Ingeus (UK) Ltd “Counsel” Matthew Flood Contempt Of Court And Lies To The Tax Authorities

The Ingeus (UK) Ltd in-house bent lawyer, Matthew “Far-Fetched Fairytale” Flood, is as nasty a piece of scum as you are ever likely to find on this planet. In July 2015, he became aware of the sickening maltreatment, degradation, bullying and abuse I had been subjected to by thug managers in the Ingeus (UK) Northampton office, specifically Marshall, Gilbert and Bishton, in 2013.

His response to this knowledge? To embark upon a campaign of criminal deceit and harassment which was deliberately designed to worsen the anguish and trauma caused by the thug managers in 2013. As if that wasn’t enough, Flood even conspired to inflict serious financial loss and a totally undeserved criminal record upon an innocent victim already weakened and sent to the verge of bankruptcy and homelessness by the sick scum who use his employer as an excuse to inflict terror upon innocent people.

On 4th November 2015 and 10th December 2015, Flood told multiple lies and committed extreme contempt of court on a defence and interlocutory application in the county court. The lies told on the application even included a lie that I had made a fraudulent claim for tax credits. Flood was later to repeat this lie to governmental authorities in an attempt to get me criminally prosecuted and destroyed for good.

I will firstly exhibit the lies told on the 4th November 2015 defence. Note that as these documents have been aired at a public court hearing, they are able to be published without violation of the Civil Procedure Rules.

Firstly, here is a contempt of court designed to cover up for the deceit and malice of Kate “Hate Liar” Dyer. In paragraph 2 of a document full of lies and libels, Dyer states that she is “happy” for me to be shown a copy of the lies. Flood then states on a court defence that the document “was not intended to be seen by the claimant.”


Here is a contempt which is as grossly offensive as it possible to get. There is still a possibility that I will attempt to bring a Part 81 claim against Flood as well as Dyer and a corrupt police officer who has lied on a witness statement in a different but related claim, and if I do this piece of nastiness will be at the forefront.

It appears to be standard “Ignoramus-speak” to misuse the word “agreed” on every document they produce. As in, they order you to do something, or they inflict some kind of nasty action upon you, and they say that they “agreed with you” that this would take place. If you are on an Ignoramus Work Programme, watch out for this as it is obviously an “official” way of humiliating people.

In this case, Flood has told two obvious fairy stories. Firstly, I obviously did not “agree” to be swindled out of Year Two of the Work Programme. Secondly, Flood is, and always was, aware that the “relationship” between myself and the stated adviser was anything but “good.”

Obviously, there was no justification whatsoever for robbing me of the whole of a year of purported “support” and forcing me off benefits to which I was legally entitled.


This list of contempts is by no means exhaustive, but I don’t want to turn this post into a bore-fest.

I will now move on to the lies which Flood told to both the county court and the tax authorities that I had made a fraudulent claim for tax credits.

Below, I have exhibited the lies on Flood’s court application. A solicitor signed the false statement of truth, but that is no excuse.


The next piece of filth is dishonesty and contempt to a ridiculous degree. Flood has stated that paragraph 61 of my affidavit dated 18th April 2017 contained a statement that I “was forced to invent a fake business”, when, in reality, paragraph 61 of my affidavit does not even reference businesses or tax credits as it in a completely different section of the affidavit.

Flood also blatantly lies by pretending that he had a “suspicion” that I was engaging in tax or benefit fraud. His employer had access to the papers from 2014 for over a year before he invented his lies to the tax authorities, and, had there been anything wrong with those papers, it would have been noticed at the time. Furthermore, and obviously, Flood’s lies to the tax authorities were told at exactly the same time as his even more blatant lies to the courts and a corrupt police constable who had a pre-existing relationship with Dyer. The exact nature of that relationship is still not known to me, but I am gathering more evidence on an ongoing basis.

Another one of Flood’s hallmarks is that he always tries to pass off his vile antics onto other people. It is always someone else’s fault, no matter what he does. I don’t doubt Lesser is an evil piece of scum, for no-one could stomach working in that environment if they had an ounce of human decency or dignity, but Flood is the inventor of these malicious lies. From a legal perspective, it makes no difference whatsoever if Lesser did submit the dishonest “report” – it is still conduct which was procured by Flood and for which he is legally liable, and it is also conduct for which Lesser’s employer, the 5th defendant, Ingeus (UK) Ltd, is vicariously liable.


Here is the actual text of paragraph 61 of my affidavit –


Finally, here is the confirmation from the tax authorities that I had complied in full with the requirements for starting a business and claiming working tax credits.


Flood is being sued for damages and a permanent non-harassment order as a result of this continued persecution and deceit. The case is ongoing. However, Flood’s detestable acts did not stop there. Far from it. At the same as making a false, malicious report to the tax authorities, Flood also lied to a corrupt police officer who had a pre-existing relationship with Dyer and probably with his employer, in an attempt to inflict an even more serious criminal penalty on an innocent victim. Now that the lies which Flood submitted to corrupt law enforcement officers have been aired at a public hearing, they too can be published on this website.