Ingeus (UK) Ltd Operations Manager Mark Gilbert Lies To Torment Victim And Pervert Investigation

On 19th August 2013, Mark “gLIEbrt” Gilbert, the slimy, deceitful and vicious Operations Manager of Ingeus (UK) East Midlands, authored a dishonest, malicious communication with the dual intent of causing extreme harm and loss to an innocent victim, and of perverting a third-party investigation into his employer.

Ten days previously, Gilbert and Ross “Dross” Marshall, the sadistic thug who at the time was manager of the Ingeus (UK) Ltd Northampton office, had bullied, abused and browbeaten me in a voice meeting which in hindsight I should not have attended. However, at the time I had no idea of the lies which employment adviser Kate Dyer was spreading behind my back. These lies were only revealed to me two years later as part of legal disclosure.

The lies had been committed to paper two days before the meeting, although I was not aware of that fact, obviously, as I was not even aware of the lies themselves. I have published the libellous document in a previous post, which can be accessed by clicking here.

As with the lies of Dyer in the previous post, I have published the lies of Gilbert in this post, and then gone on to analyse the deceit in detail. I have redacted my own postal address, partly because these scum got it wrong anyway, and partly because there is no point in inviting trouble. However, if anyone wants it badly enough they can obviously find it on another page of the site.


The first two paragraphs are obviously bullshit. Had there been any “agreed” actions, there would obviously have been no need for any further so-called “meetings” to “discuss” them, would there? The very fact that a further so-called “meeting” was necessary proves that there was no “agreement” on any “way forward.” Of course, the existence of the further complaints submitted in the first three days of August also proves that there was nothing but total disharmony, chaos and aggravation in the entire case.

On 29th July 2013, Gilbert had unilaterally hijacked a meeting at which the Regional Director, “Loopy” Louise Preston, was supposed to be addressing my submitted complaints. As the complaints had been escalated from Gilbert himself, that fact alone shows how detestable the Ingeus (UK) Ltd complaints procedure is. So, you escalate a complaint because a manager has totally failed to deal with it, and then that very same manager prevents the escalation from being heard by someone purportedly in authority over them.

Gilbert had maliciously ordered me back onto the case load of an adviser with whom I had severe bad history, and with whom I would obviously never be able to work constructively in a million years. Preston couldn’t have cared less, and just sat there like a stuffed teddy bear while Gilbert carried out his malice. At no time was any constructive resolution, such as referring me to the adviser to whom I had been promised a referral back in March, even contemplated. Gilbert had gone into the 29th July fake “meeting” with his malicious anti-resolution already determined, although he tries to cover up that fact in this document full of lies.

The long third paragraph is obviously the worst and most extreme pack of lies anyone could possibly tell. It has been deliberately made so to be as offensive and wounding as possible. It is not difficult to prove that Gilbert is lying as fragrantly and maliciously as possible, because the adviser with whom Gilbert tells the outrageous lie that there had “always been a successful and productive working arrangement” is the same adviser who was the subject of the first complaint which I submitted prior to the 29th July farce.

If my so-called “working arrangement” with this adviser was “successful”, at what did it succeed? It succeeded in provoking me to submit multiple complaints because I was receiving no support whatsoever on the Work Programme, and it succeeded in causing a lot of negative emotion in both myself and the adviser as the “working arrangement” was plainly unworkable.

And what did the “arrangement” produce? It produced a referral to a third-party learning centre which had no facilities to deal with a visually-impaired person, it produced only one job interview in eight months, which was entirely due to my own effort and nothing to do with the adviser, and it produced the aforementioned complaints and anguish. The complaints remain unanswered and wholly unresolved five years later, and Gilbert’s employer has wasted over £100,000 just to turn a blind eye to his obvious and blatant lies.

The rest of the pointless diatribe relates to Dyer, and to the lies which were published in the previous post. There is no point going over these issues again.

Gilbert tells one more blatant and obvious lie by alleging that I had approached Dyer for “support.” Firstly, I was quietly addressing envelopes and had no need of “support”, secondly, my own adviser was sitting on the next bloody desk, and, thirdly, it is obvious that my issues with Dyer had nothing whatsoever to do with “support.” Is there any lie so blatant that gLIEbrt won’t tell it?

If gLIEbrt had had the slightest interest in giving me any form of “support”, all he had to do was refer me to a suitable adviser, as had been promised to me on 18th March, and allow that adviser to provide the Work Programme. He wouldn’t do it. Why?

It also bears repeating that gLIEbrt was in possession of the libels and deceit authored by Dyer two days earlier, but deliberately hid them from me. If you want to resolve a complaint, the first thing you have to do is get the facts out into the open so everyone knows what they are dealing with. gLIEbrt had no intention whatsoever of attempting to resolve anything.

All gLIEbrt was interested in doing was making my life as miserable as humanly possible, and ensuring that I gained no benefit from being on the Work Programme. His treachery and deceit were obviously not going to protect Dyer, as his refusal to provide me with a suitable adviser guaranteed 100% that the complaints would be escalated to third parties and then to court if necessary. Had I been referred to “Mrs Y”, the matter of Dyer’s libels would probably have remained hidden until I left the programme in 2014, and consequently forever. Instead, they have now been aired in public on this website, and at a hearing in the High Court. gLIEbrt hasn’t done Hate Liar any favours, nor anyone else for that matter. Even his scum employer is £100,000 down as a result of his malice.

gLIEbrt is now being sued for harassment, along with Dross Marshall, Hate Liar and the scum employer itself. The Ingeus (UK) bent lawyers have now made an “application” to the High Court on his behalf, but gLIEbrt himself hasn’t submitted a single word of evidence. It couldn’t be more obvious that the application is fraudulent, and that gLIEbrt is too much of a stinking coward to go into a court and answer for what he has done.

I leave the subject there, but will no doubt return to it in forthcoming posts. In the meantime, if anyone has information on the current whereabouts of Mark “gLIEbrt” Gilbert, I would be extremely grateful if they could contact me and let me know.

I will finish with the verse from the Ingeus (UK) Ltd Company Song which is dedicated to Gilbert –

“When an unemployed person needs help, I laugh in his face!
I make his problem so much worse, I’m a chuckling disgrace.
Then I lie to the regulator to cover up for what I’ve done.
Oh! The Ignoramus management has such fun!”

Sums up the bastard in four lines.