Ingeus (UK) Ltd “Counsel” Matthew Flood Lies to Northamptonshire Police

On 19th February 2016, the sick, malevolent thug Matthew “Far-Fetched Fairytale” Flood, who goes by the ridiculous name of Ingeus (UK) Ltd “Global General Counsel”, authored a false statement to Northamptonshire Police, with the intent of causing extreme harm to an innocent victim.

Flood calls himself a “counsel”, but I would be astonished if he is any form of qualified barrister. He writes letters like an eight-year old, has little to no understanding of the law, and operates on the basis that being as aggressive and obnoxious as possible in all situations is the way to conduct not only litigation, but also life itself.

Flood is also a pathological liar, and I do honestly believe that he has some form of medical condition which means that he is unable to tell truth from pure fiction. He dreams up a reality he would like to exist, and then acts as though that “reality” does exist. He seems totally incapable of the normal human thought process which analyses the reality of a situation, and then decides how to act on it based on what is really there.

In any case, he is obviously a sick, depraved thug. He is aided and encouraged in his criminal and tortious activities by the equally sick and depraved Chief Executive Officer of Ingeus (UK) Ltd, Jack “Bent Lawyer” Sawyer. None of the criminal and tortious actions committed by Flood in the last two years would have been tolerated by a chief executive with even the most basic level of human decency.

The case of Flood’s lies to the police is a relatively complex one, and the full truth of it has not yet been revealed. It is known that Sawyer and Flood bribed two corrupt police officers (at least) into assaulting and falsely imprisoning an innocent victim, so that the victim would be weakened and brutalised just before an interlocutory hearing in a case against their employer. It is also known that Sawyer and Flood coerced a weak and pathetic drug addict junior staff member into also making a false statement to the police.

Finally, it has now been revealed that the weak and pathetic drug addict junior staff member, Kate “Hate Liar” Dyer, had an existing relationship with one of the bent coppers who pocketed the bribe. The exact nature of the relationship remains unknown, and, even if I am able to use legal interrogatories to determine its nature and duration, I may well be restricted as to what I am able to publish until the material is aired at a public hearing.

As “Far-Fetched Fairytale” Flood’s false statement has now been aired at a public hearing, I am now able to publish it in full and outline the detestable lies one by one. The image which contains the statement must of necessity be a long one, but I have compressed it to make it load as quickly as possible.


I will now outline the lies one by one.

The first point to note is that these “witness statements” are supposed to be appended by a signed statement of truth. In reality, the filth couldn’t care less who abuses their system and how many lies they tell. Have you ever known anyone be prosecuted for lying to the filth? Me neither.

It is also virtually impossible to take civil action, as the idiots who run the legal system seem to think that protecting would-be liars from what they call a “flank attack” is more important than protecting innocent citizens who are a sitting target for lies to the police. See Ward LJ’s lead judgment in Westcott v Westcott for the most detestable example of this flawed thinking.

In truth, it would be easy to automatically stay any defamation claim in civil proceedings until the criminal case was over. Then, if the criminal case succeeds, the civil claim automatically fails, but if the criminal case is either not prosecuted or does not succeed, then the civil case could continue in the usual way. It is not that difficult to design a legal system which would work, without the present despicable mess where any piece of scum can tell literally any lie on a police witness form and know that, whatever happens, they will get away with it.

In this case, I don’t believe there was ever any realistic intent to maliciously prosecute. The whole purpose of the charade was to harm and terrorise the victim, for which Flood and his equally evil employer Jack “Bent Lawyer” Sawyer were happy to pay a significant sum of money. I don’t yet know exactly how many police officers took bribes, but it was at least two. What I do know is that one specific bent police officer, who had a pre-existing relationship with one of the authors of the false statements, helped set up the entire faked “investigation.”

The first part of the statement is just routine drivel. The lies start as page one changes to page two, where Flood invents a spurious “obsession” that I was supposed to have with Kate “Hate Liar” Dyer. This had two purposes, firstly, it helped the corrupt police officer formulate a bogus “stalking” charge, and, secondly, it allowed Flood to parrot out the lies told by Dyer in August 2013 so they could cause even further harm.

Believe me, if I was ever going to be obsessed with something, it wouldn’t be a smelly drug addict.

The most pathetic lie of all is that I would try to “get swapped” to Dyer as my adviser. In the first place, I had been explicitly promised a referral to an adviser I can only refer to as “Mrs Y” (because I am not naming anyone on this site who has not intended to cause me harm) by Ross “Dross” Marshall on 18th March 2013. Marshall reneged on the promise and stabbed me in the back, and I was doing everything I knew how to try to get management to look at my case again and make the promised referral. Why in the name of God would I want another bloody referral to someone else who wasn’t Mrs Y, leaving me in the same stinking mess as before?

Furthermore, after Dyer had gone off the planet and started behaving oddly in June 2013, I would obviously have resisted a referral to Dyer for more reasons than just my desperate need to get referred to Mrs Y.

Dyer never had any “concerns” of any kind. Dyer is a two-faced lying bitch who behaved in a friendly manner towards me to my face, while making up extremely nasty lies about me behind my back.

Dross Marshall never at any time told me to “leave Dyer alone” or to “only deal with my adviser.” Had he done so, the incident would have been recorded, and referenced multiple times in the copious documentation produced by internal complaints and third party investigations. It is not referenced because it did not occur.

Flood lies by stating that I sent “abusive” and “threatening” emails under a pseudonym of “Mark Gilbert.” I have never sent any email at any time which could be considered “abusive”, nor any email which contained “threats.” If I had, Flood would specify and outline those “threats.” This is supposed to be a statement to the police, so where are the dates, times, and details of incidents?

Mark Gilbert, of course, is not a pseudonym, but the sick, malevolent, depraved excuse of an “Operations Manager” who terrorised me in June to August 2013, and whose vile acts continue to disadvantage me to this day. I am still living on £20 a week less than an unemployed person, not to mention living with the constant trauma caused by the incidents.

Flood lies by stating that this website contains “personal details” of staff members. In reality, all it contains are their names.

There are obviously no “abusive” or “nasty” messages regarding Ignoramus or its staff on this website, only a factual account of the way I was tormented and abused by Marshall, Gilbert and Bishton in 2013.

Flood purports to be a professional lawyer, and he represents an organisation with a budget of tens of millions. If there was even one false statement on this website, or even a statement the truth of which I would not be able to prove, Flood would issue a defamation claim quicker than old Jug Ears rips Camilla’s panties off. Isn’t it strange that Sawyer, Flood and their cronies will spend £100,000 on useless litigation just to destroy one human being’s life, yet they won’t back up their bellyaching by paying one tiny issue fee in the Royal Courts of Justice to get the totally unspecified “untrue statements” on this site removed?

Sawyer, you are a stinking, cowardly, yellow-bellied piece of scum. I have been waiting since 2015 to defend your pathetic defamation claim, and the wait is getting boring.

Kate “Hate Liar” Dyer was referred to as “Officer A” on this site initially for two reasons. Firstly, that was the name used in the ICE fake “report”, even though Dyer is not an “officer” of any kind. Secondly, until Dyer’s libels were revealed to me on 31st July 2015, I had no reason to name Dyer as one of the troublemakers. I simply didn’t know. As soon as the evidence was revealed and I did know, Dyer was named and the libels were published on this website.

Flood obviously did not “alert security” anywhere, and this fairy story is just one of several which he has invented just so that corrupt police officers who were taking his bribes could create a phony charge of “harassment with fear of violence.”

Even if I had been posting defamatory content on this site, which I certainly had not and would not, that hardly creates a fear of violence. Perhaps Flood has a delusion that electrons come out of the PC screen and violently attack people?

Flood did send a malicious communication dated 27th July 2015. I have not published it on this site because it is honestly a waste of time and space, although it is still part of the evidence I have submitted to the court now that I am suing Flood for damages and a permanent non-harassment order. I may publish it in another post, along with a falsified document which bent lawyers at Pinsent Masons LLP created to try to cover up one of Flood’s contempts of court.

Flood then tells a fairy story that I have “attacked his professional standing”, and, of course, he uses the words “alarm” and “distress” as these are used in Parliament’s drafting of the Protection From Harassment Act 1997. In reality, all I have done is published Flood’s contempts of court and proven that he is a contemnor. He has suffered no “alarm” or “distress” as he is an habitual deceiver with a pathological desire to harm who knows exactly what he doing and simply doesn’t care.

Flood then invents more bullshit about the DWP and documents. When I asked the DWP for the documents to which I am entitled under the Data Protection Act 1998, I received only a tiny fraction of those. The obvious reason is that the DWP was trying to protect its beloved business partner from litigation which it knew would cause negative media exposure of the whole Work Programme fiasco. Eventually, after three attempts, the DWP did reveal the papers to which I was entitled.

Flood now attacks an astrological analysis in the most pitiful way possible. If I suffered a violent and abusive childhood, how does that equate to me committing any kind of act which would engage the criminal law? Anyone who knows astrology knows that a Pluto-Mars square is a pain aspect, and that pain can often be recycled by the individual causing pain to others. There is a slightly increased statistical probability that someone with such an aspect will become a murderer or a paedophile in adult life, but there is also an increased probability that they will become just the opposite – a highly moral and principled fighter for love, truth, peace and justice. Mohandas K. Gandhi of India had a Pluto-Mars square in his birth chart.

Anyway, what the hell does any of this drivel have to do with crime reports to the police, which are supposed to contain dates, times and details of incidents which breach the criminal law? It is just stage-managed padding and filler for the benefit of a corrupt police officer intending to harm a victim.

As a result of Flood’s lies to the police, he is being sued for damages and a permanent non-harassment order. The other idiot who lied to the police, Dyer, is also being sued for the same relief, and the filth themselves are being sued in two actions, which will probably become three. There is also an internal police investigation taking place, which has just been paused so that the civil cases can complete first. I take that to mean that the filth have now decided that there is too much evidence to publish the whitewash which no doubt they would have published had they been able to get away with it.

Publishing this false statement means that I have now named PC 1248 Anstead as the bent copper who connived in this deceit. It was not my intention to name any bent coppers until I had secured more evidence, but redacting this false statement just to protect Anstead would have been nonsensical.

As far as Anstead goes, let’s just say I am on the trail of evidence. Whether I am able to obtain anything of major importance (I believe that I will), and whether or not I am able to publish that evidence prior to the case against the police going to trial, remains to be seen. For now, it is enough that I have finally been able to publish Flood’s deceit and prove the extent of his malice to the world. More on Flood as the news and the cases develop.