Simon Edens – The Soham Murderer

On 4th August 2002, two Cambridgeshire schoolgirls, Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells, were raped, tortured and murdered in Soham. The case is relatively well-known, although virtually everything which has been reported on the Savile-worshipping BBC and in the Deep State controlled gutter press has been inaccurate.

The murders were carried out as part of a Masonic orgy by operatives of Cambridgeshire Police, in the same way that Edward Heath used to rape and murder boys from the Haute de la Garenne children’s home, which had been procured for him by Lizzie’s great mate Sir James Savile. Once Heath had raped the boys, he couldn’t possibly allow them to leave his boat alive. He was too well-known a face, and, even in the era when the media was 100% controlled by the Deep State and there was no alternative way to get news, he knew that murder had to follow rape for his own safety.

So it was in August 2002, when the two girls were raped and tortured as part of a Masonic orgy in Soham. The senior police Freemasons and paedophiles would have been facing a potentially disastrous situation had the girls been allowed to live, and had proven to be brave enough to give accurate descriptions of the rapists. So, they could not be allowed to live.

If we examine the evidence that we have, we can piece together what actually happened on that summer day in a small Cambridgeshire town. What do we know? Well, we know that witnesses saw a motor vehicle swerving all over the road from Soham towards Newmarket. We also know that a jogger found shallow graves in a wood near Newmarket, and reported those shallow graves to the police.

Most significantly, we know that the police officers who purported to “investigate” the shallow graves took over 13 HOURS to decide that they were actually “badger setts”! What is the probability that trained police officers would take 13 hours to determine that genuine badger setts were actually badger setts? As close to zero as makes no difference. They would not even need anywhere near 13 minutes.

So, what is the probable explanation? The probable explanation is that the police found murdered bodies there, Bodies which they knew had been murdered by someone they needed to protect. In that circumstance, police genuinely would take 13 hours to remove the bodies under cover, prepare them for transportation to another site, and destroy any forensic evidence which may be uncovered later by amateurs or by officers not involved in the conspiracy.

The evidence of the sighted motor vehicle is simply corroboration, although it is by no means conclusive. It is probative towards the probability that the bodies found in the shallow graves had come from the direction of Soham. Further to this, what other bodies could have been found in Newmarket graves, which the police would be desperate to conceal, other than those which originated in Soham?

Cambridgeshire Police obviously had to find someone who would be a “fall guy” for the murders. They had to deflect suspicion from themselves, and they also had their own responsibility to attempt to solve crimes. No-one could hide the fact that two girls had disappeared, so a square peg had to be found to force fit into the round hole of murderer to satisfy the police objectives.

Ian Huntley was the perfect square peg for force fitting into the round hole, except for the fact that witnesses saw the two girls alive at the Soham War Memorial after Huntley had left them. Never mind, these are the British courts, and police can just ensure that any evidence they don’t happen to like is withheld and suppressed. The witness evidence at Mr. Huntley’s trial was just so withheld and suppressed.

Planting the two bodies removed from Newmarket in Lakenheath allowed the police to create a half-plausible fairy story that Mr. Huntley had murdered them and buried the bodies there. Half-plausible, that is, if you discount the witness evidence, the fact that Mr. Huntley had no motive or reason for committing murder, the fact that it is rather difficult for a sole operative to capture two people at the same time, and rather difficult to stop the second person running or screaming while the first is being captured, the evidence of the motor vehicle heading towards Newmarket, the farce surrounding the “badger setts”, and the forensic evidence. Still, nothing means less in British courts than evidence. Evidence leads to truth, and who could possibly want that?

The simple fact is that there is only one organisation in the world which had the incentive to commit the acts committed in covering up the Soham murders, and only one circumstance which would give them that incentive. The organisation is, of course, Cambridgeshire Police, and the circumstance is that where the murderer is either a fellow Freemason and paedophile they need to protect, or one of their own.

Who were the senior personnel in Cambridgeshire Police at the time, and which of those personnel was “rewarded” for his “excellent devotion to Masonic ideals and principles” by receiving accolades and benefits from the Deep State Freemason and paedophile controlled police force? The answer is Simon “Paedo” Edens, who rose through the ranks rather quickly and became the Chief Constable of Northamptonshire Police.

I don’t believe Edens committed the Soham murders alone. As with Heath relying on Savile, there is always a procurer and always a look-out when Masonic rapes and murders are being committed. The same also applies to Edens as applies to the tragic Mr. Huntley – how did Edens, if he was operating alone, manage to capture two people and silence them at once, or how did he “force” one victim to remain silent and not run while the other was being captured? No, Edens had at least one accomplice among his fellow Freemasons and paedophiles, as police child rapists invariably do.

Edens in Northamptonshire

In February to April of 2016, fourteen years after Edens murdered Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells, he accepted bribe money from Ingeus (UK) Ltd and Jack Sawyer to have me assaulted in the middle of the night, and falsely imprisoned on obviously nonsensical and trumped-up charges. Edens intended to make me a “minor version” of Ian Huntley – a victim of Masonic collusion and police turpitude.

There had been no murder, although Edens could obviously have done what he did in Soham and murdered someone himself to fit the crime onto me. No, this was a simple Masonic judicial perversion for money, and to inflict anguish on an innocent victim.

The fact that Sawyer’s insane thug of a bent lawyer Matthew “Far-Fetched Fairytale” Flood threatened to involve criminal law enforcement officers in an obviously civil case as far back as July 2015 proves that Sawyer and Edens are long-standing conspirators through Freemasonry and paedophilia, and proves that Sawyer always had a “contingency plan” for “dealing with” the first victim of Ingeus bullying who would need to take their case to court.

As it transpired, for whatever reason, Edens and Sawyer wimped out of the malicious prosecution, and I did not become another “minor version” of Ian Huntley. I don’t know why, because Northampton Magistrates’ Court is also controlled by the Deep State and any Freemason or paedophile who wants to convict someone in that court can do so just by asking. It would have been far easier for Edens to have perverted the course of justice in a magistrates’ court before fellow Freemasons and paedophiles than it was to get Ian Huntley falsely convicted by a jury, and Edens and his cronies managed that.

I think what must have stopped Edens was the realisation that I would, sooner or later, do the research necessary to discover and determine that he was the Soham murderer. It was highly noticeable that when the false imprisonment case went into the Birmingham court to be perverted by corrupt Freemason and paedophile Ian Alexander Murdoch, Edens suddenly retired and disappeared off the face of the Earth. As with Harry Webb sodding off to Barbados, he didn’t need his past coming back like the tormented ghost of yesterday.

Gallery of Police Shame

Ian Huntley is not the first victim of Freemasonry and paedophilia within the police force, neither is he the first innocent person to be convicted by a jury which should have had the intelligence to know better.

Here is a list of some of the better-known cases where police have deliberately fitted up an innocent person to satisfy their own perverted and criminal objectives –

James Hanratty

James Hanratty was falsely convicted of murder and rape in Bedfordshire in 1961, and tragically hanged in April 1962. The judge, who was obviously not corrupt, directed the jury to find Hanratty innocent, but the jury did not.

The prosecution had failed to establish any connection between Hanratty and the crimes, and had failed to produce one shred of evidence to even suggest that Hanratty was in either Berkshire, where the abduction occurred, or Bedfordshire, where the murder happened, at any time. The prosecution had not gone even 5% towards establishing guilt “beyond a reasonable doubt”, yet the jury convicted. It is one of the worst miscarriages of justice by a jury in history, and shook the faith of the British people in the efficacy of jury trials.

We now know that the police withheld from the trial the evidence of taxi driver Christopher Larman, evidence which greatly supported Hanratty’s claim to have been in North Wales on the date of the murder. The police, specifically Acott and Oxford, also falsified evidence by altering the distance gauge on a motor vehicle found in London.

Why? Because they had botched the job in an identity parade involving the real killer, Peter Alphon, making it virtually impossible that Alphon could be convicted. If you can’t convict a real killer, you have to convict a false one to avoid losing face. No-one cares about an innocent person being hanged.

Jeremy Bamber

In 1984, a mad woman named Shiela Caffell shot and murdered multiple members of the same family in Essex, before turning the gun on herself and committing suicide.

Jeremy Bamber has now rotted in a prison cell for over 30 years for a crime the whole world knows he did not commit, just so that Essex police do not lose face or reputation. It would be the most sickening miscarriage of justice in British history, were it not for the case outlined below.

Stefan Kiszko

The police fitted up Stefan Kiszko for murder despite being wholly aware that the murderer had ejaculated over the body, that the ejaculated fluid contained sperm, and that Kiszko had a rare medical condition which meant he was incapable of producing sperm.

Yes, they are that sick.

Kiszko was eventually released, but died soon after as his life and mental condition had been completely destroyed. None of the filth who had destroyed him were ever dealt with.

Kiszko wasn’t even an enemy of the Deep State. He was simply a convenient victim for filth who needed an innocent person to convict because they couldn’t find a guilty one.

Barry George

More recently, Jill Dando was murdered by Freemasons and paedophiles in the Savile-worshipping BBC, and a scapegoat needed to be found. Barry George was such a terrible scapegoat that the filth couldn’t make it stick even in a country 100% under Deep State control. Nevertheless, they were able to pervert the course of justice in a criminal court at first instance, as they are invariably able to do.

What is the answer?

What is the answer to the evil police practice of deliberately prosecuting innocent people to cover up for their own failures, or to cover up for crimes committed by the police themselves or by other Deep State paedophiles?

The first part of the answer is to demand of anyone taking a job in the public sector that they state under oath that they have never had any involvement in Freemasonry or paedophilia. If they are not prepared to sign the declaration, they cannot work.

Yes, many will lie. If they do lie and are caught lying, they must be either executed, or, if you don’t believe in execution, at least imprisoned for life. No alternatives, no arguments.

Another part of the answer is to apply a judicial filter to jury trials. If the uninformed public are to be allowed to determine innocence or guilt on the facts, those same facts need to be put before trained experts to analyse the same evidence. Only if both the jury and the experts agree that guilt has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt can a guilty verdict be entered.

The greatest benefit of all would come from a step so revolutionary most have never even considered it. There are some people in the world who have such acutely developed psychic senses they can actually determine whether an individual is a Deep State agent or a genuine “service-to-others” human being simply by reading their energy. For an example, watch the video on this site’s front page.

If we could use this method to ensure that everyone appointed to senior positions in public authorities was of a “service-to-others” orientation and not a Deep State agent, Freemason or paedophile, we could actually eliminate completely this type of horrific corruption and evil from our society.

It will be eliminated anyway, in time. The Earth is ascending, and the evil black souls of a Savile, a Sawyer, a Lizzie the Leech, an Edens, or an Acott will not be able to incarnate on the ascended Earth. It will happen as surely as day follows night as the ascension is now assured. Good riddance to bad rubbish.