Ignoramus Soft Underbelly

This page is devoted to the way in which the country can be rid of the menace which is Ingeus (UK) Ltd for good.

Over the last five years, Ingeus (UK) Ltd has waged a sickening and senseless war against the author of this site, who only wanted to be referred to a suitable adviser and provided with adequate work-related support. Instead of taking the simple step of providing the service which the organisation is contracted to provide, it decided to force the case into the courts and cost itself over £100,000, which it has no chance of ever recovering from an unemployed person no matter what the result.

The organisation’s Chief Executive Office has also engaged in criminal activity in order to pervert the course of justice. This involves lying to the tax authorities, bribing police officers to assault and falsely imprison an innocent victim, conniving and conspiring with a corrupt police officer who has an existing relationship with a drug addict junior staff member, telling multiple lies on court documents in the county court and High Court, and coercing through bribery and threat other people to lie on court documents.

It is all a stinking mess which shows the extreme brutal power Ingeus (UK) Ltd has been given. It can literally do anything and get away with it, and it can destroy an innocent person’s life any time it feels like it, and will do so even though it gains no benefit whatsoever from the destruction. However, this extreme criminality, bullying and abuse of innocent victims does expose a soft underbelly which could yet bring down the whole corrupt edifice.

So far, Ingeus (UK) Ltd has wasted over £100,000 (and counting) just to persecute one innocent individual. How many individuals are there who are attending Ingeus (UK) Ltd centres up and down the country, who are potential victims of harassment, bullying and abuse from the organisation’s managers? Many more than one, that is for sure.

I am not trying to provoke anyone into bringing a legal case against Ingeus (UK) Ltd unless it has genuine merit, but the point has to be made that if these sick, diseased scum are prepared to waste over £100,000 just to try to destroy one person, there is a limit as to how many times they can pay out this money. If they were facing a hundred such harassment claims based on the bullying of rogue managers, even they would have to take remedial action and do something about the scandal to avoid being taken down and put out of “business.”

By using ridiculously expensive lawyers (albeit corrupt and dishonest ones), and always taking the most aggressive action possible in the court system no matter what the merits, or otherwise, of the case, Ingeus (UK) Ltd has flagged to the world that it does not consider mediation, it will not consider out of court settlements, and it has no interest whatsoever in complying with the CPR requirement that parties continue to attempt to settle their case.

It will take the most aggressive, but also the most expensive, route every time, putting itself at extreme risk of multiple expensive cases brought by people who are being discriminated against due to disability or other protected characteristic, or simply by the typical common garden bullying and abuse which is inflicted upon innocent people by its thug managers.

Ingeus (UK) Ltd relies on its extreme power, the fact that it can afford expensive lawyers when the victims of its bullying can not, and its ability to absorb huge financial loss, to always go down the aggressive and intimidating route. That is the soft underbelly, as even a corrupt organisation which swindles millions out of the British taxpayer by contracting to provide services and then not providing them, can only undertake so many hugely expensive cases before it runs out of money and goes into loss for the year, if not out of “business” altogether. This factor also puts pressure on the bent Chief Executive Officer, who has directors breathing down his neck expecting their own share of the ill-gotten gains.

It is astonishing to me that whoever employs Jack “Bent Lawyer” Sawyer doesn’t want him removed from his role as quickly as possible. He is throwing company profits straight down the karzy by engaging in an orgy of senseless litigation. What is the point of setting up a “business” to be as corrupt as possible, to make sure that it provides the worst possible “service” in order to save money, and to make sure that it can get away with providing no service at all, if all of the unearned profits are then dissipated to bent solicitors and barristers?

It doesn’t make any sense, but then absolutely nothing done by Ingeus (UK) Ltd ever does make any sense. Even allowing for the corruption and insatiable greed for unearned booty, I still cannot understand the desire to then throw that money away just to humiliate and abuse victims from whom further ill-gotten gains can never be procured. Either you are a mercenary money-grabbing thief or you are not.

The only possible explanation is that the hunger and thirst for power surpasses, or at the very least equals, the lust for money. Sawyer is such a pathetic overgrown playground bully that he wants to waste £100,000 on bent lawyers and dishonest litigation, and more in criminal bribery and inducement, just to prevent one innocent Work Programme attendee from having access to a suitable adviser and appropriate work-related support. This lust for power at any cost is the very heart of Ingeus (UK) Ltd’s soft underbelly, and it is a weakness which we decent and honest citizens can exploit if we have enough numbers.

So, this is the way that Ingeus (UK) Ltd can be taken down and destroyed for good by its victims, and by the honest citizens of Great Britain. If you are being maltreated and abused on an Ingeus (UK) Ltd Work Programme, and you are considering taking legal action, please get in touch with me and I will do whatever I can to help. I will even be prepared to be your litigation friend in the actual proceedings.

I have a contact form on this website, and I welcome receiving your message.