FIQ (Fatally Ignored Questions)

Not everyone in the UK is fully conversant with Ingeus (UK) Ltd, or knows what role it plays in British society. So, I’ve prepared a list of Fatally Ignored Questions for anyone who needs to learn more about this corrupt and vicious private company which is pouring everyone’s tax resources straight down the karzy on an orgy of abuse, bullying, maltreatment and criminality.

What is Ingeus (UK) Ltd?

It is a private company to which the Department for Work and Pensions outsources work which it used to carry out itself. Principally, this work involves trying to help unemployed people improve their chances of successfully getting back to work.

It is also often referred to as a “Welfare to Work” organisation, a term which presumably originates in the United States of America, as dole payments are known as “welfare” in that country.

What is Ingeus (UK) Ltd usually called?

It is usually called “Ignoramus”, for obvious reasons.

How does Ingeus (UK) Ltd make its money?

It all comes from you and me, the taxpayer. The government takes money from its citizens, and, instead of using that money to carry out essential work itself through government departments, it now outsources much of that work to private companies.

Is this a healthy arrangement for the UK citizen and taxpayer?

No, sadly, it is an extremely unhealthy arrangement for the UK citizen and taxpayer. When the government had control over the work, it could ensure that it was carried out properly. Each government department was answerable to the whole, and there are also public law provisions such as judicial review whereby public omissions could be challenged.

Now, the government simply squanders taxpayer funds without any assurance that the work is actually being done. The system of outsourcing essential public services means that large businesses can pay incentives to politicians so that the politicians give them lucrative contracts, whether or not they actually have any capability to carry out the work.

Great for the corrupt politicians who gain houses, vehicles, and holidays abroad at the taxpayer’s expense, but terrible for the poor bastards who are robbed of the services which they desperately need.

Is Ingeus (UK) Ltd good at what it does?

No, sadly, it is incompetent to the point of imbecility. It is totally incompetent and incapable of carrying out any part of the government’s Work Programme.

As a private company, all it cares about is its own profits, meaning that it tries to provide as little service as possible to the forced “customers” for whom it has to cater. It also employs incompetents who are cheaper than skilled workers, especially at management level.

It is much cheaper to employ an overgrown schoolboy who has just left University than a manager in their 40s or 50s who actually has some experience of life and of dealing with human beings. The result is total incompetence, allied to an overblown tendency for bullying, abuse and threatening behaviour.

You cannot run an organisation such as this on managers who eat rusks.

Is Ingeus (UK) Ltd run by good, decent, honest people?

No, sadly, Ingeus (UK) Ltd is run by cut-throat criminals and thugs. The Chief Executive’s office, including Chief Executive Officer Jack “Bent Lawyer” Sawyer, and his in-house lawyer Matthew “Far-Fetched Fairytale” Flood, regularly breaches both the criminal and civil law, abusing the money which it misappropriates from the taxpayer to carry out campaigns of persecution against innocent individuals who only wanted to be provided with a reasonable standard of service.

These criminal and tortious activities include lying to the tax authorities, making false statements to the police, bribing police officers to assault and falsely imprison innocent people, inciting and coercing junior staff members to also lie to the police, and committing wholesale contempt of court by routinely lying on court documents.

If all of that doesn’t succeed in destroying the victim, they will bribe bent circus judges to wrongly decide judicial claims in the county court and High Court, bribe bent High Court Judges to refuse leave to appeal and to make malicious orders against innocent litigants denying them access to the Court, and even bribe the bent paedophile Master of the Rolls to hamper an appeal in the Court of Appeal.

The more crimes and tortious acts Sawyer and Flood commit, the more obvious their criminality and corruption, and their involvement in Freemasonry and paedophilia becomes. They will not be able to hide forever.

Does Ingeus (UK) Ltd have a complaints procedure, and, if so, is it followed?

Yes, Ingeus (UK) Ltd has a complaints procedure, but, no, sadly, it is not followed. The complaints procedure is a sham, and is merely a means by which a so-called “rebel” can flag themselves to the management for further bullying and abuse.

Anyone who dares to raise a complaint will be subjected to as large a detriment as possible, to “keep them in their place”, and to discourage other attendees from also making complaints. At no time will anyone actually attempt to resolve the complaint.

The complaints procedure is routinely violated, in that the required written report of an incident will never be produced. This is so that a higher manager at a later stage of the procedure can simply deny anything which doesn’t suit their fairy story.

Also, the early stages of the complaints procedure involves verbal discussion, allowing managers to promise resolutions to keep people quiet and satisfied, and then to renege on those promises and deny that they were ever made.

Are Ingeus (UK) Ltd advisers all nasty people?

No, not all Ingeus (UK) Ltd advisers are nasty people. The advisers are the people at ground level. They are not managers, and are not involved in the corruption or the routine bullying, and they are not the chief executive’s office, which is 100% criminal and corrupt.

Many of the advisers are genuine people who actually care about their “customers”, and actually want them to succeed. Of course, as with any job, some employees are going to be better at what they do than others, and there will always be some who will see the job as an excuse for bullying. But, typically, most of the advisers are not bad people, they are just constrained by the impositions of management, and by the organisation’s overall gross incompetence.

Are Ingeus (UK) Ltd managers all nasty people?

Yes, in my experience, I have to say that all Ingeus (UK) Ltd managers are nasty people. The organisation’s culture of abuse means that anyone with a positive outlook towards people and a genuine desire to help is likely to be passed over for a promotion. The thugs in senior management interview prospective managers, and want to see other thugs being put into management roles.

Furthermore, it is much cheaper to employ a thug who has just got out of University than a skilled manager with experience of dealing with people. This is the main reason why operations managers and office managers are not only grossly incompetent, they also strut around the office like a demented John Wayne looking to pick a fight with anything that moves. You cannot expect sensitivity and discretion from someone who was playing conkers in the playground two weeks ago.

Is there any hope that anything at Ingeus (UK) Ltd will ever improve?

Sadly, very little. As long as a criminal and corrupt thug remains as Chief Executive Officer, there will be no hope whatsoever of anything improving. The only hope is that the rest of the Ingeus (UK) Ltd directors will realise that Sawyer’s criminal and tortious activities are costing the organisation a great deal of money, and send him off to another sewer with a gross misconduct dismissal. Sawyer has wasted over £100,000 of the company’s money just picking a senseless legal fight with the owner of this site alone, so he is not a cheap luxury.

In terms of the organisation itself improving, that would need to start at senior management level. If senior managers were employed who actually wanted to eradicate the culture of abuse, that would soon percolate down to the lower management levels. It is vital to employ senior managers who wear long trousers, and who have stopped wetting the bed, and sucking their thumb while watching Jackanory.

The complaints procedure needs a complete overhaul. Firstly, everything needs to be kept in writing right from the start, so there is a valid audit trail for each manager who picks up the case. Secondly, the complaint needs to stay at the same level until it has been properly addressed. If a manager has failed to produce a written report, the case must be referred back to him until he does.

When a case reaches the Regional Director level, a proper exchange of communications must occur in order to establish and narrow the areas of dispute. What is the organisation prepared to offer, and what is the complainant prepared to accept? Following such a procedure would drastically reduce the number of unresolved complaints which go to third party investigators, and potentially to litigation.

Of course, the above would only occur if someone in the organisation actually wanted complaints to be resolved. As long as the culture of abuse remains, and the complaints procedure is nothing more than a flag system for aggravated abuse, nothing will ever improve.

Why should I care? I am not unemployed

You should care for three reasons. Firstly, even if you are not currently unemployed, literally everyone can become unemployed in the future. Even people who have successful businesses and incomes in seven figures have lost those businesses and found themselves unable to get a job. Literally anyone, including those at the top of their professions, could become an Ingeus (UK) Ltd victim in the future.

Secondly, if you are a human being, you are part of the greater whole of the human race. When other human beings are suffering abuse and maltreatment, you should care. If you can’t buy that logic, go and take a long walk on a short cliff and do the world a favour.

Thirdly, even if you are a callous bastard who doesn’t care about their fellow human beings, it is still your tax money which is being flushed down the karzy to subsidise these sick thugs. If you can’t care about people, maybe you can care about your wallet? Anyway, it is in the interests of literally every person in Great Britain that Ingeus (UK) Ltd is taken down and destroyed for good.

What can I do to help?

Now, that is more like it! You are welcome to donate to the upkeep of this website, which is maintained by a sole individual who lives on £20 a week less than an unemployed person after being bullied and abused by Ingeus (UK) Ltd thug managers to such an extent that he was forced off the programme altogether.

I know, everyone begs for money and you are sick of them. If you can give the site some publicity, that will be appreciated. The more people who know about what is going on, the better.

You can also make your Member of Parliament aware of what is going on. The Work Programme has been such an expensive failure that the politicians are scared to admit to it, but, hiding the truth is only going to lead to more casualties. There comes a time when behaving like decent people, admitting a mistake, and acting to correct the wrong which has been caused, is the only appropriate action left to take.