JD Wetherspoon PLC – A Cover For Narcotics Trafficking

JD Wetherspoon PLC, a pub chain which operates throughout Great Britain, has now been exposed to be another tentacle of the Deep State. It is a cover for the narcotics trafficking and child sex trafficking exploits of its corrupt Freemason and paedophile CEO John Hutson. The evidence comes in four forms – firstly, evidence of narcotics found on JD Wetherspoon premises during hours of closure, secondly, evidence of thuggery by Wetherspoon employees against innocent members of the public, thirdly, Hutson’s own admission of a relationship with known Freemason and paedophile Jack Sawyer, and, finally, Hutson’s ability to “pay to play” in the British judicial system.

JD Wetherspoon PLC charges extremely low prices for food and drink, yet it is able to maintain large and expensive premises in virtually every town in Britain and still make a profit. Doesn’t that seem odd? It does until you realise that it is a “break even” operation at best, and is merely a cover for the trafficking of other, far more lucrative substances. It is a distribution operative of Phil the Pirate’s narcotics importing “business.”

JD Wetherspoon PLC is also able to pick up outstanding buildings, which could be used for many different purposes, at knock-down prices and always under the nose of other non-Deep State organisations, while businesses like the Irish bookmaker Paddy Power have to virtually work miracles to get any planning permissions or licenses. Doesn’t that seem odd? It does until you consider that local authorities are invariably sinister Deep State organisations run by Freemasons and paedophiles sucking money out of a town’s economy, and Hutson is himself a Deep State paedophile. One funny handshake, a raped child or two just for fun, and one more bargain basement property is obtained from which to trade Phil’s imports.

Sawyer has paid Hutson and JD Wetherspoon PLC money to have me assaulted, threatened and abused in public houses. He has then bankrolled, in conjunction with Hutson, two criminal perversions of the course of justice in the same courts as those which have perverted my cases against Sawyer. Hutson even exhibited this website in a case which has no relevance whatsoever to Ingeus (UK) Ltd, as part of an irrelevant character assassination. It was designed to say to the judge “Hey! This guy has offended our paedo mate Jackie, therefore, chop his claim off!” Of course, that is exactly what the bent judges did.

On 18th January 2018, hard drugs were found at the Cordwainer public house in Northampton, owned and managed by Hutson and his chain. The drugs were a left-over from the night before. Not the opening hours the evening before, but the night during which the premises were closed. Hutson’s narcotics distribution chain had brought a supply to the public house along with the legal drug alcohol which they are legally entitled to sell. The supply was given to the “retailer” who would then sell the drugs to the end users on the street.

On 15th August 2018, I was threatened and assaulted in a customer lavatory in a seemingly random attack at the Christopher Creeke public house in Bournemouth, another one of Hutson’s premises. The assailants were two sick thugs employed by Wetherspoon itself, who have now been identified as Dan Bickle and Gemma Evans.

The attack was not random. Bickle had been the first operative to serve me when I first entered the premises at around 11am. I paid by card, so he had access to my information, even if only for a short time. I have now discovered that illegal information sharing has taken place between Sawyer and several criminal Deep State organisations, including two major High Street banks. I had bought the National Express ticket to Bournemouth weeks before the trip, and Sawyer has a background with National Express. He had illegally obtained the information that I would be in Bournemouth that day, and had passed it on to Hutson.

Bickle and the rest of the Bournemouth thugs knew I would be coming, and when my identity was confirmed, they waited for me to enter a place where they could carry out the attack with no witnesses.

I had been a loyal customer of JD Wetherspoon PLC for 15 years without incident. Why would two thug employees suddenly go insane and attack me while I was in the process of using a customer lavatory for its longer intended purpose? Simple. Hutson is a Freemason. Sawyer is a 33rd degree Freemason. When Sawyer orders an attack to be carried out, Hutson, by the rules of the “fraternity”, must have it carried out.

The judicial proceedings which invariably followed the attack have also confirmed what was already known. Had the attack been random, and two thug employees just decided to attack an innocent long-standing customer for no reason, Hutson would obviously have dealt with the thugs and paid compensation to the victim to protect his business’s reputation and to avoid losing a loyal customer. Instead, he, like Sawyer, has wasted more money on bent lawyers than he could have spent compensating the victim, again with a non-disclosure agreement.

Now, it is certain that Hutson’s narcotics trafficking and child sex trafficking operations are going to become public knowledge, and he could potentially face the loss of his business, bankruptcy and prison. Of course, he, like Sawyer, knows that the police force in virtually every county is controlled by his fellow Freemasons and paedophiles, and that anyone with connections to Lizzie and Phil is always going to be protected, even when they are exposed as a nonce. Just look at Harry Webb.

Nevertheless, there is risk involved, so why take it? Hutson will probably lose £10,000 to £20,000 in lost revenue due to me not being able to subsidize his business any more, and he stands to lose a lot more. The answer is simply that his relationship with Sawyer, and with Freemasonry and paedophilia in general, forces him to attack anyone involved in trying to bring down a Freemason and a paedophile, and especially a 33rd degree Mason such as Sawyer.

For me, I have responded to the attack in the only way possible, by becoming completely vegan and teetotal. It is probably something I should have done before. I still do miss being able to go somewhere to get warm food in Britain’s endless 12-month winter, and I miss some of the people I used to know. There are some decent people who work in Wetherspoon pubs, not everyone is a Bickle or an Evans.

You can’t help wondering, though, whether any of them are involved in Hutson’s narcotics wholesaling endeavors, either actively or merely by turning a blind eye. That is the result of Deep State control over the economies of purportedly developed nations – everyone is working incredibly long hours in terrible jobs for pitiful wages, just so huge profits can be usurped and sucked up by the Rothschild/Rockefeller axis. Wetherspoon wages are truly dreadful, so when Hutson says turn a blind eye, no-one is prepared to speak up and end up starving.

I, though, always do speak up, as I’ve spoken up here. The Deep State are sick in ways the majority of humanity still does not understand. The Rothschild/Rockefeller axis controls more stolen money than any national government, and uses the “big three” industries of arms trafficking, narcotics trafficking and child sex trafficking to multiply that money while causing the highest possible degree of suffering to victims. The middle-level puppets like Hutson and Sawyer are given huge amounts of money to control, provided they keep serving the Deep State agenda and keep the businesses running and the profits coming back up the chain.

They can only be starved by legislative asset stripping carried out by a government controlled by non-Deep State players. Now that Donald J. Trump is in the White House, the world has hope. Whether Britain has hope, given that all of its institutions are still 100% controlled by Deep State puppets, is another matter. I believe it does, though, by the virtue of decent citizens such as myself who will not be stopped or silenced, by my unwavering faith in President Trump and my belief that he intends to clean up a lot more than just his own back yard, and by my certain knowledge that an ascension is happening and that sick vermin like Hutson will never again be able to incarnate on our beloved Earth.

I give Hutson my usual signing off greeting – Enjoy raping children, because you won’t be doing it much longer.