Ingeus (UK) Ltd Bent Lawyer Matthew Flood

Ingeus (UK) Ltd bent lawyer Matthew Flood played a significant role in perverting the course of justice in civil claims B00YP012 and D90BM059, and in falsifying evidence for the criminal court as part of Freemason and paedophile CEO Jack Sawyer’s collusion with child rapist Chief Constable of Northamptonshire Police Simon Edens. Edens was in Cambridgeshire Police in 2002, and has now been revealed as the real rapist and murderer of Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells in Soham. In the end, the criminal court did not get to see the falsified evidence, as Northamptonshire Police wimped out of a malicious prosecution.

Flood is, as with any other Deep State agent, Freemason and paedophile, a 100% depraved, sick individual. In July 2015, I approached the CEO office of Ingeus (UK) Ltd in an attempt to resolve the case. I had been maltreated, bullied and abused by thug managers in the Northampton office, including Ross “Dross” Marshall, Mark “gLIEbrt” Gilbert and David “Depravid Bully Boy” Bishton. Marshall and Bishton had even conspired to force me off the Work Programme altogether, leaving me living on £20 a week less than an unemployed person through absolutely no fault of my own. It takes an individual of the sickest kind possible to respond to that situation, and to a reasonable attempt to resolve it, by threatening, tormenting, and harassing the victim still further in a deliberate, malicious attempt to cause a psychiatric injury.

Flood published two sick, threatening diatribes aimed at causing alarm and distress, and also at frightening me into discontinuing this site and not proceeding with the legal claim which would obviously be necessary if they were not prepared to settle out of court. It is a blatantly criminal act, as well as a continuation of the harassment of his employer, which is (or, at least, should be) actionable in the civil court.

Evidence now proves that Flood and Sawyer had already planned to have me assaulted and falsely imprisoned as far back as July 2015. Maybe, given the type of sick scum that they are, and the type of human-destroying racket they run, they had this in place all along as a “contingency plan” for when the first victim of Ingeus bullying took their case to court. It is obvious that Sawyer and Edens knew each other from the Masonic lodges and paedophile rings long before I ever came on the scene.

In November 2015, Flood told multiple outrageous lies on a statement of case filed in Northampton County Court. Of course, Flood didn’t care about the contempts, because he knew that his CEO Jack “Bent Lawyer” Sawyer had such standing in the Masonic lodges and paedophile rings that he would be able to bribe a bent judge to get the claim deliberately wrongly decided. In the end, Edens introduced Sawyer to bent judge Ally Hampton, who is more than willing to accept a bung to wrongly decide a case, and does so regularly.

In February 2016, Flood told outrageous lies on a false witness statement given to Northamptonshire Police. Sawyer had paid bribe money to Simon Edens, the corrupt paedophile Chief Constable of Northamptonshire Police, now revealed as the Soham murderer, in order to have me assaulted and falsely imprisoned on nonsensical, trumped-up charges. Now, Flood’s role was to lie as outrageously as possible in order to provide Edens with material he could use to make me another Ian Huntley – another victim with a totally undeserved criminal record.

I still don’t know why Edens and his cronies wimped out of the malicious prosecution, given that they can pay to have the course of justice perverted in any court in the land and it will be done. Sawyer’s money, and his ability to utilize the Deep State “pay to play” model to pay for what he wants no matter how blatantly illegal that may be, are virtually unlimited. Maybe Flood lied too gratuitously and they couldn’t risk being confronted with a straight magistrate? For whatever reason, they wimped out, although they have certainly not wimped out of paying bent judges in the civil court to prevent me recovering damages for what I was put through.

In September 2017, Flood told multiple outrageous and gratuitous lies on a witness statement filed with the High Court in Birmingham, to aid and abet another criminal perversion of the course of justice paid for by Sawyer. Of course, as before, he didn’t care, as he knew that Sawyer had paid money into the “pay to play” model which operates at Birmingham Civil Justice Centre, and knew that the course of justice would be perverted.

It is interesting that Flood has remained quiet ever since the revelations of his child-raping activity came out. A sick, cowardly piece of scum who is content to torment, threaten and harass people who cannot defend themselves from behind his desk, but who crawls back into his sewer the minute he may have something of a problem to deal with.

Oh, by the way, Flood and his string-puller have been mouthing off about “defamation” on this site since 2015, yet they haven’t (so far) had the guts to issue a defamation claim. This is despite the fact that they have wasted over £120,000 on other judicial perversions, and despite the fact that they know they would win the case as they can “pay to play” to have the course of justice perverted in the High Court and the Court of Appaedos any time they feel like it.


It takes some seriously vile cowardly sick scum to be too yellow to get a bus across London to the RCJ, go into Room E07 and get a defamation claim issued, even when the issue fee has been misappropriated from public funds and they wouldn’t miss it anyway, and when they know they can bribe any fellow kiddie fiddler judge to pervert the course of justice for them.

Of course, they know that every single word on this site is TRUTH, and that truth is an absolute defence against defamation. But, what does that matter in a court system so bent no-one can even remember what “truth” was? I don’t know why they are too cowardly to issue, but I am developing contingency plans to keep the content online no matter what.

Flood, for the moment, can stew in his own bile. His silence proves that he is a relatively minor Deep State player who only acts hard when his sick mate Sawyer is paying for his protection. For now, there are bigger, even nastier Deep State players who need to be wiped out, but Flood will never be forgotten, and he knows his time will come.