Bent Paedophile Judges

This page features the antics of the bent paedophile judges who have accepted money from Ingeus (UK) Ltd chief executive officer Jack Sawyer, himself a Freemason and a paedophile, in order to pervert the course of judicial claims.

Alison “Nine-bob Note” Hampton

This vile old hag is probably the worst bent judge in Great Britain. There certainly couldn’t be a worse one, as Hampton is paid a monthly retainer by both the local authority (Northampton Borough Council) and the local police (Northamptonshire Police) to pervert judicial claims. Hampton is actually based in Leicester, so presumably the same thing goes on there.

Any claims or applications which these authorities cannot defend legitimately are referred to Ally and then perverted. Ally perverted two claims of mine against the authority, and an application to join the police to a claim. Ally also perverted the fist of my claims against Ingeus (UK) Ltd, and was almost certainly paid to do so by Jack Sawyer.

Hampton is part of the same Masonic lodge and paedophile ring as Northampton Borough Council chief executive David Kennedy, and the Chief Constable of Northamptonshire Police, Simon “Paedo” Edens.

“Rapin’” Rabinder Singh

This Freemason and paedophile has now been disgracefully promoted to Lord Justice of Appeal, following a term of perverting claims in the Administrative Court in Birmingham. He perverted my claim against his fellow paedophile Simon Edens, and diverted a claim against Northampton Borough Council to London under false pretences so that it could be perverted by Nick the Nonce Lavender with other claims already in London.

Sir Nicholas “Nick the Nonce” Lavender

Nick the Nonce perverted three claims and four application on the same day, 16th May 2017, all against myself. He also usurped the role of a judge of the Administrative Court and perverted a Part 51 claim. As if that wasn’t enough, he then made a malicious and completely unjustified order making it virtually impossible for me to bring any further claims.

Nick is a piss pot as well as a kiddie fiddler, and his malicious order was malformed and impotent. He shits himself every time I send papers to him and tell him to set it aside because it arises from a criminal act and is unlawful. As with all other nonces, he is full of aggression and bile in the courtroom before he is exposed, but is scared to death of the truth coming out.

Brian “The Boy Buggerer” Rawlings

In November 2017, Ingeus (UK) Ltd chief executive paid Brian “The Boy Buggerer” Rawlings a bribe to pervert a judicial claim in the High Court.

Rawlings is a circus judge based in Stoke-on-Trent, but he is part of the Masonic lodge and paedophile ring which routinely perverts claims at Birmingham Civil Justice Centre. He is another coward who is desperate for the truth not to come out.

Ian Alexander “Yellow Belly” Murdoch

This pathetic Freemason and paedophile was only promoted to circus judge in 2018. It was he who perverted the judicial claim arising from Edens arranging to have me assaulted and falsely imprisoned, in the most crude and obvious way possible.

He colluded in deceit with Edens and his bent lawyers, allowing them to make a technical “confession” of the tort of false imprisonment so that a jury could be dismissed from a trial in which a jury was a legal requirement. He then awarded a derisory sum in damages, before making a malicious costs order against the “successful” party to wipe out the award altogether.

Murdoch has since faked an order in the High Court to try to prevent his deceit from being found out during an appeal.

The Rt. Hon. Sir Terence Etherton, Master of the Rolls

Yes, the second highest ranked judge in the English and Welsh courts is also a bent kiddie fiddler. He has colluded with staff in the Civil Appeals Office to continually hamper my appeal and prevent it from being put before the Court, and has also ordered staff in the Fees Office (Room E01) to prevent me from receiving fee remissions to which I am entitled.

When asked directly whether he was a kiddie fiddler, Etherton simply said “Any further communications containing offensive terms will not receive an acknowledgment or reply.” Ah, diddums!

Terry is a nonce, and we all know it.

Yes, the Savile scandal was big, but this is even bigger. These scum WILL be taken down and destroyed.