. Normal, rational human beings do not want to gain from harming other human beings and from destroying innocent lives. As long as scum like Goosman get their ill-gotten gains from judicial perversion, which filter down from funds misappropriated from the public, it means absolutely nothing to them.

Kennedys Law

Kennedys Law is another international Deep State tentacle law firm which is able to pay bent judges to have the course of justice perverted whenever it feels like it. It is the corrupt weapon used by narcotics trafficker and paedophile John Hutson, who uses JD Wetherspoon PLC as a cover for his drug distribution and wholesaling operation.

What connection does this have to Ingeus (UK) Ltd and Jack Sawyer? Simple. Sawyer and Hutson are intimately connected through Freemasonry and paedophilia, and Sawyer has paid money to Hutson out of misappropriated public funds to have me assaulted and harmed by thugs in Wetherspoon public houses.

Angela Hartley

On 21st March 2019, Angela Hartley told multiple blatant and obvious lies, lies which have since been proven to be lies by Hutson’s own submitted evidence, on a witness statement signed with a false statement of truth. It was denied that the two sick thugs Dan Bickle and Gemma Evans, who had assaulted and abused me while I was in the process of using a customer lavatory in one of Hutson’s pubs in Bournemouth, even existed.

This is itself a contempt of court and should result in Part 81 proceedings, but Hartley knew at the time of signing the false statement of truth that Hutson and Sawyer had utilised the court’s “pay to play” service, and had sent money though McKenna to have the course of justice perverted. As such, the contempt is also an extremely serious criminal act of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

Ian Ford

This sick piece of child-raping scum took the criminal perversions of Hartley even further. On 2nd May 2019, Ford submitted to the court a witness statement signed with a false statement of truth, exhibiting the order forged and falsified by Gary Coleman in 2017, referenced above. Ford knew that the evidence he was submitting was fraudulent and had been falsified, but he also knew that Hutson and Sawyer had executed a “pay to play”, and that McKenna was about to intervene and pervert the course of justice without even the pretence of a hearing.

As above, there are no pretences any more. In a proper country, with a proper judicial system, a proper Constitution and a proper elected president, you may have a chance. In Britain, if you have an obviously strong case against a Freemason and paedophile with connections to Lizzie the Leech, a bent nonce like McKenna will just pervert the course of justice without a hearing, and then tell you that you need to pay fees you cannot possibly afford to apply to have the perversion set aside. There is literally nothing the Freemasons, paedophiles and bent judges cannot do in a court system over which they have absolute, total control.

Cornerstone Barristers

Cornerstone Barristers is a bent law firm which facilitates perversions of the course of justice for Deep State Freemasons and paedophiles in unelected local authorities. In one perversion published on their own website, they even omit the name of the bent judge who perverted the course of justice in order to protect him!

Bent paedophile barrister Catherine Rowlands was part of the perversions of late 2016 carried out by Alison “Nine-bob Note” Hampton. Rowlands had deliberately omitted the statement of truth from the application notice containing the lies, even though CPR 23.6 explicitly states that an application notice must be signed with a statement of truth if the applicant is to rely on its contents. Hampton obviously knew this, Hampton simply didn’t care.

In May 2017, Rowlands was also involved in the serial perversion of the course of justice carried out by Nicholas “Nick the Nonce” Lavender. This os the connection with Sawyer and Ingeus (UK) Ltd, as Sawyer paid Lavender a bribe to be able to “piggy-back” on a claim which was nothing to do with him, and make applications within it.

Matrix Chambers/Daryl Hutcheon

Matrix Chambers is a bent law firm set up by bent paedophile judge “Rapin’” Rabinder Singh. Singh had a despicable spell perverting judicial reviews in Birmingham, before he was made a Lord Justice and promoted to Terry’s gang of perverts in the Court of Appaedos.

Same old, same old. Due to its connections with bent child rapist judges, Matrix Chambers is able to facilitate corrupt payments by Deep State agents to those judges and get the course of justice perverted.

When Sawyer used Matrix Chambers to pervert the course of justice in 2017, firstly by paying Michael “Bend Over The Stool” Soole and then by paying Nick the Nonce Lavender, he used bent paedophile barrister Daryl “Sweaty Sock with Shitty Cock” Hutcheon. Hutcheon is one of the worst actors I have ever seen, and literally anyone who was in the courtroom when Soole perverted the course of justice would have known they were witnessing a collusion.

As ever, when the judge has been paid, no-one even bothers to submit half-decent paperwork or to engage a barrister with more brains than a hippo’s arse. One day, if the evidence is ever examined by a proper tribunal with a remit to restore the Rule of Law to Britain’s courts, that could prove to be a huge mistake.

St Philips Chambers

St Philips Chambers is another bent law firm which is able to take payments from Deep State Freemasons and paedophiles, and arrange for the course of justice to be perverted.

In late 2017, Sawyer switched from using Hutcheon and used bent child rapist Ali “Smarmy” Tabari instead. Tabari is a far better actor than Hutcheon, although an equally terrible advocate. It is not necessary to be good at anything when you can simply cheat your way to success.

Tabari was involved in the obvious collusion with Brian “The Boy Buggerer” Rawlings in 2017, He was then also involved in the sickening and gratuitous perversion carried out by Martin Nicholas McKenna in May 2019.

This surprised me somewhat, as Sawyer normally changes barristers more often than his spunk-covered underwear. There can only be two reasons – firstly, Sawyer has dirt on Tabari and was able to blackmail him, in typical Deep State fashion, to take part in another criminal perversion, or, secondly, Tabari is a child rapist who is up to his neck in corruption and criminality to such an extent that he had to lie in the most extreme manner possible to try to save his own sorry arse. In all probability, both are the case.

It is all just an exercise in gathering evidence. No-one is going to waste £20 on rail fares just to be insulted by child rapists. No, the purpose of attending “hearings” before the paedophile controlled kangaroo courts is to obtain the proof of what is happening in those courts. That proof could be extremely important to the whole of Britain’s decent population when the excrement finally hits the fan, as it surely must.