Nasty People

Here is the list of the scum who conspired to tear down and destroy my life, from 2012 onwards. They are listed in the order in which they appeared on the scene.

Kate Dyer, otherwise known as Kate “Hate Liar” Dyer

Dyer is a junior staff member in the Northampton office, and has the job title “employment adviser” (although for some reason no-one in the Ignoramus organisation can actually manage to spell the word “adviser”). Dyer is also a liar, a trouble maker, a drug addict and a criminal.

During the early phase of my Work Programme at Ingeus (UK) Ltd’s Northampton office, Dyer noticed that I was visually impaired, and decided to invent a fairy story that my contracted eye muscles meant that I was “staring” at female staff in the office.

Dyer used these lies to incite thugs in the office to shout at me, threaten violence, and deny me services on the programme. At no time was I ever told why any of this abuse was occurring.

On 7th August 2013, Dyer authored a two-page document full of lies and libels, which has since been used to pervert two third-party investigations into her employer, and which have already been the subject of three legal actions perverted by Sawyer, his bribery, and his bent lawyers.

On 19th February 2016, Dyer made a malicious and obviously false statement about me to a corrupt officer of Northamptonshire Police, having been bribed and threatened into doing so by the equally corrupt chief executive and his bent in-house lawyer. The chief executive’s office also bribed the police.

It has now been revealed that the corrupt police constable who took Dyer’s statement had a pre-existing relationship with Dyer, and was “doing a favour for an old friend” in addition to assaulting and falsely imprisoning an innocent human being for illegal financial gain.

On 25th October 2017, Dyer filed a blatantly false witness statement to the High Court of Justice, with the intention of perverting an interlocutory hearing, and of materially interfering with the course of justice. Even though the chief executive’s office have once again bribed and threatened Dyer into committing this act, there is still no excuse for contempt of court. A Part 81 action to bring committal proceedings against Dyer should obviously follow, provided I can ever get access to a court which is not controlled by Sawyer’s fellow Freemasons and paedophiles.

Ingeus Management Credo

Ross Marshall, “Performance and Delivery Manager”, also known as Ross “Dross” Marshall

Am I the only one who thinks that the job title “Performance and Delivery Manager” signifies someone having a J. Arthur?

This pathetic thug was the root cause of all the trouble I had on the Work Programme. On 18th March 2013, he explicitly promised me a referral to one of the best and most experienced advisers in the building. I can’t name the individual, as I am only naming people on this site who have deliberately set out to cause me harm.

Marshall lied, reneged on his promise and stabbed me in the back. I didn’t know at the time that he was victimising me as a result of Dyer’s lies, as no-one even had the decency to tell me what Dyer was doing and saying behind my back.

Marshall persistently refused to deal with both feedback submissions and complaints, and even when the case was escalated over his head, he still meddled and interfered to make sure I was maltreated and abused.

On 8th November 2013, having already robbed me of the whole of Year One of the Programme, Marshall then conspired with a new operations manager to make sure I was not allowed to participate in Year Two. He used the pathetic excuse that the Year Two adviser was “busy.” Well, in the first place, it wouldn’t be my responsibility to lose out on a whole year of work-related support just because Marshall’s employer can’t staff its office adequately, but secondly, and more pertinently, there was another Year Two adviser to whom I could and should have been referred if indeed the more experienced Year Two adviser was busy.

This individual, who I can only refer to as “Miss X”, had an exceptional ability to relate to people and to get them to do what they needed to do without ever being aggressive or demeaning. Had I been allowed access to Year Two, it would at least have gone some way to relieving the acute anguish of being robbed of Year One. Marshall made absolutely sure that this did not happen.

Once I had been forced off the programme, Marshall then illegally obtained my private cell phone number from a third party, and used it to make repeated nuisance calls. Whether these calls would have been malicious in nature is unknown as I blocked the incoming number straight away.

Marshall also moved my case file to a completely irrelevant department so that I would be inundated with spam email. Even after the appropriate Data Protection Act notice had been sent, Marshall and his cronies still kept sending the spam.

Dross Marshall has also committed a blatant contempt of court by filing a witness statement full of lies signed with a false Statement of Truth in the High Court. This false statement also helped to pervert the course of justice in a hearing before bent circus judge Brian “The Boy Buggerer” Rawlings (although Rawlings was paid to pervert the course of justice), so Part 81 proceedings against Marshall should follow in the future.

Here is a song about Dross Marshall, which was composed during the “festival” of Retai£ma$, the time in December when the Deep State controlled media brainwashes people into making out their credit cards and wasting all of their resources in Deep State owned retailers, purportedly to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on a date on which Jesus Christ was not born.

The song is claimed to have been written by Rolf Harris. If Harris did not write it, I have no idea who did.


Here I come Dross Marshalling among the plebs so green,
Here I come a-bullying so evil to be seen.
Hate and pain come to you,
And to you depression too,
And I’ll bully you and make you have a wasted first year,
And then make you not get a second year.

They are not fair investigators following the law,
But they are friendly quangos we’ve all lied to before.
Hate and pain stay with you,
And some more depression too,
My blatant lies will make you have yet another wasted year,
Adviser appointments? No bloody fear!

I’ll help Jack pay a bent judge as they rape boys by the fire,
I’ll feed them my contempt of court conspiring with Hate Liar.
Hate and pain encompass you,
Ever worse depression too,
And I’ll make sure you suffer a sixth wasted year,
Praying to meet an adviser in your seventh year!


Mark Gilbert, “Operations Manager”, also known as Mark “gLIEbrt” Gilbert

This sick thug has the character of a rattlesnake and morals lower than its belly. He is also the worst liar and deceiver in the history of Planet Earth.

He was the Operations Manager at the time Marshall was swindling me out of Year One of the Work Programme. He was also the manager who procured the lies from Dyer, and he even ordered administrators in the Northampton office to create false statements containing equally outrageous lies, so he could pretend they came from employment advisers and hold them up in front of my face and taunt me.

On 27th June 2013, he refused to take any action over an incident two weeks earlier where a thug who had no remit whatsoever to be dealing with Work Programme attendees had ordered me into a small room so that he could verbally abuse and threaten me. This incident is detailed in the chronology. He also refused to give me access to Year One and to my promised adviser.

On 29th July 2013, Gilbert hijacked the meeting at which the Regional Director was supposed to be addressing the complaint which I had escalated from Gilbert himself. So, you escalate a complaint from a piece of scum who won’t deal with it, and then that very same piece of scum comes in and prevents the escalation from even being addressed. Gilbert also referred me back to the one individual in the building with whom I had severe bad history, with the deliberate malicious intent of making sure that I got no benefit from being on the Work Programme, and of causing the highest possible degree of anguish.

On 9th August 2013, Marshall and Gilbert ordered me into a room and were virulent, threatening and abusive to an extreme degree. This so-called “meeting” happened two days after Dyer had authored the libels dated 7th August 2013, and Marshall and Gilbert used these as an excuse for their bullying, even though they knew perfectly well that the libels were false. Among the lies Dyer had invented was a lie that I had “stared…..through the glass doors”, when there aren’t even any glass doors anywhere in the building.

Gilbert delighted in sending me back to the nightmare referenced above, and Marshall just gloated and laughed. At no time was there any attempt to provide any redress for the time I had already lost, or to ensure that Marshall’s promised resolution of 18th March was implemented, however belatedly.

Gilbert held up pieces of paper in front of my face to taunt me, but refused to tell me what they contained or who authored them. He later told the lie that they had been written by employment advisers in support of Dyer’s libels. When the Department for Work and Pensions revealed the evidence two years later, it transpired that the lies had been written by administrators under Gilbert’s control.

On 19th August 2013, Gilbert authored a document full of lies to pervert the third-party investigation which he knew would ensue following his refusal to deal with the complaint.

gLIEbrt appears to have disappeared. Bent law firm Pinsent Masons LLP have made false submissions to the High Court and the Court of Appaedos”on his behalf”, without his knowledge or consent.

If anybody knows which sewer this snake has crawled into, please let me know.

Louise Preston, “Regional Director”, also known as “Loopy” Louise Preston

This dippy bitch was supposed to be in authority over Marshall and Gilbert (and later Bishton) while they were carrying out their acts of bullying, abuse, threatening behaviour and denial of access to services, but the so-called “Regional Director” just sat back and did nothing.

Preston sat on a chair and stared into space like a stuffed teddy bear while Gilbert hijacked the meeting of 29th July 2013 and imposed his malicious anti-resolution upon it. Preston was copied into every email which was sent to the management from that point forward, but couldn’t be bothered to reply or to take any action to stop either the third-party investigations or the litigation which has now cost the organisation over £100,000.

Some “Regional Director.”

David Bishton, “Operations Manager”, also known as “Depravid Bully Boy” Bishton

This sick idiot took over from Gilbert as Operations Manager some time between the August harangue and the time I was supposed to be given access to Year Two, in November. He never even met me, yet he authored a virulent response to a further complaint, and conspired with Marshall to make sure I was robbed of access to Year Two in entirety. Bishton also robbed me of my statutory access to the complaints procedure from that point on.


Jack Sawyer, “Chief Executive Officer”, sometimes known as Jack “Bent Lawyer” Sawyer as he employs a contemnor to do his dirty work in court, and sometimes known as Jack “Back Attack” Sawyer, due to his penchant for raping young boys.

I had no dealings with the chief executive’s office until 2015, over a year after I had been forced off the programme.

In June 2015, I wrote to Sawyer and suggested that we meet in London to try to find a resolution to the ongoing difficulty which had seen me robbed of the whole of a two-year work programme, and which would almost certainly result in litigation if those with the highest authority did not intervene. I proposed reasonable negotiation and possible mediation.

Sawyer sent one brief “f*&^ off” letter, before retiring from the front lines of this case for good.

In the background, however, he remained as active as ever. In July 2015, he ordered his bent lawyer to send me a malicious, threatening communication, which totally failed to comply with any form of pre-action protocol, in order to intimidate me into removing this website.

In November and December, he ordered his bent lawyer to tell multiple lies on court documents, to pervert the course of justice at an interlocutory hearing.

In early 2016, he ordered his bent lawyer to send a malicious false report to the tax authorities that I had made a fraudulent claim for tax credits (the tax authorities quickly confirmed that this was groundless), and to make a false statement to the police. At the same time, he also bribed and threatened Dyer into lying to the police.

Sawyer also paid a bribe directly to the corrupt Satanic Freemason and paedophile Chief Constable of Northamptonshire Police, Simon Edens. This bribe was to be shared among other corrupt police officers, so they would assault and falsely imprison me on nonsensical and trumped-up charges just prior to the interlocutory hearing in the civil court.

Sawyer has also paid bribes to two bent circus judges, Alison “Nine-bob Note” Hampton and Brian “The Boy Buggerer” Rawlings, to have hearings perverted in the county court and High Court.

He has paid bribes to a third bent circus judge, Ian Alexander “Yellow Belly” Murdoch, to have a claim perverted in Birmingham to protect his fellow Freemason and paedophile Simon Edens.

Sawyer has bribed a bent High Court judge, Sir Michael “Bend Over The Stool” Soole, to wrongly decide an application for leave to appeal.

Sawyer has also bribed a bent High Court judge known as Sir Nicholas “Nick the Nonce” Lavender to produce a malicious and totally unjustified order preventing me from bringing further claims or applications.

Sawyer has also paid bribe money to the bent paedophile Master of the Rolls, the Rt. Hon. Sir Terence “Terry the Perv” Etherton, to prevent my papers from being put before a judge in the Court of Appeal. Northampton Borough Council is also involved and has definitely colluded with Etherton, but the bribe money was paid out of misappropriated taxpayer funds by Sawyer.

Matthew Flood, “Global General Counsel”, also known as Matthew “Far-Fetched Fairytale” Flood, “Global General Contemnor”

This sick, stinking piece of scum takes depravity and deceit to a level even beyond that of the vermin above.

I first became aware of Flood in July 2015, when I was trying to get a meeting in London to discuss a possible resolution to my Work Programme difficulties. In response to my perfectly reasonable request for dialogue and possible mediation, Flood firstly issued a deceitful refusal to engage, and then a highly inflammatory and threatening attack on this website.

In November and December, Flood told multiple lies on court documents in the litigation which had inevitably followed, in order to pervert an interlocutory hearing.

In early 2016, Flood sent a malicious false report to the tax authorities that I had made a fraudulent claim for tax credits (the tax authorities quickly confirmed that this was groundless), and made a false statement to the police. At the same time, he and Sawyer also bribed and threatened Dyer into lying to the police.

It is also more than likely that Flood paid bribe money in person to corrupt police officers, on a visit to Northampton, so they would assault and falsely imprison me just prior to an interlocutory hearing in the civil court. The bribe was principally paid by Sawyer to Simon Edens, but it is unlikely that a Freemason and paedophile Chief Constable with a need to distribute bribe money to lower officers in his force would go to meet them personally. I believe Flood will have paid Abigail “Rent-a-Thug” Anstead personally, from funds usurped by Sawyer from the public purse.

Matthew Flood Contemnor