Bent Paedophile Judges

There are multiple bent judges who have been involved in the cases between myself and Ingeus (UK) Ltd, all of the way from Ally “Nine-bob Note” Hampton in the county court at Northampton to Sir Terence “Terry the Perv” Etherton, the bent kiddie-fiddling Master of the Rolls. They have all been paid by Sawyer out of misappropriated public funds to pervert the course of justice.

There is no room on this site to analyze in detail the criminal perversions of every bent judge, as they span a lot more than just the Ingeus (UK) Ltd cases. I have a special website dedicated to Britain’s bent child-raping judges, at Here, I will just list the judicial perversions in chronological order, as they relate to Ingeus (UK) Ltd only.

Alison “Nine-bob Note” Hampton

Alison “Nine-bob Note” Hampton sits at Leicester Combined Court and Northampton County Court. I am not in a position to know what Hampton does in Leicester, but it is hardly likely to be any different from what goes on in Northampton. Hampton has a monthly retainer agreement with fellow Freemasons and paedophiles in Northampton Borough Council and Northamptonshire Police to pervert the course of justice for them in any case which they cannot defend any other way.

Hampton perverted two cases of mine against Northampton Borough Council at the same time as perverting Claim No. B00YP012. The Chief Constable of Northamptonshire Police, former officer of Cambridgeshire Police, and Soham murderer Simon Edens was already on the scene, and had already accepted bribe money from Sawyer to have me assaulted and falsely imprisoned. Edens introduced Hampton to Sawyer as a “friendly” judge who was open to deliberately wrongly decide a case for a bung, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Michael “Bend Over The Stool” Soole

This bent child rapist was once a barrister in the famous case of Aldi Stores Ltd v WSP Group PLC, in which Thomas LJ created the Aldi guidelines. On 22nd March 2017, in the ultimate irony, Soole deliberately perverted the course of justice by ignoring the Aldi guidelines as part of his criminal collusion in refusing leave to appeal.

Sawyer had paid a bent barrister called Daryl Hutcheon, of corrupt law firm Matrix Chambers (which was set up by another child rapist Rabinder Singh), to lie in the face of the court and to create a dishonest, although fundamentally meaningless, skeleton argument. The skeleton argument was all baseless character assassination, and no straight judge would have fallen for it.

Soole and Hutcheon are the worst slapstick comic actors I have ever seen. An orang-utan would have been able to work out that Soole had been paid and that the entire “hearing” was a stage-managed farce. I guess they thought that it would go no further, because they didn’t even make the slightest effort to cover up the collusion or to make the hearing seem realistic. This is typical blasé Deep State agent behavior. They know they control everything and are untouchable, so why make any effort to cover up criminal activity?

Nicholas “Nick the Nonce” Lavender

The papers of the case which had been perverted by Ally Hampton were forwarded by McKenna to Nick the Nonce Lavender in London. Lavender was paid to pervert the course of justice on 16th May 2017 by a cartel consisting of Northampton Borough Council employees, employees of its ALMO Northampton Partnership Homes Ltd, bent lawyers from publicly-owned LGSS Law Ltd, and bent paedophile barristers Catherine Rowlands of Cornerstone Barristers and Daryl Hutcheon of Matrix Chambers.

Lavender lied to cover up the contempts and criminal perversion of the course of justice of Hampton, who had in turn lied and covered up the contempts of court of those in the public authorities which have a retainer with Hampton.

Sawyer and Ingeus (UK) Ltd “piggy-backed” on the criminal perversion, and even used Rowlands to create further lies and falsified evidence to effect an auxiliary perversion. In all, Lavender perverted the course of justice in six claims and applications, all against the same litigant, and all on the same day. No pretence was made as to a fair hearing or to actually examining the evidence, because it is never necessary. The entire court system is Deep State controlled, so the criminal and contemnors don’t care how much evidence of their crimes they leave behind. One day, that could prove to be a huge mistake.

Brian “The Boy Buggerer” Rawlings

Brian “The Boy Buggerer” Rawlings is a bent judge based in Stoke-on-Trent. He is currently under investigation by Staffordshire Police and the Ministry of Justice as a result of perverting the course of justice in a case which did not involve myself.

Rawlings is also one of Martin Nicholas McKenna’s gang of criminal perverters of the course of justice in Birmingham. On 10th November 2017, Rawlings perverted the course of justice in a major harassment claim issued in Birmingham. Bent lawyers Pinsent Masons LLP, and specifically corrupt paedophile lawyer Gary Terence Wayne Coleman, had already facilitated a corrupt payment made through the Martin Nicholas McKenna switching central to Rawlings in order to have the course of justice perverted.

As ever, my paperwork proved the case. As ever, the “opposition” paperwork was irrelevant drivel which formed no kind of defence. As ever, the judge didn’t care because he had been paid to pervert the course of justice. The only “positive” side is that more evidence is being gathered all the time, and that eventually the 100% corrupt cesspit of criminality will be destroyed.

Ian Alexander “Yellow Belly” Murdoch

Ian Alexander “Yellow Belly” Murdoch has only been a circus judge since 2018, and he has already carried out at least two extreme criminal perversions of the course of justice. I have been contacted by an innocent member of the public who has been swindled out of £1.4million in damages as a result of a deal Murdoch cut with two sets of bent lawyers. The lawyers got their fees, Murdoch got his bribe, the tortfeasor got away with the admitted wrongdoing, and a decent human being whose life has been completely destroyed ends up with nothing. This is just par for the course in Martin Nicholas McKenna’s corrupt child-raping sewer.

Murdoch also perverted the course of justice in the most outrageous manner possible on 22nd May 2018, to protect the former Chief Constable of Northamptonshire Police and Soham murderer Simon Edens. Sawyer and Ingeus (UK) Ltd had paid Edens a bribe to have me assaulted and falsely imprisoned in April 2018.

Sawyer and Ingeus (UK) Ltd bankrolled the corruption out of misappropriated funds. McKenna processed the payment and ensured that Murdoch was in place to carry out the perversion. Two days before the trial was due to take place, bent lawyers from East Midlands Police Legal Services authored a “technical confession” that the false imprisonment was illegal, in order to allow Murdoch to “stand down” a jury from a trial at which a jury was a legal requirement.

Murdoch then gave judgment to myself, awarded a derisory sum in damages, and then made a malicious costs order against the “successful” party to wipe out the entire award. This is as gratuitous and obvious a perversion of the course of justice as can ever have been carried out in a public court. Of course, nobody even cares as no-one is judging the judges.

When the appeal went into the High Court, it went to the switching central Martin Nicholas McKenna, as all appeals in either the High Court or the county court always do. McKenna and Murdoch blatantly faked an order refusing leave to appeal, and put the name “Colin Birss” at the bottom of the order.

Colin Birss is a Bristol-based Supervising Judge of the Business and Property Court. What would he be doing in Birmingham perverting the course of justice in an appeal which has nothing to do with business or property?

Obviously, nothing. Obviously, Murdoch and McKenna faked a court order in an appeal arising from Murdoch’s own criminality. They even deleted the signature line from the order so it left no evidence of being unsigned.

Murdoch is sick. He is also the type of bungling Frank Spencer type buffoon who leaves more evidence of his crimes than a thief stealing flour bags with holes in the bottom. In any system where justice actually mattered, and where investigations were actually carried out into the criminal activities of bent judges, Murdoch wouldn’t last as long as a lit match dunked in the Pacific Ocean.

Of course, the whole system is set up so that the criminals protect each other. If the filth are involved in criminal activity, you take them to court and the courts protect them. If the courts are involved in criminal activity, you report it to the filth who refuse to investigate. None of this happens by accident, and nothing will ever change until something above the courts and the filth is able to deal with both of them.

Sir Terence “Terry the Perv” Etherton

Sir Terence “Terry the Perv” Etherton is the Master of the Rolls. The second-highest ranked judge in the English and Welsh courts. He is also a child rapist, a Freemason, and a criminal perverter of judicial proceedings.

When my appeal from the criminal perversion of Rawlings went into the Court of Appeal, Etherton was made aware that the papers referenced criminal perversions of the course of justice by bent Freemason judges, and their involvement in paedophilia. At that point, Etherton ordered the officers in the Civil Appeals Office, over whom he has absolute control, to continually hamper and block my legitimate appeal.

On 29th March 2018, corrupt Case Progression Officer Steve Tai sent me an email telling me that I had filed “supplementary bundles” which exceeded the 350 page limit, and that therefore they had been sent back to me. This turned out to be a lie, and my seven lever arch files had never left the Civil Appeals Office. The affidavit and exhibit I had filed were NOT, of course, supplementary bundles.

Two days later, Steve Tai told another blatant lie. He stated that the core bundle I had filed did not contain ANY of the necessary documents. In reality, ALL of the necessary documents had been filed.

“Master” Meacher, the 100% bent Civil Appeals Master, then began another campaign of harassment and illegal interference with a legitimate appeal. I was continually ordered to file applications to “rely on” an affidavit and exhibit as if they were supplementary bundles. Meacher then refused to issue the nonsensical applications.

On 12th June 2018, Etherton ordered the staff in the Fees Office in Room E01 to refuse me the fee remissions I was entitled to by law. This is, of course, another blatantly criminal act, and it illustrates both the lengths to which the Freemasons and paedophiles will go to in order to block the legitimate cases of anyone who is not part of the “fraternity”, and the number of “safety mechanisms” they have put in place to allow them to do this.

Eventually, in October 2018, Etherton couldn’t play any more stupid games to hamper my appeal any more. He had to find another bent kiddie fiddler who would blatantly lie on a court order and commit another serious criminal offence to pervert the course of justice once again. He found Nick the Nonce II Hamblen.

Nicholas “Nick the Nonce II” Hamblen

Nicholas “Nick the Nonce II” Hamblen (pronounced “nik-THU-nonss-thu-SEK-und”) is a corrupt Freemason and paedophile Lord Justice of Appeal. On 5th October 2018, he deliberately and gratuitously perverted the course of justice in Appeal No. A2/2018/0645 by refusing leave to appeal for obviously spurious and nonsensical reasons.

He did so to protect his fellow Freemason and paedophile Jack Sawyer, his fellow bent judge, Freemason and paedophile Brian Rawlings, and, of course, the bent Freemason and paedophile who had played stupid games with my appeal papers, Terry the Perv Etherton.

Maybe some day the minor Deep State players like Tai will become “Flippers” or “Whistleblowers”, which are the two greatest assets we have. A “Flipper” is someone like Rod Rosenstein who “flips” from being a Deep State player to working for the Rule of Law, and a “Whistleblower” is someone who provides evidence of the criminal activity of other, usually more senior, criminal Deep State players. We need a lot more of both.

Martin Nicholas “Arse Worth a Tenner” McKenna

This sick child-raping pervert is in a league all by himself. Evidence has now conclusively proven that McKenna is the arch-criminal who acts as a switching central at Birmingham Civil Justice Centre. Whenever a claim, application or appeal which involves a Deep State operative, or which has obviously been perverted by a Freemason and paedophile judge in a lower court, comes into Birmingham, it is routed to McKenna. It doesn’t matter whether it is in the High Court or the county court.

McKenna will then ensure that the claims, applications and appeals which need to be perverted to protect his fellow Freemasons and paedophiles are routed to the “appropriate” judges. In my case, the appeals from bent Freemason and paedophile circus judge Alison Hampton were routed to McKenna, even though they should have gone to a full High Court judge. McKenna then took the corrupt payments made by Northampton Borough Council, Sawyer and Ingeus (UK) Ltd, and routed the appeals to known bent nonces Nick the Nonce Lavender and Bend Over The Stool Soole.

McKenna also accepted the corrupt payments facilitated by Pinsent Masons LLP in 2017, and diverted a High Court claim to another bent circus judge, Brian “The Boy Buggerer” Rawlings. Rawlings perverted the course of justice once again, having been paid to do so.

McKenna was heavily involved in the perversions of the course of justice carried out by Ian Alexander Murdoch in 2018. McKenna ordered Murdoch to illegally stand down the jury, and McKenna received the appeal papers in the High Court and prevented them from reaching a High Court judge. McKenna and Murdoch then blatantly faked an order, which they pretended had been made by Bristol-based Business and Property Court judge Colin Birss.

The criminal perversion of the course of justice carried out by McKenna on 13th May 2019 was as blatant, obvious and gratuitous as any criminal perversion as any perversion ever could be. McKenna knew that the application had been made in one claim to which the applicant had never been a party, and in another which had only ever proceeded in the county court. Still, he sat as a judge of the High Court and deliberately perverted the case. He also knew that Coleman’s order was falsified, and I even directly proved this in front of his face. Still, he perverted the course of justice despite knowing that the order had been falsified. Finally, he knew that everything contained within the false witness statement was lies, and he knew that even if the lies were true they still would not add up to grounds for the application. Still, he deliberately perverted the course of justice having paid to do so.

There is not even the slightest pretence of legality or lawfulness within the British courts. The Deep Stare players pay to play, the bent judges take the payments and do whatever they were paid to do, no matter how obviously and blatantly illegal. No-one tries to cover it up, and no-one even cares.

McKenna is the corruption machine at the heart of all of this criminal activity. He was appointed as Designated Civil Judge by one of Blair and Brown’s’s paedophiles Jack Straw, back in 2008. How the hell has someone not wasted him away if he has been doing this for over 10 years, and presumably perverting claims and robbing people as a circus judge for far longer?

McKenna is public enemy No. 1, and must be destroyed at all costs.

Why Not Be A “Flipper” Or A “Whistleblower”?

If you are working as a Deep State player in this criminal justice perversion system, why not “flip” over to the side of the Rule of Law? You will be loved and appreciated in time.

If you have knowledge and evidence of criminal Deep State activity, why not share that knowledge and evidence to help put an end to this for good? I can always be contacted through the CONTACT FORM of this or any of the sister websites.