Calendar of Shame

Calendar of Shame

On this page, I will outline in detail the incidents of maltreatment and abuse which I suffered for two excruciatingly painful years at Ingeus Northampton. The names of the vile abusers who deliberately committed these acts with the intention of causing as much pain and suffering as possible to an innocent human being are included. The names of people who caused me pain or loss through negligence rather than malice have not been named out of courtesy.

One other individual, known on official reports as “Officer A”, did cause me much harm through malice, but the full extent of what they had done was only revealed in documentation obtained from the Parliamentary Ombudsman through a letter before claim, and the Civil Procedure Rules prohibit the use of this information for any purpose other than litigation.

I do want to stress at the start that I am not a trouble-maker, or someone with a grudge against the unemployment system or the Department of Work and Pensions in general. There are many people who complain about the Job Centre, but I had to deal with Job Centre staff for nearly eight years, and never had a single problem. I was referred to an adviser who was a specialist in dealing with my type of case, I was offered appropriate training and educational opportunities, and I was always treated fairly by all staff members. It was only when I was referred to the incompetents and sadistic abusers at Ingeus Northampton that all hell broke loose, and that hell has continued to break loose non-stop until the present day.

1st November 2012

I am referred to Ingeus Northampton. The data feed from the Department of Work and Pensions includes a full and complete breakdown of my circumstances, including medical condition. Ross “Dross” Marshall, the incompetent so-called “Performance & Delivery Manager”, ignores this information, and puts me on the case load of a “standard” adviser.

14th December 2012

Due to atrocious weather, I hardly visit the Ignoramus building before Christmas. The one exception was the 14th December, when I have to write out 100 envelopes and send out spam letters to random employers. It is a good job I can write equally well with either hand and can keep swapping over, as it takes over three hours to finish the job. What is significant here is that the receptionist directed me to an area of the building which I was later told by management thugs was “out of bounds” to people on the Work Programme. No-one seemed to think it was out of bounds in December.

January/February 2013

The “standard” adviser turns out to be extremely inexperienced, and without much idea of even how to handle standard cases. I was told I would either be moving on, or going to “work experience” in February. Neither happens.

My interactions with Ingeus are extremely limited during these two months, as the adviser even fails to tell me that travel refunds are available for days other than adviser appointments. There is snow on the ground, and walking is extremely dangerous and time-consuming in one of the worst winters of the century.

11th March 2013

My adviser goes nuts and gives me a gobful of abuse, because I alert one of the other advisers to the fact that the photocopier appears to have retained my passport information. This is a serious matter, as criminals are able to create duplicate documents from photocopies. Apparently, I should only speak to my designated adviser, even though he is not in the room, nowhere to be seen and the situation is an emergency.

I submit a complaint, but it is hardly an incident of any great importance compared with what is to come. Dross Marshall does nothing about the incident, but promises me that I will move onto the case load of an adviser I can only call “Mrs S.”, in a month’s time. As with everything else Dross Marshall ever said, it turned out to be a lie.

Marshall promised me a resolution to prevent my escalating the case to the next level, but as the resolution was promised verbally he was able to lie and deceive, and later refuse to carry out the promised resolution.

“Mrs S.” is one of the best and most professional advisers at Ingeus Northampton, and even though she is not (to my knowledge) a disability specialist, there is every chance that we would have been able to work well together and that much of the ensuing trouble would never even have occurred. At least I would have been able to sit across a desk from someone I would have been able to work with and relate to, which never happened even once during the time I was abused at Ingeus Northampton.

On Thursday, 28th March, the day before Good Friday and the Easter break, I have a very pleasant conversation with the individual known as “Officer A.” Not by any stretch of the imagination could I know what type of character “Officer A” would turn out to be, or exactly what they would be capable of doing.

April 2013

I am assigned to another “standard” adviser, but a completely different one from that promised to me by Dross Marshall. Nothing much happens in this month as it is all about “changeover.”

It is worth mentioning that on the 19th, I walk into the facility and “Officer A” speaks to me first, in a perfectly reasonable manner. Hardly the action of someone who hates my guts. Why this individual turned on me with such hatred and spite, I have no idea, and it is unlikely I ever will.

May 2013

This was the month when the excrement began to hit the fan, as the Americans love to say. The “standard” adviser to whom I had been assigned now orders me out to a third-party facility, and makes no adjustment for my medical condition.

On 24th May, I have another conversation with “Officer A”, just before the break for the bank holiday weekend. Shades of “deja vu” from Easter. Earlier in the day, I had been standing at the drinks machine when this individual approached me and began talking. How in the name of Beelzebub was I supposed to predict what would happen next?

I did not attend the Ignoramus facility in the last week of May, for two reasons. Firstly, I had to attend the third-party facility mentioned earlier, and, secondly, I had influenza.

The referral to the third-party facility was the worst disaster imaginable. I was entirely unable to learn anything, as the material was not presented on the PC screens, but on boards at a distance where a visually-impaired person has no chance of seeing the content. I just sit there like a vegetable, as the laughing stock of the group, and then obviously fail the test as I have been entirely unable to learn anything.

That this incident violates the provisions of the Equality Act 2010 should be obvious. No trained adviser with experience in dealing with visually-impaired people would ever cause someone to go into such an environment of humiliation, degradation and debasement. Even if there was a desire to send someone to such a learning centre, the adviser would make sure that the disabled individual was going to be given “reasonable adjustments”, whatever that would entail. In this case, it would mean making sure that learning material was available in electronic form on the PC screens. It may also mean setting up a webcam to point at the boards so the content could be seen on-screen.

There is one more point to make here, which illustrates the despicable gross turpitude of the so-called “Independent” Case Examiner, Joanna Wallace. During the last week in May 2013, signs were erected in the Ignoramus building informing “customers” that travel refunds would now only be available twice a week. When my case was escalated to ICE, Wallace deliberately falsified evidence by using these signs as an excuse to claim that I had been informed adequately about travel refunds in November 2012. There really is no limit to the extent that these scum will go to in order to whitewash the failings of their “business partners.”

3rd June 2013

Instead of using the complaints procedure, I initially try to use the feedback form to try to get something done about my case. I am acutely aware of the power these organisations have, and as I still have eighteen months to survive, I think it is better to avoid coming across as a “complainer”, or a “trouble-maker.” Surely, after what happened in May, someone in management must now see that action is needed?

Dross Marshall summons me into a room, and his first question is “who is your adviser?” You can’t be bloody serious! You submit a form for the idiot to deal with, and he can’t even be bothered to read it before wasting your time and fobbing you off with more lies and drivel. Of course, Marshall’s deceit and treachery were directly responsible for all of the trouble occurring in the first place, as he had lied to me in March and promised me a referral to “Mrs S.”

Nothing gets done. I am about to escalate the case through the complaints procedure, when all hell breaks loose again.

14th June 2013

It is nearly lunch time. I have just finished working on the computers. As I am about to leave, a thug who I had never met or spoken to before orders me into a room. I am then threatened and verbally abused, and told that I “had been there every day that week”, and that this was excessive. In reality, I had only been there on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. There were also veiled, but never explicitly stated, insinuations that I had been bothering other staff members while they were trying to work.

Needless to say, at this point the entire case needed to escalated through the complaints procedure. What happened next is despicable in the extreme.

26th June 2013

Out of the blue, they change my “standard” adviser again. The new one is brand new, and also totally untrained in dealing with disabled people. Nothing is going to get any better, unless the “Operations Manager” actually takes action to deal with the problem. Some hope.

27th June 2013

The Operations Manager, Mark gLIEbrt, behaves despicably in response to the escalated case. He says he will “have a word with” the thug responsible for the 14th June incident. What word? It could be “congratulations” for all I know. No meetings are organised, and no attempt is made to resolve anything.

gLIEbrt also refuses to take action on the underlying case, so my hopes of being referred to a trained specialist, or being sent to the case load of an adviser I could work constructively with are dashed again. Dross Marshall’s lies and abuses must be covered up and not corrected, no matter what the cost or what the consequences.

Most despicable of all is gLIEbrt’s LIE that “everything is back to normal”, and “you can go back to using the facilities exactly as before.” This lie effectively destroys any hope I had of even surviving the Work Programme, much less any hope of getting anything from it.

5th July 2015

I approach Officer A with the intention of trying to resolve whatever problem exists, the nature of which is still entirely unknown to me. Officer A shrieks at me, so I move away as quickly as possible.

Later, as I am sitting by myself writing envelopes, I am verbally assaulted and abused by the new “standard” adviser to whom I had been assigned.

I leave the building as quickly as possible, and escalate the case to the next level.

9th July 2013

Disgracefully, nothing is done regarding the assault, and I have to confront the idiot for another “regular appointment.” I let him know in no uncertain terms exactly what I think of him, but that is not the point, is it? These useless vermin are supposed to be providing help and support with the intention of getting people back to work. That is what the taxpayer is ultimately subsidising these scum for. They are totally incapable of doing so, and by now the managers have got me down as a target for even more detestable treatment.

It is obvious that all of the misery I suffered before 14th June was due to negligence. There was no deliberate spite or malice on behalf of the managers. As soon as a case reaches the complaints procedure, that is obviously the signal to put the boot in hard and make the complainant suffer as much as possible.

29th July 2013

Now, the Regional Director becomes involved. At least theoretically. In practice, the scum that is Mark gLIEbrt came into the meeting having already decided what he was going to do to aggravate the trouble still further and to cause as much misery as possible. He sent me back to the adviser who had forced me into the degrading and demeaning environment back in May. Yes, really.

There is only one possible reason for gLIEbrt to take this action, and that is to cause the highest degree of anguish and suffering to the victim. Even at this stage, gLIEbrt had the option to send my case over to “Mrs S.”, as had been promised by Dross Marshall five months earlier.

Ignoramus is supposed to be a Work Programme provider. Any manager with even the most rudimentary sense of responsibility would have referred the attendee to an adviser who was likely to be able to provide appropriate work related support. That is what the DWP is paying these scum for. Of course, it shouldn’t have been gLIEbrt’s role to make any referral anyway, as the case had been escalated to the Regional Director due to gLIEbrt’s nefarious conduct in the first place.

The Regional Director also lied about the “Officer A” situation, but obviously that cannot be proven as this was a voice meeting. They told me they would try to find out what was happening and report back to me. Then, when the written report of the meeting was issued, this had not been done and the entire problem had been brushed under the carpet.

9th August 2013

Following the Regional Director’s failure to deal with the case, or any part thereof, another meeting was arranged. This time gLIEbrt was at his vicious and malevolent worst. In all honesty, I should have just got up and walked out. The idea was to create so much pressure that I was forced to break under it, but that sort of tactic is never going to work when someone is being treated as despicably as I was in this case.

The bottom line is that gLIEbrt and Dross Marshall wasted around three hours of time, and refused to take any action to resolve any part of the misery I was suffering. Worse than that, they even played a hoax. I was offered the opportunity to send an email to Officer A. This put me in an impossible place. If I refused, I would be the one who was not taking part in the resolution process. If I gave in and went along with it, they would just delete the email unread, and tell ICE a fairy story that they had offered an attempted resolution. I knew I was being stiffed, but couldn’t do anything about it. Of course, Dross Marshall lied by promising a reply which never came.

[UPDATE 7th August 2015 – Further evidence revealed by the Parliamentary Ombudsman confirms that gLIEbrt and Dross Marshall were in possession of a document which they knew meant that no “mediation” would ever be entered into. The entire pantomime was a fraud. I cannot reveal the document, or even its contents, as the Civil Procedure Rules prohibit the use of revealed documents for any other purpose than litigation. The contents will be revealed in Court soon enough.]

19th August 2013

Following the lies of the 9th, on the 19th gLIEbrt issued the ‘final response’. This was abusive, demeaning and derogatory, and contained defamatory libels which were then forwarded to ICE.

This is only the libel of which I have knowledge. There were other libels published to ICE, but due to the “cloak and dagger” way in which these investigations are carried out, I was never allowed to see them or to respond to them. Even now, as I write this in July 2015, I have no idea of the extent of the fraud and libel which perverted the ICE investigation. I am going to be forced to use the provisions of CPR 31.16 and application to the Court to reveal the paperwork which ICE, and later the Parliamentary Ombudsman, used in whitewashing the abuses these scum had carried out.

[UPDATE 7th August 2015 – I have now obtained a document from the Parliamentary Ombudsman which reveals many of the malicious falsehoods and defamatory libels which were passed to ICE. I am unable to reveal the document or its contents due to the provision of the Civil Procedure Rules.]

gLIEbrt also made the detestable allegation that I had a “good working relationship” with the adviser to whom I had been maliciously referred. Try telling that fairy story to the Judge when there is ample documentary evidence of the May 2013 humiliation, and also numerous complaints regarding this individual.

23rd August 2013

The case is escalated to ICE.

6th September 2013

The “standard” adviser to whom I had been maliciously sent back now reveals that they have never even heard of the Hereford Centre, which is the premier resource in Great Britain for visually-impaired people. How in the name of Satan himself can such an adviser be expected to give any degree of support to someone with a visual disability?

Further complaints are forwarded, but, of course, Dross Marshall and his cronies take no action.

8th November 2013

Now, another villain enters the story. This is David “Depravid” Bishton, a new Operations Manager assigned to the Northampton site. You might think that a new face would at least give me a fresh chance to have my case heard by someone who had not been involved in previous confrontations, but Bishton turned out to be far more malevolent, diseased and vicious than even the vermin I had been abused by before.

Bishton refused to take any action to remedy the abuses which were being carried out, denied me access to the complaints procedure, and also denied me access to year two of the Work Programme. That was it. The end of any hope of obtaining any kind of positive benefit from a placement for which the taxpayer ultimately foots the bill. The public need to be made aware of the abuses which are carried out by Ingeus (UK), and the extent to which people are tormented, humiliated, degraded, debased and violated. These actions even contravene the Human Rights Act 1998, Articles 3 and 14.

There is nothing significant to report beyond this, other than the fact that I was forced to sign off benefits and live on tax credits to avoid the abuse and maltreatment I was being subjected to, as the severity had literally become more than physically bearable. ICE whitewashed the scum, and Wallace even falsified evidence and committed fraud to cover up the abuses. The most significant incident of the entire two years, the humiliating and degrading referral to the third party, wasn’t even mentioned in the report.

The Parliamentary Ombudsman just produced another version of the ICE report. This is now going to be challenged by Judicial Review, in addition to action being taken directly against Ingeus (UK),

The story from this point on will be updated in posts in the “Chronological” category, the first of which can be found here –