Ingeus Abuse 10 – Kate “Hate Liar” Dyer Exposed

I am now in a position to expose the trouble maker responsible for all of this stupidity in the first place.

Before I do so, let me make the legal and moral position perfectly clear. The Civil Procedure Rules prohibit the use of documentation revealed by legal disclosure for any purpose other than litigation. So, am I acting in defiance of the Rules by publishing this information on a public website?

No. Documentation was originally revealed by the Parliamentary Ombudsman in response to a Judicial Review Pre-Action Protocol Letter Before Claim. This documentation told me everything I needed to know, but I did not use it publicly.

Now, further documentation has been revealed by the defendant and the Department for Work and Pensions, in response to what they are calling a Subject Access Request. As this provision is entirely separate from the Civil Procedure Rules, there is no legal obligation not to use it appropriately in the public domain.

The individual responsible for all of this trouble, who has heretofore been known as “Officer A”, is in reality Kate “Hate Liar” Dyer.

Kate Dyer – Libel, Deceit And Fraud

It is time the truth was told about the libels which have stimulated the Ingeus (UK) management into engaging in vile and malicious persecution of an entirely innocent person, even though the management themselves are perfectly aware that the libels are false.

Here is a document authored by Kate “Hate Liar” Dyer, a so-called “Employment Adviser” at Ingeus (UK) Ltd.’s Northampton office –


I do have to point out that even this document itself has been falsified, as the second page contains nothing but Dyer’s name. The version revealed by the Parliamentary Ombudsman has a second page full of further libels, before Dyer’s name has been added at the bottom. Of course, I am not able to reveal that document in public, although I shall be using it in court to prove falsification of evidence and fraud by Ingeus (UK) Ltd.

Firstly, a few obvious facts. Dyer has stated that the claimant (myself) “place[d] himself close to my desk and in line of vision” and would “continuously stare.” At the time of writing these libels, Dyer was unaware of the claimant’s visual impairment, which makes these allegations physically impossible.

Dyer has also stated that the claimant (myself) was “standing and staring at [Dyer] through the glass doors.” Apart from the previous consideration that the claimant is visually impaired, there are no glass doors anywhere within the Ingeus (UK) Northampton facility at Charles House.

If you are going to lie, would you not at least try to make the lies believable?

Cover-Up And Deceit

Dyer attempts to boost the libels by quoting the names of other people who are apparent “witnesses” to the incidents. Two names are quoted in the fourth paragraph, both of them conveniently former employees who can no longer be questioned. In any case, Rimmer was one of Dyer’s giggling Facebook friends, and Kaighin was also a close friend and a fellow drug addict.

The REAL Kate “Hate Liar” Dyer

So, the world can now see for the first time the true face of Ingeus (UK) Employment Adviser Kate Dyer. Beneath the outwardly pleasant and helpful exterior lies a deceitful, manipulative, cruel, sadistic and vindictive destroyer of human lives and reputations.

Dyer’s drug addiction reveals a hidden self-hatred and deep psychological problems, but the reasons for picking out an innocent victim and turning that hatred on them are far less easily discerned. In December 2015, it was finally revealed to me why Dyer has committed these acts. I will share that with you at the end of this article.

One fact is clear. Kate Dyer is entirely unfit to be acting as an Employment Adviser, or indeed in any other capacity where interaction with other humans is needed, and is in desperate need of appropriate psychiatric help. In the modern world, that should even be readily available through the employer. Of course, some employers are also totally unfit to be employers, and find it much better business to persecute and destroy innocent human lives than to deal with their own deeply ingrained problems.

The Detestable Abuses of the Ingeus (UK) Management

Of course, one liar of a junior member of staff cannot destroy a human life without help. The conduct of Ross “Dross” Marshall, Mark “gLIEbrt” Gilbert and David “Depravid” Bishton would sicken and disgust any decent and sane human being, and it has now inevitably resulted in litigation. Instead of carrying out an investigation into what was happening and why, these managers kept the truth from me for two whole years, and I only found out why I had been persecuted from the Parliamentary Ombudsman through threatening Judicial Review.

Not only that, I was denied access to my promised Year One adviser (“Mrs. S.”) and prevented from taking any constructive part in the Work Programme, before being denied access to Year Two in entirety. I was forced off the Work Programme and onto starvation money, purely to remove me permanently from the environment of Miss Dyer, even though the managers had access to my medical records and knew beyond doubt that the libels were false.

I don’t want to dwell too extensively on management treachery here, as this is an article about Kate “Hate Liar” Dyer. However, it is important that those without a background knowledge of the case have at least a summary of their vileness and gross moral turpitude.

Kate Dyer Revealed

In an attempt to find out why Dyer has resorted to defamation, deceit, and the attempted destruction of an innocent person’s life, I engaged the services of a psychic and energy healer. No, this is not what you are thinking. This person genuinely is what they claim to be, and they are able to provide genuine intuitive insight into this type of situation.

I forwarded a copy of the libels to this person, and they told me some interesting facts. They said that Dyer had taken an instant dislike to me, and that Dyer was angry that I had kept fighting my case. Well, the first question is why would Dyer take an instant dislike to me, and I will go into that later. As far as being angry that I have kept fighting my case, the fault for that lies entirely with the management. Once you decide to persecute a person and destroy their life, they have absolutely no choice but to keep fighting their case, and once you have caused them actual harm and financial loss, they have no choice but to take that case to the courts. If Dyer is angry that the case is still being fought, that anger should be directed at those responsible.

The healer also told me that Dyer was recruiting two people from within the office to lie on her behalf in court. I was told, though, to stick to the fundamental facts which prove that Dyer is a liar, and then it won’t matter how many other liars gang up to try to prove the impossible. The non-existent glass doors are a perfect example.

The Truth About Kate Dyer, At Long, Long Last

The healer also revealed to me the truth about why Kate Dyer hates me, and why this persecution has occurred. Everything I was told fits in with my own experience and my own perception, so I know it is the truth.

When this healer first tuned into me, they were shown some images. The first image they saw was of a large man riding a horse towards what appeared to be an abbey, and then dismounting. The second picture was of a brazier and a red-hot poker. A torture chamber. At first, the healer thought that the large man was a torturer, but he was not. Another man was shown riding a horse, and he had an evil and sadistic feel.

The first man was in the uniform of a Knight Templar, so it is likely that the scene was from the 12th Century. What was shown next was a young woman shackled and bound in a dark, dank corner. The woman was the sister of the Templar, and there was a special bond between them.

The young woman was tortured and murdered by the second man, as a way of ‘getting at’ the Templar. The Templar was a strong man, both in faith and character, but his enemies found the one way they could get at him and destroy his life. He had done nothing wrong, and the torture and murder were not acts of revenge. They were simply acts of malice and persecution.

I don’t know whether Miss Dyer remembers this, but I certainly do. As vividly as though it were yesterday. When I was with the Ignoramus organisation the first time, back in 2011, I saw Miss Dyer for the first time. I was sitting at a bank of four computers by the entrance, facing the wall. Miss Dyer walked round the back of those computers, and for a while was a very short distance from myself. Our eyes connected, and we seemed to stare at each other for an eternity (This was at extremely short distance, so my visual disability wasn’t an issue).

The incident went deep into my soul, and I felt it very deeply, even though I couldn’t understand it at the time. This was obviously a soul recognition. We had known each other before. Less than two months later, I left the office, and Kate Dyer and I never met or spoke to each other until I returned to Ignoramus two years later.

I’m sure you can work the rest out for yourself. The Knight Templar was myself in a previous life, and Miss Dyer was the sister who was tortured and murdered for the sole purpose of causing me pain and distress. I can even tell you Miss Dyer’s name in that 12th Century French incarnation – it was ‘Eloise De Brousse’. That is why Miss Dyer has reacted to me so badly in this lifetime, without my doing a single thing to warrant or deserve this.

What is also interesting is Miss Dyer’s present-life drug addiction. It is the act of destroying yourself and shortening your life by sucking fire into your body – effectively torturing yourself to death with fire, albeit over a protracted period of time.

At last, after three years of bewilderment and suffering, the truth is known, although it does nothing to ease my present desperate predicament.

I should just state that if anyone doubts the above is the truth, they are welcome to contact me and I will forward the relevant emails. I will even put them in touch with the healer directly, if there is a good enough reason. Those who tell the truth have nothing to hide, and are always willing to back up their claims with direct evidence.

The Persecution Must Stop

I don’t hate Kate Dyer. In fact, I have a great sympathy for a soul which has suffered an horrific and brutal death as a total innocent. However, I do hate what Kate Dyer has done to me in this life, as defamation, deceit and fraud towards an innocent human being are not going to help either the persecuted or the persecutor.

I would like to try to heal this situation, but in the circumstances there is nothing I can do. The only communication I have is with the defendant’s solicitors, and that will never be anything resembling constructive. I cannot offer to help, I cannot offer to put Miss Dyer in touch with the healer to see if there is anything which can be done, I cannot even try to bring the parties to discussion as the defendant has refused all alternative dispute resolution.

It is possible that if Miss Dyer worked with the healer, a lot of good could be achieved. Some deep wounds could be healed, a lot of buried pain released, and maybe even the drug habit could be healed. My only intention is to try to help this situation in any way I can, and healing could even result in Miss Dyer living to a healthy old age instead of being in a grave at age forty-five. It should be obvious to anyone reading this post which party has the constructive intention, and which the destructive.

Nevertheless, the persecution must stop, and stop at all costs. It has now been necessary to begin legal action in an attempt to clear my name and to obtain some degree of redress for the abuses which were carried out, and the losses sustained. I will continue to fight by whatever means is necessary to honour my own soul and my own being, for as long as I have a breath left in this body.

I am fighting to save a life, they are fighting purely to destroy one. I will leave it there.

Ingeus Abuse 8 – Who Is Andrew Wardle?

Who is Andrew Wardle?

I think it is important that anyone reading this site understands the person behind it. Certainly, no-one in the Ignoramus organisation ever made the effort to try to understand me, and if they had it might have been possible to get something done about the desperate plight I had to face. However, there is a deeper reason, even for the insanity which has completely destroyed the last three years of my existence, and which still threatens to destroy the rest.

If you wish to understand a human being, there is one tool through which this can be done. That tool is the astrological birth chart.

As astrology has many negative connotations, it is worthwhile to briefly consider what an astrological chart can do, and what it cannot do. Here are some important concepts.

Firstly, the sun sign drivel in the gutter press is not proper astrology. Not any more than a child’s toy vehicle is a real one. It may have some extremely loose grounding in reality, but it will be far too generalised to have any practical purpose.

Secondly, astrology cannot, and does not, ever predict anything. Astrology can outline potentialities and tendencies, and nothing more. Potentialities and tendencies obviously have different strengths and different characteristics.

There are even some people who have written books entitled “Predictive Astrology”, and other similar gibberish titles. These people are total idiots who are only feeding people false information so they can exploit them financially. The books they write are only useful in the smallest room of the house.

Birth chart astrology is a different animal altogether. It outlines the inherent potentialities and tendencies which each individual will have to deal with as they go through their present incarnation.

So, who is Andrew Wardle, and what insights can the birth chart provide into his life and character? Here is a picture of his birth chart –


Any astrologer of reasonable competence will see the first and most obvious feature straight away. Andrew Wardle was born at the exact time when the Sun was directly opposite Saturn. The Sun is at 9 degrees of Libra, and Saturn at 9 degrees of Aries.

A Sun-Saturn opposition is one of the most difficult aspects to have, in any birth chart. Saturn represents karma, retribution, suffering, restriction, limitation, and endless hard work. It can also represent struggles against authority or established structure.

In Andrew Wardle’s case, the aspect is even more extreme. Saturn is in the 10th House, which equates to Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn. Also, Saturn is the only planet above the line of the ascendant. This is one seriously oppressive aspect indeed.

People born with Sun-Saturn oppositions usually have extremely difficult early lives. They come into incarnation with so much karma that the torment will rarely relent until middle-age at the earliest. However, often these lives are lived effectively in reverse. Sun-Saturn people will usually have a long and relatively healthy life, and the second half, if earned, can be very different from the first.

Andrew Wardle was born at a time when the two great planets of transformation, Uranus and Pluto, were in conjunction in Virgo. As these are extremely slow moving planets, a lot of other people born in the same year had the same conjunction. What is most significant, though, is that Andrew Wardle was born at the exact time that the Moon was transiting Virgo, and conjuncting both Uranus and Pluto.

Pluto-Moon and Uranus-Moon can be extremely frightening aspects to have. Judy Hall, who has had over 40 books published by major publishing houses, wrote a book solely on the Pluto-Moon conjunction, and it was the longest book she had ever written. Pluto-Moon will often manifest as the mother who hates her own child, wishes it had been stillborn, and wishes she could kill it now as it is cramping her style.

Uranus-Moon is often a chaotic or unstable mother. So, put the two together and you get the mother from Hell.

Andrew Wardle also has a Pluto-Mars square. This will often be experienced as helplessness in early life, and many people with Pluto-Mars square will have had a violent or abusive childhood. The energy is challenging, to say the least, and it can go in either of two opposite directions depending on the individual.

Many people with Pluto-Mars squares or oppositions will recycle the pain by becoming murderers, paedophiles or other extreme manifestations of pain and suffering. Others will react in exactly the opposite way, by taking up a fight against injustice which will lead to them having great strength and character. The fight against the life-destroying scum who are Ignoramus will tell you which direction Mr Wardle moved in.

So, any one of the above aspects will normally mean an horrific childhood. If someone has all four in the same chart, you can only imagine what that person’s childhood must have been like. Andrew Wardle, of course, doesn’t have to imagine it, as he lived through it.

Mars is also significant in another respect. It is in Sagittarius, and is making a trine aspect to the grossly inflated Saturn. Mars likes being in Sagittarius, as it is a fire sign. Mars in Sagittarius can often manifest as a desire for…… do I put this, as there may be ladies reading?….er… can manifest as a desire for physical union. Often, an overwhelming desire.

However, in this case, it is trining Saturn. A trine is often regarded as a positive aspect, but what it really signifies is a harmonious flow of energy. In this case, the energy is flowing harmoniously between what were traditionally known as the ‘malefic’ planets – Mars and Saturn. Mars is giving an intense desire for physical union, and the greatly magnified Saturn is saying “Oh, no, you don’t, son. Not in this lifetime!”

So, it is a torment aspect. It gives an intense desire for something, and then says you can never have it in this lifetime. Not exactly the most enviable aspect to have.

2060 Chiron is at 27 degrees of Pisces, almost at the very end of the twelve-sign zodiac. Chiron in Pisces is often insanity. It doesn’t mean that the individual themselves is insane, it means that the world is perceived as insanity. It means that you will constantly go around saying “why is the world like this?”, and “why is this happening to me?” That is scarcely surprising, given the aspects already outlined.

Jupiter, the planet of growth, espansion, and magnification, is in an exact 150 degree inconjunct to 2060 Chiron. The purported ‘great benefic’, in this chart, is only serving to magnify the feeling of utter confusion and insanity which Chiron’s position brings. This is a chart of extreme struggle and challenge, and it will take a will of iron to overcome, or even survive.

Horrible aspects. Why?

So, you have to ask the obvious question – why would any soul choose to come into incarnation at a time when the planetary aspects were so much against them? To find the answer, you need to look at the most important factor in any astrological birth chart – the Nodal Axis.

The Nodal Axis is literally 50% of the importance of a birth chart, at least. Even in the most horrible chart imaginable, such as Andrew Wardle’s, there will be some purpose or direction. This is guaranteed, because the Nodal Axis will always be directional – it will be moving from something towards something else.

In Andrew Wardle’s case, the Axis is running Libra to Aries. Libra is all about partnerships, about “us”, whereas Aries is the most selfish sign in the zodiac, all about “me.” So, Mr Wardle’s purpose in this incarnation is to move away from group or partnership support, and towards total self-reliance.

This helps to understand why Andrew Wardle’s life has needed to be so difficult – only by being thrust into situations where he had to fight for himself and overcome all obstacles alone could he achieve his soul’s purpose in incarnating onto this Earth.

But, why so extreme?

Of course, many other people will also have been born with the same Nodal Axis position at around the same time. Why, then, has Andrew Wardle’s life been so extreme? The key is to be found in the aggravated Sun-Saturn opposition, and the fact that the South Node is in the same sign as the natal Sun.

Where the South Node is in the same sign as the Sun, the present being reflects that which must be moved away from. It signifies that problematic energies from the past are being reworked. This is highly indicative of an individual who came into the previous incarnation with the same directional intention, and completely failed to realise it. Ally this to the extreme Sun-Saturn opposition and the colossal weight of karma, and it is more than likely that you have an individual who ended their own life in the previous incarnation. This has now been confirmed through regression work.

Ignoramus Insanity Explained

So, the extremity of the present incarnation is explained. Furthermore, even though Andrew Wardle has made massive progress throughout his life, he is still being persecuted by authorities against which he has to stand alone and fight for his life. The fight against Ignoramus is a perfect example.

The need to honour one’s own being, and to fight for what is right, decent and just, overrides any consideration of preservation of the physical body or of compromise. Pluto and Mars have given me the strength to fight the vilest of the vile, and the fight will not cease until some form of justice is obtained, or physical life expires in the process.

I am now at the point where I can reveal the name of the trouble maker responsible for all of this stupidity in the first place. That will be coming shortly in a future post. I am also in a position to know exactly why they did what they did, as much has been revealed to me during the past month. For now, at least you will know who the persecuted victim of this sick, sadistic Ignoramus abuse really is, and why the current insanity has manifested the way it has.

Ingeus Abuse 6 – The Worst Ingeus Abuse Of All

There is one feature of the Ingeus (UK) Ltd complaints procedure which is dangerous to the highest possible degree. It allows the nefarious and sadistic office managers to evade their responsibilities and to do serious harm to attendees with impunity. It is the lack of a requirement for complaints to be handled in writing.

In my own case, which has now reached the point of legal action with a claim issued, I have suffered grievous loss due to this lack. The loss came within a whisker of costing me my life.

On 12th March 2013, Ross “Dross” Marshall, the sick, sadistic office manager at Ingeus Northampton, promised me a resolution to a prevailing complaint. The complaint itself was relatively minor, and at that stage there was no serious cause for concern. Marshall said he wasn’t going to do anything about my case, because within a month I would be referred onto the case load of an adviser I can only refer to as Mrs S.

(I am only naming people on this site who have caused me harm, grief or loss through deliberate malicious intent. Even those who have caused me harm through negligence, or through simply being the wrong person to deal with my case, are not being named. Mrs S. is one of the best advisers in Ingeus Northampton, and is entirely innocent of any wrongdoing.)

I totally accepted this resolution, and did not escalate the complaint. I had no need to. I had overheard Mrs S. working on many occasions, and felt that we would work extremely well together. I did not even consider escalating the complaint, as Marshall’s promised resolution was exactly what I would have wanted.

The trouble is, Dross Marshall is a sick, twisted, perverted liar who is only interested in causing pain, grief and loss to innocent people. The promised resolution was never implemented.

Wait a minute, I hear you say, if Marshall refuses to implement a promised resolution, just escalate your case and get it dealt with! Ah, if only it were that simple. If I had been given a written document by Marshall outlining the promised resolution, I could indeed have taken it to the next level. Indeed, I could have even sent a Letter Before Claim to the Chief Executive’s office.

However, the Ignoramus way is not to provide such written promises. Had I taken any kind of action over Marshall’s treachery, I would have ended up looking like a clown. “Wot? I never said that, guv, honest!” The Judge would have laughed in my face as I had no evidence, and I would have ended up paying costs to the scum who had begun to destroy my life.

At the start of June 2013, when my situation had begun to worsen to the point of being unbearable, I submitted a request through the feedback form for someone at a management level to look at my case. They couldn’t be bothered. In mid-June 2013, after I had been verbally abused by an idiot with no remit to deal with Work Programme attendees, I asked for someone from management to look at my case. They couldn’t be bothered.

In July 2013, when my case had reached the Regional Director, the loathsome, threatening and deceitful Operations Manager known as Mark “gLIEbrt” Gilbert hijacked a meeting and imposed his own malicious “solution” on the ever-worsening nightmare I was suffering. Instead of being given a “consolation” two months with Mrs S. before being moved on to the Year Two advisers, I was ordered back to an adviser responsible for a humiliating, degrading and unlawful incident I have related elsewhere.

Despite multiple further complaints, no action was taken. In November, Marshall and another sick and depraved thug called David “Depravid” Bishton even conspired to deny me access to the Year Two advisers. As a consequence of this intimidation, I was forced off benefits and onto Working Tax Credits at an ongoing loss of £20 a week. One court case coming up.

I never got to sit across a table with my Year One adviser for even one twenty minute appointment. In fact, I never got to meet them at all. I never got to meet whomever my Year Two adviser would have been either, because I was forced off the Work Programme in entirety. One destroyed life, three years wasted, a lot of public money thrown down the toilet, and now a damages claim in the County Court. All because there is no requirement for written resolutions to complaints at Ingeus (UK).

If you do need to use the Ingeus (UK) complaints procedure, DO NOT accept anything which is promised to you verbally. INSIST on a written resolution. If the office manager refuses to write it down, escalate the case IMMEDIATELY to the next level and add that as a reason for escalation. Please don’t allow your life to be destroyed as mine has been destroyed because a thug like Marshall promises you a resolution only to stab you in the back.

Ingeus Abuse 4 – Did Lord Devlin See Ingeus (UK) Coming?

One of the most significant legal cases of the 1960s, the case of Rookes v. Barnard [1964] AC 1129, 1167, is likely to have a significant impact on the present case between myself and Ingeus (UK). The case has become noteworthy for two specific reasons – firstly, it brought back to life the tort of intimidation, which had been known in previous cases but almost forgotten, and, secondly, the pronouncements of Lord Devlin, which were to bind all lower courts as to when punitive or exemplary damages were to be awarded, for half a century.

The tort of intimidation is highly significant here, as Depravid Bishton’s sickening and malevolent conduct in November 2013 plainly constitutes just such a tort. Bishton refused me access to the complaints procedure, and also denied me access to the whole of the second year of the Work Programme. As a direct consequence of being denied rights assigned to me by a contract with the DWP, and the continued bullying and abuse of Ingeus operatives, I was forced to quit benefits and live on tax credits. Those who can least avoid to be victimised are often the ones left to suffer.

Lord Devlin’s pronouncements on punitive damages were not well received, either by many in Great Britain, or in countries operating similar legal systems. The legal systems in Australia, Canada and New Zealand did not adopt the same stringent rules. This added further controversy to a subject which has always borne inherent controversy, that of punitive damages. The most significant aspect of the binding precedent, as far as this case goes, is the insistence that exemplary damages should not be payable by individuals or companies, only by “servants of government.”

In the context of myself v. Ignoramus, this raises two important questions – firstly, how do you define what are “servants of government”, and, secondly, should the massive changes undergone by society in the past fifty years inspire the Lords to update and render obsolete the pronouncements of half a century ago?

The issue of what constitutes “servants of government” is obviously critical. In Lord Devlin’s day, the issue was pretty clear cut. Government departments did their own dirty work, companies made profits from producing products or services which people would willingly buy, and rarely, if ever, did the two sectors meet in an undefined crossover. Since the Wicked Witch of Grantham polluted Downing Street in the 1980s, and all the little Thatchers who have polluted it ever since have added to the decay, society has changed. Some would say disintegrated.

In the modern house of horror, government departments sit on their over-funded backsides and outsource “work” to private sector bodies. Many of those bodies, such as Ingeus (UK), are grossly incompetent and vicious in nature, able to assume the power of a government entity but not the responsibility. Some entire industries providing infrastructure which is needed by the whole country have been tragically privatised. Transport is the prime example.

Our nation is riddled with deserted walkways where once the iron horse whistled with glee, bringing hope and joy to generations who have rendered them illusory through greed and stupidity. Next to those walkways, the would-be passengers fight each other on concrete atrocities in silly dodgems, ensuring that the price to be paid for Westminster wickedness is paid not only in pounds, shillings and pence, but also in mothers’ tears falling softly on graveyard soil. Britain is no longer a diseased society. We have dropped all societal pretensions and simply become a disease.

No, Lord Devlin could not possibly have seen Ingeus (UK) coming. Not unless he had a demonic vision of a grocer’s daughter giving away the shop’s produce to the wolves in exchange for thirty pieces of silver. The world we live in today has given such frightening and gruesome power to corporate entities that the restriction on punitive damages needs to be reassessed and brought back into line with prevailing conditions.

Still, though, the question remains as to what exactly constitutes a servant of government. In Judicial Review proceedings and cases brought under the Human Rights Act 1998, the principal test of review-ability or potential liability is not ownership but the carrying out of a public function. Should the same test not, therefore, be carried out to determine liability for punitive damages? I only hope one day I get the chance to find out.

Ingeus Abuse 3 – Ignoramus Survival Kit

Tragically, the Department of Jerks and Tension (Department of Work and Pensions) has decided to outsource work to private “organisations”, who are entirely ill-filled and ill-equipped to carry out these tasks. In my own case, for example, I was forced on to a two-year Work Programme with Ingeus (UK) Ltd (“Ignoramus”). With the DWP, I had a proper specialist adviser who was able to handle my case correctly, and I dealt with the DWP for seven years without even the slightest difficulty. DWP staff said I had an “extremely good record”, and never had a problem. As soon as I was farmed out to the gross incompetents at Ingeus (UK), the excrement hit the fan, and it has been pouring forth onto the blades ever since.

I was never allowed access to a trained adviser, not even for one solitary half-hour appointment. I was sent into degrading and humiliating situations where I was obviously never going to be able to cope, and when I tried to get something done about my situation, in an entirely non-aggressive and appropriate manner, I became the target of management bullying.

Ingeus (UK) is a sickening, ungodly mix of gross Frank Spencer-style incompetence, and sadistic, malicious bullying. Either is bad enough, but when you get both in the same loathsome package, your chances of surviving for two full years are next to nil. I was dragged up in local authority homes, and I survived a childhood of gross maltreatment, violence and deprivation. I thought I had a skin tougher than a rhino’s corns, but even I couldn’t stomach two years of Ingeus (UK).

So, if I couldn’t survive, what right do I have to teach other people how to survive? It is a reasonable question, and the principal answer is that I have learned from bitter experience. I have made mistakes, learned from them when it was all too late, and wish to help other innocent people who are forced without armour into the Ingeus (UK) den.

If you are going to be forced onto an Ignoramus Work Programme, here are the steps I recommend that you take, to give yourself at least a fighting chance –

1 – Get yourself a new disposable email address to use solely with Ignoramus

This is a vital step, and one which is entirely cost free. Set up a free email account, to use with interactions with Ingeus (UK), and on all employment related material such as your CV. Obviously, this will need to be professional, so don’t choose anything like ‘hornyguy999’ or the name of your favourite team or pop group.

If your name is ‘John Smith’, and your normal email addresses are ‘johnsmith’ or ‘john.smith’, maybe you have a middle name or initials you could use instead? If you were christened ‘John Peter Smith’, you could use ‘jpsmith’, followed by a number if necessary.

Possible free email address providers include Zoho, Mail2World and MyWayMail. I’ve used all three of these with success. Don’t use Yahoo as they will demand your cell phone number, spam you to death and treat you like vermin.

Remember, Ingeus (UK) is a toilet of an organisation with a sneering contempt for the law. In my case, they even breached Data Protection legislation by continuing to spam both my email address and my cell phone number after I had left the programme. Given the way I had been treated, you can imagine how distressing that was. The spam only stopped when the Office of The Information Commissioner stepped in and followed up my complaints.

The purpose of this email address is to protect your real addresses from Ignoramus harassment and spam. Once the Work Programme is over, you can just delete your disposable address and you will have no further problems.

2 – Get a new cheap cell phone and a disposable number

This will cost money, but it will save you from a ton of heartache in the future. If you have a cell phone which you use to communicate with friends, family, and other people who matter to you, then it is essential that Ignoramus never get hold of its number.

They are ruthless cell phone spammers. In my case, they got hold of my No. 2 cell phone number through data protection abuses by another business. I never gave it to Ignoramus, but I did give it to a business adviser from a company known as Avanta, who obviously abused my data by passing it on to Ignoramus without my knowledge or consent.

I recommend using the Giffgaff cell phone network. I use it for my main cell phone, which is a smart phone (Samsung Note 2) I use to connect to the internet on the move, I use it for my No. 2 cell which is a cheap unit for SMS and phone calls, and I would also use it for a throwaway cell phone used as a spam defence. There is no monthly contract or silly terms, you just load up your account with a credit or debit card and spend what you need.

The principle is simple enough. Use the cheap cell phone and the Giffgaff number for interactions with Ignoramus and all work related activities. If you get rid of it after the Work Programme ends, your main cell phone or phones will remain uncompromised.

3 – Be seen, but be seen infrequently

This is absolutely critical to your chances of survival. With Ingeus (UK), you will be given the opportunity to use computer facilities for what they call “job search” activities. It is essential that you strike the correct balance between not being seen and being thought of as a skiver or deadbeat, and being seen too often and becoming a target of the thugs who are looking for easy targets.

If you never use the “job search” facilities, you will definitely receive negative feedback from your so-called “adviser.” If you turn up twice a week or even more often, you will begin to stand out and be noticed. This put you at risk from any management thug campaign to attack people for using the facilities too often. It shouldn’t happen, but it does.

I recommend using the facilities for a short half-hour search once every couple of weeks, ideally a week or so before your adviser appointment. If they see you there, so much the better, as it is likely to prevent them from harassing you for not “taking advantage” of what you are offered.

Most of the Ignoramus advisers are actually quite decent, and some of them are genuinely caring people. It is the managers who are out to cause pain and put the boot in. However, the advisers obviously have to report to the managers, so don’t give them the slightest opportunity to report anything negative or bad.

Remember the wildebeest in the jungle, being stalked by lions. The only reason they don’t all end up with ketchup on is that they have safety in numbers. They stick together, and attempt to blend in anonymously with the pack. When you attend an Ignoramus Work Programme, you will be as helpless as the individual wildebeest in any confrontation, but there are times when you can fly under the radar and absorb some of your sentence just by lying low. They can only bully so many at a time.

4 – Study Equality Act 2010

This is purely for people with a protected characteristic by the provisions of Section 1(6) of the Act. Ignoramus will do you no favours, so make sure you are aware of your legal rights. Don’t act like a gob almighty and state them at every opportunity, but don’t become an easy victim through ignorance. Know your rights, and be ready to assert them appropriately at the right time.

Remember, Ingeus (UK) is a bully, and the only place where the bully does not have a colossal, overwhelming advantage is in a court room.

It is also worth being aware of the Human Rights Act 1998. Even though Ignoramus is a private sector body, it exists solely to carry out public functions and is consequently subject to the provisions of the Act. Download and study form EX303 from the HM Courts and Tribunals website. Disabled people are substantially disadvantaged by the UK’s failure to ratify Protocol 12 of the European Convention, which would have made Article 14 all-encompassing of any discrimination within national law. As it is, discrimination needs to be within the ambit of another Convention right to constitute an Article 14 breach.

Remember, the Ingeus (UK) management bullies get away with everything they do principally because there are limited means by which they can be challenged, and most attendees have no knowledge of even how this can be done. To the bullies, unemployed people are illiterate, brainless morons who are incapable of stringing a sentence together, much less understanding legal principles, and certainly incapable of launching legal actions. This complacency may be their downfall one day.

5 – Study tort law

This is vital, as unlike the EQA 2010 and the HRA 1998, tort law does not require anyone to possess a protected characteristic or to be discriminated against in any specific circumstance. A tort, which can be a cause of action and a justification for an award of damages, can take several forms.

There is a tort of negligence, and also torts of intention including misrepresentation, fraud, and the intentional infliction of emotional distress. That last one could be a company motto for Ingeus (UK)! These can be reasons to drag Ignoramus into the County Court, where you at least have some chance of a fair hearing. Your chances of receiving a fair hearing anywhere outside a court room, including management meetings and Ombudsman quangos, is precisely nil.

6 – Don’t use the complaints procedure unless absolutely necessary

What is the Ingeus (UK) complaints procedure there for? What is its purpose?

On the face of it, the purpose is for Work Programme attendees to raise concerns so that they can be addressed by management. In reality, the system exists solely so that those who are not going to lie down and accept maltreatment without a fight can flag themselves to the management and be singled out for even more vile and sadistic abuse.

You raise a complaint – what does that do? In the real world, it sends a message to the managers saying “Hey! I’m a trouble maker! I’m not taking this abuse lying down. I need further maltreatment and to be put firmly in my place!” Which the managers will only be too happy to do.

I’m not saying never complain. I’m just saying be aware of the real reason for the existence of the procedure and what will happen if you use it. I know only too well, from extremely bitter personal experience.

7 – If it is necessary, try to get a Letter Before Claim issued before the Regional Director stage

This is a big one. One which I missed out on, with tragic results.

If you do need to use the Ignoramus complaints procedure, make sure that you send a Letter Before Claim to the Chief Executive Officer (currently Jack Sawyer) at the same time as you submit the escalation to the Regional Director level.

At least this way the Regional Director will know that you are serious, and that the organisation will be facing financial loss if they don’t deal with the escalated case. Even if they win the case, they will not be able to recover costs from an impecunious claimant, and how many Ignoramus attendees are not impecunious?

This tactic is not guaranteed to get you a result, but it may at least make the Regional Director treat you as a genuine threat, instead of just another moron to be laughed at and then ignored. That is how I was treated.

Remember, Ingeus (UK) know that their mates at the Indolent Arse Examiner will literally whitewash any abuse which is carried out, even if such abuse directly contravenes one or even multiple laws. The role of a quango is to remove all stains from the actions of their paymasters or “business partners”, while at the same time absorbing time to allow legal limitation periods to expire.

Without the legal threat, you will be treated with the same degree of contempt which befell me. Please don’t let it happen.

I hope you have found this treatise informative and useful. If it helps just one person negotiate their own Ingeus (UK) nightmare and emerge with their dignity intact, it will have been more than worthwhile.

Ingeus Abuse 2 – Naming And Shaming A Tortfeasor In Public

The previous post dealt with an obnoxious, but ultimately puerile and nonsensical, threatening letter that I received from the so-called “Global General Counsel” of Ingeus (UK) Ltd, Matthew Flood. It objected to the very existence of this site, and, even though every allegation made in the letter was spurious and farcical, I still had to waste time replying to it.

In this post, I shall consider the moral, rather than the legal, implications of naming and shaming a person or entity which has done you grievous and unlawful harm, in public. I have decided to make this post at this time, as I have just finished reading a forum thread where an online publisher suffered loss as a direct result of being falsely accused of copying another marketer’s content. The responses on the thread were entirely in sympathy with the falsely accused marketer.

In that case, the accuser had plainly done wrong. He obviously acted in temper, and posted in public before making sure of his facts. He didn’t contact the other marketer privately, and didn’t get an independent opinion as to whether the two products suggested that one had been copied from the other. When such an assessment was later made, the verdict was that both products had been developed independently, were fundamentally different, and that the allegation of plagiarism was entirely unjustified.

The consensus of opinion was that dragging a dispute of this type out into the public domain was very much a last resort, and should only be done in extreme circumstances. So, the question is, have I done the wrong thing in exposing my own maltreatment by Ingeus (UK) Ltd.?

The first significant fact is that Ingeus (UK) were given multiple chances to address the issues while the events were actually happening, and on each occasion they reacted by deliberately and maliciously worsening the plight I was facing. Dross Marshall could easily have corrected his mistake and placed me with a trained adviser, especially after I had been humiliated and degraded in May 2013, but he refused to even take the case seriously. Mark gLIEbrt had no cause to lie to me on 27th June 2013, or to refuse to comply with his own complaints procedure. He had even less excuse to maliciously send me back to the adviser who had made the humiliating referral, or to deliberately falsify evidence to pervert the ICE investigation.

Most sickening of all was Depravid Bishton’s atrocious and entirely unwarranted act committed in November 2013. I was refused access to the complaints procedure, and denied access to the whole of the second year of the programme, for no other reason than the fact that I had asked for something to be done about my ever-worsening case. If someone is feeling alone, frightened, abused, maltreated, and without anywhere to turn, this type of vicious behaviour is only going to make the problem a million times worse.

This is the worst feature of all, of the Ingeus Northampton managers. They are sadistic aggravators. They see a human problem as an excuse to put the boot in and cause further anguish and suffering. They are entirely unfit to hold the positions they do.

The second important fact is that I acted correctly and within both procedural and moral boundaries at all times. Initially, even after being subjected to severe humiliation and distress, I asked for something to be done about my case through the feedback form. I didn’t even raise a formal complaint, partly because I did not want to come across as a complainer, and partly because the best outcome would have been for a manager to look at the case and come to the correct conclusion themselves. The case only went through the complaints procedure when I was threatened and verbally abused by someone who did not even have a remit to deal with Work Programme attendees.

After the corrupt quangos had whitewashed all of the abuses I had suffered in late 2012, 2013, and early 2014, I approached the Chief Executive Officer of Ingeus (UK), Jack Sawyer, and asked for Alternative Dispute Resolution to obviate the necessity for the fothcoming litigation. Sawyer refused.

I then issued Letters Before Claim in the manner prescribed by the Civil Procedure Rules Practice Direction Pre-Action Conduct, and the Pre-Action Protocol for Defamation. The only reason proceedings have yet to be issued is that I am still waiting for both Ingeus (UK) and the Parliamentary Ombudsman to comply with disclosure requirements. The response I received from Matthew Flood was obnoxious and non-compliant, and refused to enter into any form of mediation.

Only at the point where all private resolution methods had been refused and exhausted did I take this content out into the public domain. Even when this became necessary, I still only named and shamed individuals who had caused me pain, grief and loss through malice, and not those who had been negligent, or those who had simply been the wrong people to deal with my case.

I believe I have acted in an entirely moral and appropriate manner in bringing this case to the public awareness, and the only wrong I have committed was a wrong to myself when I didn’t haul the Ignoramus scum into court during 2013. Until Bishton’s sickening conduct in November, I was unaware of quite how vile the managers would become or the depths to which they would sink.

When I received Bishton’s vile and abusive response on 11th November, the May humiliation and disgrace had literally gone past the six-month limitation period for EQA claims by two days. Had it arrived a week earlier, I could have filed an immediate claim, issued an application for interlocutory injunctive relief, and who knows what might have happened? Instead, I was forced to sign off benefits to avoid being driven to suicide, and have been living on starvation rations for two further years; with nothing to keep me alive save the knowledge that I can still fight these scum, and will fight these scum until the last breath is gone from my body.