Ingeus Abuse 6 – The Worst Ingeus Abuse Of All

There is one feature of the Ingeus (UK) Ltd complaints procedure which is dangerous to the highest possible degree. It allows the nefarious and sadistic office managers to evade their responsibilities and to do serious harm to attendees with impunity. It is the lack of a requirement for complaints to be handled in writing.

In my own case, which has now reached the point of legal action with a claim issued, I have suffered grievous loss due to this lack. The loss came within a whisker of costing me my life.

On 12th March 2013, Ross “Dross” Marshall, the sick, sadistic office manager at Ingeus Northampton, promised me a resolution to a prevailing complaint. The complaint itself was relatively minor, and at that stage there was no serious cause for concern. Marshall said he wasn’t going to do anything about my case, because within a month I would be referred onto the case load of an adviser I can only refer to as Mrs S.

(I am only naming people on this site who have caused me harm, grief or loss through deliberate malicious intent. Even those who have caused me harm through negligence, or through simply being the wrong person to deal with my case, are not being named. Mrs S. is one of the best advisers in Ingeus Northampton, and is entirely innocent of any wrongdoing.)

I totally accepted this resolution, and did not escalate the complaint. I had no need to. I had overheard Mrs S. working on many occasions, and felt that we would work extremely well together. I did not even consider escalating the complaint, as Marshall’s promised resolution was exactly what I would have wanted.

The trouble is, Dross Marshall is a sick, twisted, perverted liar who is only interested in causing pain, grief and loss to innocent people. The promised resolution was never implemented.

Wait a minute, I hear you say, if Marshall refuses to implement a promised resolution, just escalate your case and get it dealt with! Ah, if only it were that simple. If I had been given a written document by Marshall outlining the promised resolution, I could indeed have taken it to the next level. Indeed, I could have even sent a Letter Before Claim to the Chief Executive’s office.

However, the Ignoramus way is not to provide such written promises. Had I taken any kind of action over Marshall’s treachery, I would have ended up looking like a clown. “Wot? I never said that, guv, honest!” The Judge would have laughed in my face as I had no evidence, and I would have ended up paying costs to the scum who had begun to destroy my life.

At the start of June 2013, when my situation had begun to worsen to the point of being unbearable, I submitted a request through the feedback form for someone at a management level to look at my case. They couldn’t be bothered. In mid-June 2013, after I had been verbally abused by an idiot with no remit to deal with Work Programme attendees, I asked for someone from management to look at my case. They couldn’t be bothered.

In July 2013, when my case had reached the Regional Director, the loathsome, threatening and deceitful Operations Manager known as Mark “gLIEbrt” Gilbert hijacked a meeting and imposed his own malicious “solution” on the ever-worsening nightmare I was suffering. Instead of being given a “consolation” two months with Mrs S. before being moved on to the Year Two advisers, I was ordered back to an adviser responsible for a humiliating, degrading and unlawful incident I have related elsewhere.

Despite multiple further complaints, no action was taken. In November, Marshall and another sick and depraved thug called David “Depravid” Bishton even conspired to deny me access to the Year Two advisers. As a consequence of this intimidation, I was forced off benefits and onto Working Tax Credits at an ongoing loss of £20 a week. One court case coming up.

I never got to sit across a table with my Year One adviser for even one twenty minute appointment. In fact, I never got to meet them at all. I never got to meet whomever my Year Two adviser would have been either, because I was forced off the Work Programme in entirety. One destroyed life, three years wasted, a lot of public money thrown down the toilet, and now a damages claim in the County Court. All because there is no requirement for written resolutions to complaints at Ingeus (UK).

If you do need to use the Ingeus (UK) complaints procedure, DO NOT accept anything which is promised to you verbally. INSIST on a written resolution. If the office manager refuses to write it down, escalate the case IMMEDIATELY to the next level and add that as a reason for escalation. Please don’t allow your life to be destroyed as mine has been destroyed because a thug like Marshall promises you a resolution only to stab you in the back.