Ingeus Abuse 9 – Pinsent Masons LLP Tara Hepworth Fraud & Contempt of Court

Lying is like a fungus. When you begin telling lies to cover up for atrocities you have committed, you will find that you need to keep telling ever more outrageous lies to protect those already told. Furthermore, anyone you pay with your ill-gotten gains to fight on your behalf will have to lie also.

And so, we come to the lamentable tale of Tara Hepworth, the corrupt solicitor from Pinsent Masons LLP who has deliberately lied on a Directions Questionnaire submission to protect the contempts of a client.

This client is, of course, Ingeus (UK) Ltd., and their nefarious “Global General Counsel” Matthew Flood. For full details of Flood’s deceit, malevolence and multiple contempts of court on the Statement of Case, please see previous posts.

Hepworth has lied by stating on the Directions Questionnaire that Flood has “not acted in contempt of court as alleged or at all”, despite the fact that documentary evidence proves that Flood has lied multiple times on the Statement of Case.

Proof That Flood Has Lied On The Statement Of Case

Here is proof of the most obvious of Matthew Flood’s contempts of court –


This is Flood’s statement that “this statement (the libels which will be revealed in the next post) was not intended to be seen by the claimant.”

Here is a paragraph from the “statement” itself, which tells a slightly different story –


The author of this libellous document, which will be revealed in full in the next post, states that they are “happy for…..Mr Wardle himself to have a copy of said document.”

Enough said.

Tara Hepworth’s Pathetic Fraud And Deceit

Hepworth has blatantly lied on the Directions Questionnaire statement by stating –


Both points 2) and 4) are blatant lies. The defendant has not complied with its pre-action disclosure obligations, as it has refused to disclose any of the documentation relating to the incidents of 9th May 2013 and 14th June 2013, which underpin two of the claimant’s strongest claims.

Proof that 4) is a blatant lie is given above.

Hepworth has made this fraud blatantly obvious, by signing the Disclosure Report, the Electronic Documents Questionnaire and the Precedent H form, but printing ‘Pinsent Masons LLP’ on the Directions Questionnaire, in the place where the signature is supposed to be.

Here is the proof –





This is the extent to which a corrupt solicitor will go to cover up the fraud, lies and contempt of court of a contemnor paying them blood money.

I used to respect Pinsent Masons LLP. I even downloaded some of their documentation to my PC when I was carrying out legal research. Now I have to fight against them, I find out what they are really like.

If you get involved with sick, unlawful cut throat scum such as Ingeus (UK) Ltd., you can scarcely avoid being tainted by association. However, if you deliberately sink to their level by committing fraud and abusing the legal system just to destroy an innocent person’s life, you only have yourself to blame when your reputation ends in tatters.

Unless you wish this type of fraud to be carried out on your behalf, stay away from Pinsent Masons LLP.