Here is the sickening timetable of my continuing maltreatment and abuse at the hands of Ingeus (UK) Ltd. I have not included every incident by any means, but these are the major events –

1st November 2012

I was inducted onto a so-called “Work Programme” at the Ingeus (UK) Ltd Northampton office.

November 2012 to March 2013

An employment adviser called Kate “Hate Liar” Dyer began a hate campaign against me. Dyer noticed that I had a visual impairment, and decided to invent a fairy story that my contracted eye muscles meant I was “staring” at female staff in the office. Dyer started spreading lies behind my back to thug advisers and to the office manager, Ross “Dross” Marshall.

8th March 2013

I meet Dyer for the first time. I have to reschedule an adviser appointment, and my own designated adviser is not in the building. Dyer, who is sitting on the next desk, takes control of the situation and reschedules the appointment.

There is no hint of trouble, and I have no idea whatsoever that Dyer is spreading lies behind my back.

11th March 2013

Completely out of the blue, and with absolutely no warning, a thug adviser threatens me in public, right in front of the whole office. At the time I had no idea of what Dyer was doing and saying behind my back.

18th March 2013

In response to the complaint raised about the 11th March incident, Ross “Dross” Marshall says he will do nothing about the miscreant. This is because the miscreant is leaving the organisation in less than a month. There is no point escalating the complaint, because an escalation would only result in a meeting with a higher manager after the miscreant has already left. There is no point coming across as a serial complainer when the complaining can’t possibly achieve anything anyway.

The other reason Marshall does nothing is because he promises me that I will be moving onto the case load of one of the best and most experienced advisers in the building. I have to refer to this individual as “Mrs Y”, as I am only naming and shaming the scum who have deliberately set out to cause me harm. Of course, I had no idea at the time that Marshall was a liar and that he would renege on his promise.

April 2013

Marshall reneges on his promise, and refuses to implement the agreed resolution.

This is one of the inherent faults in the Ingeus (UK) Ltd complaints procedure. Complaints are referred by voice in the initial instance, giving a douche bag like Marshall the perfect opportunity to make a fake promise and then stab his victim in the back.

If you are on an Ingeus (UK) Work Programme and you need to make a complaint, even if you are forced to make it by voice, send an email with the content of your complaint as well. If you are promised a resolution and you can’t get it in writing, send an email to the manager, or even to the general address if you don’t know the address of the manager, thanking him for his resolution and outlining it in detail. If he doesn’t then argue that he didn’t promise the resolution, you will at least have some probative evidence for a future escalation.

9th May 2013

I am forced to attend a third party learning centre where information is presented on boards a long way from the attendees. As a visually impaired person, I am totally unable to see what is presented. This is a blatant violation of Equality Act 2010, but, of course, nobody cares.

16th May 2013

I go for a job interview on the Brackmills estate. When I return to the building, three drug addicts are emerging to poison themselves. One of them asks me how the interview has gone, and Dyer listens with interest.

24th May 2013

The last day before the May bank holiday break. At lunchtime, I am standing at a drinks machine when Dyer comes over to tell me that she is now drinking black coffee. Later in the day, Dyer tells me that she is studying a course and has just got an ‘A’ grade in the latest test. Dyer is behaving towards me almost as a friend, and I don’t have the slightest indication that anything is wrong.

2nd June 2013

I make a submission through the feedback form, requesting that a manager look at my case. Marshall simply cannot be bothered, and instead makes another ridiculous time-wasting appointment with another one of his colleagues, who doesn’t even happen to be in the office on the day for which he makes the appointment.

14th June 2013

After a two-week break when I was forced to attend the useless third-party learning centre, and I also had influenza at the time, I return to the Ingeus (UK) Ltd office.

Just after midday, a thug who has never spoken to me before, and who had no remit whatsoever to be dealing with a Work Programme attendee, summons me into a small room and launches into a tirade of abuse. He aggressively asserts that I have been in the office every day that week, and that this is too much. In reality, I had only been there on three of the five days, but when I told him that he became even more aggressive and shouted that he had seen me there every day.

He then made veiled allegations that I had been bothering advisers. I had no idea what the hell he was going on about, but when I ordered him to tell me, he just kept repeating the same silliness over and over again.

27th June 2013

This was the day I met Mark “gLIEbrt” Gilbert, a so-called manager who was on a higher level than Marshall. Gilbert refused to do anything about the verbal assault two weeks earlier, and indeed said that he was glad it had happened as I must have deserved it. He also refused to take any action over Marshall’s refusal to implement his promised resolution, to refer me to the correct adviser, or to provide me with the Work Programme.

5th July 2013

I am verbally abused and very nearly physically assaulted in the office again, again without even being told why. It becomes obvious at this point that Dyer is in some way responsible for the trouble, but I still have no idea what is going on. The case is escalated to the Regional Director.

29th July 2013

The Regional Director, “Loopy” Louise Preston, attends the Northampton office on the pretence of addressing the complaint. In reality, Dyer’s lies have reached the management without my even knowing of their existence, and Gilbert is brought into the meeting to “put me in my place.”

Gilbert hijacks the meeting, and imposes his own anti-resolution upon it. Not only does he refuse to overrule Marshall and refer me to the correct adviser, he even refuses discuss any positive resolution of any kind to the complaint. Instead, he refers me back to the only adviser in the building with whom I have severe bad history, deliberately to cause as much trouble and anguish as possible.

7th August 2013

On this day, completely behind my back, Kate “Hate Liar” Dyer authors a document full of lies and libels which will incite Gilbert and Marshall to abuse me in an even more extreme manner, pervert two third party investigations, contribute to police harassment, and even attempt to pervert a hearing in the High Court.

9th August 2013

Following Preston’s abdication of responsibility for dealing with the complaint, I am summoned to a so-called “meeting” with Gilbert and Marshall. Even though I am extremely apprehensive and reluctant to go, I feel it will go against me with the third party regulator if I don’t accept every possible way to try and resolve this.

Gilbert and Marshall have done their worst, entirely behind my back. Not only has Gilbert procured the lies authored by Dyer, he has also instructed administrators under his control to produce defamatory statements in support of Dyer’s libels, and to pretend that these false statements were made by employment advisers.

Gilbert’s behaviour is aggressive and inflammatory in the extreme, yet, he never tells my why I am being victimised or abused. He holds up pieces of paper in front of my face without letting me see them or know their contents, and tells me that if I complain to the third party, these will be forwarded. Above all else, he still refuses to discuss any constructive resolution to the complaint, and insists on implementing his malicious anti-resolution.

19th August 2013

Gilbert authors a document full of lies with the intention of perverting the third-party investigation. Even with these lies in front of me, I am still none the wiser as to why I am being persecuted or denied access to the adviser with whom I should be working.

8th November 2013

Another operations manager, “Depravid Bully Boy” Bishton, takes over from Gilbert. Although he never even meets me, he connives with Marshall to rob me of access to Year Two of the Work Programme in entirety.

Marshall makes sure that I am humiliated in public, by announcing the refusal in front of the whole office. He uses the excuse that the Year Two adviser is “busy.” In the first place, it would be the organisation’s responsibility to staff its office adequately, not my responsibility to lose a whole year of a service to which I am entitled, but secondly and more importantly, “he’s busy” isn’t even relevant. There was another Year Two adviser, who I can only refer to as “Miss X”, to whom I should have been referred.

27th July 2015

Matthew “Far-Fetched Fairytale” Flood enters the scene for the first time. He authors a malicious and harassing communication in response to my reasonable request to the chief executive’s office for some form of mediation to try to resolve the case.

31st July 2015

I see Dyer’s libels for the first time, and after two years I finally know why I was persecuted and abused by Marshall, Gilbert and Bishton on the Work Programme. The sickest fact of all, though, is that the nature of the lies makes it obvious that these three sick thugs were aware that the libels were deceit all the time they were maltreating me. They were just used as an excuse.

4th November 2015

Flood tells multiple lies on a statement of case in the county court.

10th December 2015

Flood tells more lies on an interlocutory application notice, including a lie that I have made a fraudulent claim for tax credits.

19th February 2016

Flood goes into a police station in Northamptonshire and makes a hysterical false statement to a corrupt officer. It has since been revealed that this corrupt officer had a pre-existing relationship with Dyer, although I am still attempting to find out the exact details of the relationship.

The statement itself is so obviously hysterical and false that a five-year old child would know it was not a genuine crime report.

At the same time, Flood and the chief executive’s office bribe and threaten Dyer into authoring a similar false statement. This one is equally hysterical and ridiculous, although even if the lies contained therein were truths, they still would not engage the criminal law.

Some time between February and April (the exact time is not known), Flood, on behalf of the Ingeus (UK) Ltd chief executive’s office, pays a bribe to two corrupt police officers so that I will be assaulted and falsely imprisoned just prior to an interlocutory hearing in the civil court.

March 2016

Just after making a false statement to Northamptonshire Police, Matthew “Far-Fetched Fairytale” Flood makes a malicious false report to the government that I have made a fraudulent claim for tax credits.

As a result, I am subjected to an intense compliance check. The check completes, and on 26th April the tax credit compliance department confirms that my tax credit claim was entirely in order.

18th April 2016

The corrupt police officer who took the false statements and a bribe from Flood smashes my door at 1:18am, assaults me, and takes me to the police cells where I am falsely imprisoned for 21 hours.

One further vicious assault takes place while I am being falsely incarcerated.

After being deprived of sleep for a whole night and severely weakened, I am subjected to a mock “interview”, but the officer carrying out the interview is obviously embarrassed by the whole episode and knows I have committed no offence. He was obviously not involved in the turpitude.

The other officer who took a bribe finally releases me after 21 hours, and takes my contact information on the pretence of “needing to make further enquiries.” It is all a load of cobblers. No enquiries are made, no contact is ever made, and the filth don’t even have the decency to tell me when their sham “investigation” ends. The sole purpose of this charade was to keep me in anxiety for as long as possible.

23rd May 2016

A letter before claim is sent to the Chief Constable of Northamptonshire Police, even though at that stage I still have no notification that I am not going to be maliciously prosecuted. The “case” was officially closed on 11th May, but no-one had the decency to tell me.

9th March 2017

A claim is issued in the High Court against the Chief Constable of Northamptonshire Police, in the torts of false imprisonment, trespass, assault, misfeasance in public office, and for violation of Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.

17th March 2017

A claim under the Protection From Harassment Act 1997 is issued in the High Court, with six defendants. These are Dyer, Flood, Marshall, Gilbert, Ingeus (UK) Ltd, and the Chief Constable of Northamptonshire Police.

These two cases are ongoing.